• What is prostatitis? Provoking factors and causes of prostatitis in men. Localization of pain in inflammation of the prostate and means to eliminate pain.
    24 June 2022
  • Types of effective drugs against prostatitis. How do drugs work? How to accept?
    19 June 2022
  • Causes and symptoms of chronic prostatitis in men. Effective methods of treatment of the disease: drugs and folk remedies, prostate massage, therapeutic diet and nutrition correction, psychological therapy. recovery forecasts.
    17 June 2022
  • Inflammation of the prostate should be treated as early as possible. The pharmacy sells good medicines. Which ones are the most effective?
    10 June 2022
  • Signs of prostatitis. Prostate functions. Symptoms and signs by which inflammation of the prostate can be recognized.
    26 May 2022
  • List of effective and inexpensive suppositories for prostatitis. Prostate suppositories: the best, natural, popular, home-made.
    19 May 2022
  • Find out how to eat properly with prostatitis and prostate adenoma: what diet and menu to choose, a list of forbidden foods. In the article we will also tell you what to eat in case of exacerbation of prostatitis.
    17 May 2022
  • Chronic prostatitis is a disease that causes inflammation of the tissues of the prostate gland as it progresses. Most often the pathology progresses after inadequate treatment of the acute form of the disease. At risk are members of the stronger sex after 35 years.
    25 March 2022
  • Prostatitis and sex are related because the disease affects the prostate. Regular sex prevents congestion and reduces the risk of prostatitis.
    19 March 2022
  • Calculous prostatitis is a complex form of inflammation of the prostate. It is accompanied by the formation of stones in the gland and requires serious treatment. The reasons for the development, symptoms and methods of treatment of the disease are described in the article.
    18 March 2022
  • Diet for prostatitis is a mandatory part of treatment. Some foods aggravate the symptoms, while others are good for the prostate. What can not be eaten and how to eat properly with prostatitis? Find out from the article.
    12 March 2022
  • Pumpkin seeds with prostatitis effectively relieve unpleasant symptoms. We offer folk recipes from pumpkin seeds and oil for oral and rectal administration.
    11 February 2022
  • You should ask your doctor if it is possible to have sex with prostatitis. Often sex with prostatitis is contraindicated. Treatment and prevention of prostatitis, examinations of men.
    8 February 2022
  • Rules and features of the use of effective folk remedies for the treatment of prostatitis and impotence. List of herbs for the treatment of inflammation of the prostate. Recipes for decoctions and tinctures.
    16 January 2022
  • How to treat different forms of prostatitis in men with drugs? Description of different groups and types of drugs for the treatment of prostatitis.
    16 January 2022
  • Therapeutic exercises aimed at treating prostatitis will significantly speed up the healing process. What physical exercises should be done for treatment? Find out from the article.
    16 January 2022
  • Primary and secondary prophylaxis of prostatitis is needed for both healthy men and those who have not yet experienced the disease. How to avoid inflammation at home? Useful information about men is collected in the article.
    18 December 2021
  • Treatment and consequences of bacterial prostatitis. Causes, symptoms and possible complications. Antibiotics for bacterial prostatitis - scheme of use.
    30 August 2021
  • What is prostatitis, general information about the disease. Factors and causes influencing the development of the disease. Signs and symptoms of prostatitis. How is the disease treated?
    8 August 2021
  • Drugs for the treatment of prostatitis and BPH. Consider the main drugs for the treatment of BPH and chronic prostatitis.
    4 July 2021
  • Acute prostatitis is an inflammatory disease of an infectious nature, in which the pathological process develops in the tissues of the prostate. The reasons that led to the development of this urological pathology can be caused by various factors.
    3 July 2021
  • Effective, fast-acting and cheap drugs for prostatitis in men, as well as drug reviews.
    3 July 2021
  • Prostate adenoma: causes, symptoms and prevention.
    3 July 2021
  • Prostatitis is not the most pleasant disease. Prostatitis prevention products. Prevention of prostatitis at home.
    18 June 2021
  • Drugs for prostatitis: a list of pharmaceutical drugs, how they are used to treat inflammation of the prostate, instructions for their use and what are the contraindications for use.
    8 June 2021
  • Chronic prostatitis - what is it? Everything about the disease: causes, symptoms, types and treatment options for the disease!
    28 May 2021
  • Introductory article on the pharmacological groups of drugs for prostatitis. List of basic drugs for the treatment of prostatitis and prostate adenoma in men.
    26 May 2021
  • Often doctors in the initial stage prescribe treatment of prostatitis with drugs when diagnosing an inflammatory process in the prostate gland in men.
    26 May 2021
  • Causes of development and predisposing factors, symptoms of prostatitis in men. How and how to treat the disease: recipes for effective folk remedies and exercises. Preventing the development of pathology.
    25 March 2021
  • Prostatitis is an inflammatory process of the prostate gland. Pharmacy products as well as home prescriptions can be used for treatment.
    25 March 2021
  • Inflammation of the adenoma and prostatitis in recent decades has affected men aged forty to fifty years. In this regard, the question arises - what is the most effective drug for prostatitis? The symptoms of prostate disease are vivid and characteristic. But sometimes the symptoms are not noticed at an early stage.
    12 February 2021
  • Antibiotics for prostatitis in men: a review of drug groups, indications and characteristics of use. Antibacterial suppositories and natural medicines with antimicrobial properties.
    14 January 2021
  • Devices for the treatment of prostatitis at home: types and principles of action, characteristics of choice and rules for use of the devices.
    14 January 2021
  • The effectiveness of alternative medicine in the treatment of prostatitis, prescriptions for rapid healing, proven alternative methods and recommendations.
    13 January 2021
  • Treatment of chronic prostatitis: physiotherapy, massage, exercise therapy, drug therapy (antibiotics, suppositories, plaster), traditional methods, bath and sauna, diet. In what cases it is necessary to visit a doctor and what to do if the disease persists.
    13 January 2021
  • Prostatitis: this disease, the types and forms, causes, early signs and symptoms, diagnosis is possible or intimacy. Prostatitis treatment: effective methods, medications, prostate massage, physical therapy, physiotherapy, UVT. Prevention
    15 June 2020
  • Medicine folk medicine prostatitis treatment: bee products, herbal medicine, shilajit, physiotherapy procedures. Basic measures to prevent prostatitis
    21 May 2020
  • Prostatitis is a disease and how to recognize them what are. Basic signs and symptoms. An effective treatment, prostatitis.
    16 May 2020
  • How traitor better treatment prostatitis in men. Diagnosis. Prostatitis diagnosis stages. Prostate-Specific Antigen. Treatment methods. Choice of Doctor. To whom?
    14 May 2020
  • Prostatitis. Any prostatitis. The reasons prostatitis. Prostatitis symptoms. Prostatitis diagnosis. Prostatitis treatment.
    15 April 2020
  • Prostatitis is a serious disease, therefore it is important to know effective methods of prevention.
    15 April 2020
  • The best medicine prostatitis without special training not - great product from pharmacy shelves.
    15 April 2020
  • Causes inflammation. Classification. Symptoms of the disease. Acute prostatitis is. Chronic prostatitis. Diagnosis. Acute prostatitis is. Treatment of chronic prostatitis. Prevention
    1 April 2020
  • Maybe only an integrated approach an effective treatment of prostatitis. That should be included in the treatment, remedies, folk remedies, a change in lifestyle.
    5 March 2020
  • Maybe only an integrated approach an effective treatment of prostatitis. That should be included in the treatment, remedies, folk remedies, a change in lifestyle.
    5 March 2020
  • Urology is the most widely accepted modern medicine, prostatitis is a disease. This article will discuss the drug and disease symptoms.
    3 March 2020
  • Exercises for the prostate organ playing an important role in the preservation and protection of sexual health male.
    2 March 2020
  • It is linked to prostatitis symptoms and treatment. If men appear in the startup form of the pathology, after diagnosis is very difficult. At the same time to be assigned the appropriate medication helps to get rid of quickly inflammatory events in the prostate.
    5 January 2020
  • Inflammation of the prostate called prostatitis prostate. Iron a small part of the prostate, the male reproductive organs. Adequate treatment of chronic prostatitis patients, more than half the time, even in death.
    1 January 2020
  • Men willingly follow health and doctors to attend. But to warn indicative of the results must be given more attention to their health, timely examination and treatment-a doctor urologist.
    1 January 2020
  • When prostatitis the first symptoms, start treatment immediately, so as in the first stage, this disease quite easily defeat.
    29 December 2019
  • Drug therapy the most effective method to get rid of what might be termed proven. But that is a conservative treatment, and other effective approaches to fight against this disease.
    29 December 2019