8 group the most effective drugs for prostatitis treatment

Pill prostatitis is divided into several categories: antibacterial (antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, pain relievers, decongestants, and immune system modulator. Any inflammation of the prostate cancer requires a comprehensive treatment, so the doctors prescription drugs drugs groups .. etc.

pills and capsules


Prescription antibacterial drugs anywhere prostatitis (non-bacterial or infectious, (stagnant), calculus (stone cancer), because the inflammatory symptoms infection when just joined. Basic groups:

  • The most effective drugs for the treatment of prostatitis fluoroquinolones. Their active ingredients easily overcome obstacles tissue cells, prostate, accumulate, crush them to germ development. To encompass the broadest pathogens drugs: genital infections, intestinal stick, anaerobic bacterium. Fluoroquinolones and relatively safe, however must not be combine them intake, vitamins and antacids (fall yield);
  • Protected penicillins (contain ingredients, microbial enzymes and protect them for destruction). In cases of bad florokinon portability determination;and
  • Macrolide (low-toxic antibiotic of natural origin). Effective against aureus, mycoplasma, chlamydia. Prescribed medications that help in the treatment of prostatitis is to a second as;
  • Cephalosporins, which is the basis of a neutral acid cultures into one mold. Effective against enterobacteriaceae, Neisseria gonorrhoeae, Escherichia coli, proteus. Side effects: pain on Nov, corruption, kidney, allergy,;
  • Tetracyclines (semi-synthetic antibiotic). This group of drugs active against chlamydia, Mycoplasma, Staphylococcus. Side effects: headache, rash, itching, stomach and intestinal disorders study;
  • Nitrofurans are.

Prostatitis antibiotic treatment course lasts two weeks and begins with. Then adjusted depending on the degree of treatment efficiency, specified drugs, etc.

Antifungal drugs

Natural remedies to get rid of and prevent prostatitis. Them an effective composition, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and soothing effect. Concentrated fruit ingredients sabal palm and the African plum private and Cortex, improves blood circulation and cell renewal advanced. Such tools are completely safe, has no side effects and medication treatment contribute to increased productivity .. etc. Prescription antifungal drugs fungal prostatitis treatment. You need to get parallel tools to protect the intestinal microflora.

Antispazmodik the selective α1-adrenoblokator

The application, both groups of drugs, etc treatment of prostatitis due to their ability to weaken a smooth muscle (relaxation Nov) prostate and bladder. To facilitate the assigned treatment in acute prostatitis urine, pain, increase blood circulation and urbanization symptom. Considered therapeutic effect of α1-blockers in the hands after only two weeks, but a major plus actions their selectivity and long-term results. Blocker of the α1-adrenergic - is the treatment of symptomatic benign prostatic hyperplasia for the vehicle. The seminal vesicle cast as a possible side effect (that one is coming out in a discharge). Treatment with medicine groups .. etc blockers, prostatitis, not only can relieve its symptoms. The effect facilitate to increase urination, in some cases parallel the healing of body tissues and to improve blood circulation and hormone pills a prescription. It is produced by the pituitary reduction, reduce the effect of testosterone.

Pain relievers

Analgesics (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) used to treat acute exacerbation of chronic prostatitis have been reported. The pain has subsided, if not hormonal drugs prescribed a short course, a period of one to three days.


Chronic prostatitis form prescribed antidepressants and tranquilizers during treatment. Constant background pain, excessive voiding disorders already don't loosen, as the life of men has been shown to affect the nervous system. Herbal remedies for lungs considered for maintenance therapy. To get the best sedative drug use .. etc.-sedative and antispasmodic effect, which is of vegetable origin. A serious mental illness can deny, all results, medications, etc the treatment of chronic prostatitis. In such cases, prescribe antidepressant medications.


Prescription diuretics to reduce swelling cancer and chronic prostatitis urination easier. Doctors choice, naturally one of the cheapest vehicles plant-based. Instead of pills, decoctions can get prostatitis blueberry leaf, herbs, ground floor, kidney Poplar.

The pill naturally

Pills dietary supplements (dietary supplements) used mostly for the treatment for bacterial prostatitis in the chronic form. Acute is useless because move very slowly. During this time, the inflammation it causes irreversible tissue damage, will spread to prostate and surrounding tissue. Active ingredients in dietary supplements and helps to raise global and local cellular immunity. In some cases (depending on the type of infection and tract infection) that can cope with a pathogen the body itself.

Anti-inflammatory and immune-regulatory properties:

  • The agent-based pollen. It improves urine flow because the urethra, the rear wall relaxation etc .. medicine Nov helps to improve an erection. Acute prostatitis appointed four tablets three times a day, four times a day in chronic.
  • The same drug .. etc., prostatilen with the active ingredient – penis prostate the animal. Secret training normalizes glands and improves quality reduces swelling, strengthens blood circulation.
  • Homeopathic remedies based on antibody purified PSA ( prostate specific antigen). Reduce, edema, prostate, normal voice, bladder, and urethra.
  • Based immunomodulatory dimethyl amino aniline sodium. Expressed Antiinflammatory action.

Anti-inflammatory and immune system regulatory remedies

  • Statements 30 herbs pill formulated with mineral substances. Application properties are caused by prostatitis: diuretic, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, astringent, antispasmodic. For the Prevention of prostatitis may have.
  • Herbal tablet-based fees candelabra flower extracts, echinacea, St. John's wort, and licorice root.
  • Integrated medicine, etc treatment, chronic prostatitis, extractor moose horns and shark liver extract St. John's wort, bearberry, pumpkin seeds and amaranth.
  • Capsules extract Hedysarum forgotten, vitamin E, and zinc.

All the above tools to apply relapse prevention, chronic prostatitis and inflammation of an acute attack of recovery.

There, they are also suspicious vehicles, promising fast have been proven to get rid of, sold the site to a single page. Dietary supplements statements in official sources they are missing.

Pill "from the internet"

The tablets are coming, "celestial", containing a large amount of bioactive components, is contraindicated in acute inflammation of the prostate − blood, once in Europe, is an activity that is left, it will blow up the body of pathogens and pus. These pills can be used to treat non-bacterial prostatitis (in complex with drugs), and develop processes for the prevention stagnant power. All these medicines are positioned for reinforcement and strength, but only provided we are able to accept the lesson and improve your health the original composition, male urogenital system. Prostatitis for the prevention and apply the pills regularly. However, doctors are recommended not to use them – too much Fake. A better choice-certified affordable pharmaceutical tools.

The most effective drug for evaluation .. etc.

The most effective and fast treatment for acute prostatitis drugs – fluoroquinolones with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory means. Eases the symptoms of such a treatment fast enough for. The ranking of each episode natural remedies – native tablet based prostatilen. Their effectiveness has been proven in clinical trials. Second positive result for comprehensive, drug, etc .. dwarf palm fruit extract based and enriched with multi-vitamin / mineral complex is formulated with.


Even prescription pills treatment for prostatitis, loose can be purchased without a doctor's prescription but cannot be used to apply them. Prostatitis symptoms similar to the symptoms of many diseases, therefore, pre-diagnosis is required.