Prostatitis, or inflammation of the prostate the familiar strong half of humanity. According to official statistics, who suffer from the disease, approximately 16% of the adult male. Physicians, doctors, urologists are called other figures: at least 35% of the male population of the country. The difference between earned, official, service, and the true incidence can be easily explained: only a doctor potential patients seek help due to feelings of restlessness, stress, time pressure, the importance of miscommunication to an emerging problem.

A group of men is usually a sexually transmitted transmitted diseases and prostate inflammation leader today. Threatening complications infertility, low libido, impotence.

Symptoms of prostatitis pain not only for urination disorders, inflammation spermatic cord. The most dangerous result of infection the rebirth of a working Cancer You may have prostate cancer. However, timely diagnosis of the pathological process easy pinned.

Causes of inflammation

Fay the predisposing moments the inflammation of the prostate increases the risk of disease are various:

  • Hypothermia, single or associated work by its nature in the open air.
  • Functioning violated in the digestive system leading a sedentary lifestyle.
  • Chronic physical diseases (diabetes mellitus, essential hypertension).
  • Focal lesions, perifocal infections (rhinitis, tonsillitis, stomatitis, gastritis).
  • Persistent GASTROINTESTINAL (chlamydia, Trichomonas, herpes virus).
  • Stress, insomnia, chronic fatigue syndrome.
  • Lowering your immune delayed due to illness, surgery, emotional stress.
  • Harmful habits, leader development toxicity: alcohol, cigarettes, coffee, black.
  • Groin injury occupational car drivers, athletes, workers of harmful manufactures.
  • Irregular sexual life, devoid of the withdrawal, sensuality incomplete emptying of mating, the lack of intimacy for a long (recession leads to low semen need iron).
  • Sexually transmitted diseases.

Though numerous provocative moments is indicative of the essence of the recession that is sufficient for the floor in organ disorder, blood circulation and lymphatic drainage.



There is a single disease classification of modern urology. However, doctors practitioners prefer an option that inflammation of the prostate classification:

  1. Stray is a disease:
    • Acute prostatitis is. Accounts more than 50% of human cases there are 30-35 years.
    • Chronic option. Nevozmozhnoe acceptance category. For a long time shows itself, use momentum to the development of a cold, it's an infection.
  2. The reason why the pathology:
    • Bacterial prostatitis, judges, in men occurs before the age of 40 on a background that's not scary, that exceeds the limits is an organ.
    • No bacterial pathological changes in the thyroid gland, mainly chronic course.
    • A viral acute characterized by inflammation of the prostate that affect all sexual in scope.
  3. Structural changes in the prostate gland nature:
    • Fibrous cancer and need a radical growth different fast prostatitis irreversible intervention. A clinically similar adenoma, prostate.
    • Prostate inflammation of the prostate caused by calculus formation. As a precursor of cancer that starts.
    • A stagnant prostatitis, a result of sedentary lifestyle, diagnosis, every second patient.

Symptoms of illness

If a man finds himself at least two of the following symptoms of prostatitis, immediately contact a Qualified Person:

  • Disorders to occur with intermittent voiding, weak urine jet, unusual short-range, spray before the search difficulty and pain in urination. A frequent urge bladder emptying occur predominantly at night.
  • Pain localized in the lower abdomen, propagates, scrotum, perineum, rectum.
  • Sexual dysfunction.
  • The problem ejaculation, changes in sperm (consistency, amount).

Acute prostatitis

The disease begins with a sudden temperature increase (40 degrees), severe headache, fever. Pain syndrome that is accompanied by symptoms that arise groin, perineum, back, secretions of the urethra, frequent urination and the constant blows him.

Combustion takes place with a delay of a sense of bladder emptying. Urine itself is cloudy, her blood may appear pollution. Thanks occurs irritability, easy fatigue.

Acute prostatitis can be the result of a complete solution process (treatment). Because many of the changes the pelvic organs, cannot if you are allowed, otherwise if you encounter any problems, the related complications:

  • Vesiculitis – inflammation of the seminal vesicles, cause pus, semen, cum reduces not only the quality, but which leads to loss of reproductive function.
  • Inflammatory changes Colliculi seed tubercle pain during sex for the development of a syndrome due to being the most potent, cutting, orgasm, impotence psychological.
  • The apse, the formation of the prostate in the body, its cavity, a conductive worsening symptoms rectal route defeat a powerful poison to the body, until death.
  • Stagnant prostate tissues cause changes in its structure, corruption, innervation, blood flow, such as the desired glands and organs nearby, impaired functions. Observed full erection insufficient to become a sexual relationship premature ejaculation, longer sex without the onset of an orgasm.
  • Most scary diaper changes, cord the way the seed infertility, low quality, composition, sperm, sperm motility. Narrowing of the urethra which prevents the normal process urinary obstruction can cause bladder, acute urinary retention, requiring emergency surgery help.

Chronic prostatitis

The main characteristic clinical symptoms of a disease in a blur long-lasting, durable during Operation. Owing to the most common chronic form occurs, such as yourself, the primary ground of stagnation of blood in the veins pathology (infection or cystitis), or urethra bacterial infection.

The main symptoms of chronic prostatitis is considered:

  • fire;
  • if you are experiencing pain, scrotum, perineum, anus, back;
  • violation of urination;
  • mucho mucous or purulent discharge, rectum, urethra, even in the absence of urination or bowel movements;
  • disorder, erectile dysfunction, painful ejaculation, recall, long mating without a sense meet.

  • Infertility is the result of chronic inflammation, cord, seed, bubbles, testis, their extensions.
  • Cystitis, pyelonephritis (other diseases of the genitourinary system) – mechanical and hematogenous result the spread of germs.
  • Sepsis.
  • A strong immune.
  • Untreated prostatitis 35 – 40% may cause in case of oncology.


The typical clinical picture of the disease, therefore it is going to cause diagnostic difficulty. He puts her urologist based, patient history, examination, patient, laboratory the most modern medical devices using a minimum of burning:

  • A secret study by the rectal gland (sensitive to antibiotics determination with insemination).
  • OAK, OAM, bacterial urine culture.
  • Smear sexually transmitted diseases, GASTROINTESTINAL study.
  • Daily monitoring of urination rhythm, speed measurement, a need to urinate, your next choice).
  • Differential diagnosis for exercise, ultrasound, or TRUS.
  • Oncology physician urography to exclude if necessary spend a single DOG – Prostate-Specific Antigen.
  • Infertility the diagnosis of male fertility analysis is assigned to a single finding to ejaculate kidney.

According to the results of the survey on a patient prepared for a special schema-scoped treatment of prostatitis. Account in the appointment form .. etc medicine pathology, the presence of comorbid disease. The decision, where behavioural therapy (inpatient or outpatient) doctor. Careful treatment when crossing control laboratory results.

The most modern clinical centers for the treatment of prostatitis GK of "mother and child". Because the problem of infertility is closely associated urology, inflammatory diseases, doctors, professionals, you are paying this problem has attracted considerable attention.

In the clinics, "mother and child" a special psychological support to go through the full cycle to take this survey for each patient to be treated in the latest generation of the drugs used in this area, that they have to new treatments of prostate inflammation. Recently, indicative of a comprehensive treatment receives, and the question of an effective rehabilitation patients, dispensaries, surveillance, prevention.

Acute prostatitis

Acute prostatitis requires bed rest, private, salt-free diet, sexual rest.

During the treatment methods:

  • Prostatitis treatment is a causal therapy is most efficient. Prostatitis infection if basic, priority, relieves symptoms of inflammation antimicrobial course.
  • Pain syndrome cropped analgesics, antispasmodics, rectal waxes, micro-hot pain relief medications solutions. Maybe how the application.
  • Proven effective Immunostimulants, immunomodulators, enzymes, vitamin complexes, trace elements in.
  • Possible methods of physiotherapy subacute disease stage. They improve micro, enhance immunity and UHF, MICROWAVE, electrophoresis, laser, magnetotherapy.
  • Ankara – another effective method, the effect in the prostate. Those channels are opened, blood circulation, normal organs, testis, small pelvis.
  • Acute renal filtrate, you can set the delay catheterization, cystostomy traganou.
  • Suppurative process, surgical intervention may imply.
  • Consulting psychologist.

Treatment of chronic prostatitis

Long-term courses (at least one month) effects of the prostate is 100% guaranteed there is a cure. Herbal remedies for priority, Ayse immuno-correction, changing consumer habits:

  • Herbal remedies (for example, Likoprofit) is a common urological practice. They accumulate in a place where a pathological process is the most effective defence of oxidation in the cells, the output of free radicals, cloth diapers hinder growth.
  • Antibacterial individually selected for treatment based on the sensitivity of microbes to the drugs.
  • Drugs, boost immunity, helps to cope with not just prostatitis, antibiotics have a negative effect in violation of them immune system function more freely.
  • Pinned pain syndrome appointment alpha-blockers, Nov relaxant.
  • Prostate massage provides mechanical remove "extreme" the hidden gland, through the urethra, to improve blood circulation, minimize congestion.
  • Physical therapy: laser, magnet, ultrasound, iontophoresis, sessile, allot of microclusters or a hot bath with herbs.
  • In severe cases with intravenous fluids has been shown diuretics. This stimulates excessive urine output and the symptoms of poisoning profilactorium, development, cystitis rising, it's pyelonephritis.
  • Herbal laxatives for constipation originated in the practical.
  • Urology, developed by the patient in conjunction with the psychologist, private long-term length of the program mode, needed rest, nutrition, moderate exercise and sexual activity.
  • In this case, the process of chronic treatment resistance, the lock determination of surgical intervention urine output: delete all affected tissue (transurethral resection of the prostate) or full deletion with a cloth surrounding tissues (radical prostatectomy). Applied in exceptional cases, failure, impotence, urinary incontinence. They're young people making a transaction, this may cause infertility.


Unpleasant factors that trigger the need for the warning for men to eliminate the disease and to observe simple rules:

  • A healthy lifestyle and quit bad habits.
  • It's not super cool.
  • To drink at least 1.5-2 liters of water a day.
  • It strengthens the immune system, many walking, hiking, tempered.
  • Engage in physical exercise, and sports clubs.
  • Avoid stressful situations.
  • Practical, healthy sexual life with a steady partner.
  • Urologist a doctor regularly observed.