Prostatitis prevention

a man and a woman

The main method help prevent the development of infection is to prevent. Experts agree the main reason prostatitis – immune and chronic sources of infection in the body. Every male organ but the power possible to minimize inflammation caused by factors. First of all, this applies to representatives of the stronger sex, over the age of 50. A disease that is started will bring a lot of trouble: long-term treatment of serious complications and, usually, problems in an intimate life, like an erection of prostatitis can cause distortion.

General preventive measures are divided into two types:

  • Primary. The main purpose is to prevent the development of inflammatory process.
  • The secondary. Developed for patients, is a disease that is already implemented. His purpose is to discourage transition to a chronic stage.

Pathology prevention measures include:

  1. Physical activity: walking, jogging, skating, tennis, hiking, skiing.
  2. Nov stimulation of pelvic Gymnastics: squats, Kegel exercises, mahi kick or "bicycle".
  3. Limitation entails the diet sharp, spicy food, at the same time, containing nutrients, vitamins and are rich in fiber.
  4. Disclaimer tobacco.
  5. Regular sexual life. A government body that directly affect your sexual life frequency and the weather. However, it is worth remembering that listening is the source of infection for sexual intercourse. Different sexual perversion, a long abstinence, delay, interruption, and deliberate relationship, a condition that affects sexual perversion these factors and different hormones. Regular sex with your partner regularly is a great protection tool for prostatitis.
  6. To avoid such situations when sexual intercourse does not cause agitation.
  7. Waiver, interrupted intercourse, contraception ineffective and how this is harmful.

The main components of prevention


About health care life must go on. To suggest preventive measures, you will enjoy amenities such as simple execution.

  1. Exercise Nov. Loses the elasticity of your muscles which leads to a passive lifestyle. Ultimately this path of growth, organ.
  2. Walking. Is walking your prostate massage. These positive effects on a government body. In addition, daily walking in the open air and beneficial to your health, in general.
  3. Ankara. A perfect protection tool – professional massage in the lumbar region. To accomplish this at least four times a year.
  4. Diet. Proper nutrition is an essential component of prevention of prostatitis. Diet should be completely ruled out salty, sour, smoked foods and use to increase, vegetables, grains and fruits.
  5. Avoidance of hypothermia. To avoid wear the dress required for the development of inflammation.
  6. Regular doctors visit. The urologist at least twice a year for prevention as there is a necessary examination.

Simple protection compliance measures to maintain health that will provide a male age.

Prostatitis sexual life

a man and a woman

Additionally, exercise, massage and Turkish folk remedies, prevention prostatitis includes another important aspect ‒ a full sex life.

  • Prostatitis patients, must be polite, regular proven a love life with a permanent partner.
  • Except for the interrupted sexual contact, because this may cause the recession of the secret.
  • In the absence of a permanent public use a barrier contraceptive.

Physical exercise home

Is to lead a passive lifestyle, blood stagnation, and corruption that leads to blood flow to the pelvis. Enable your own routines in to a simple exercise.

Especially recommended:

  • Plus the facility for female badminton and table tennis.
  • "Production" is activated, blood flow to the pelvic organs Gymnastics.
  • Hiking, jogging in the morning and charge.

Gymnastics at home the easiest way to maintain health in good condition. Any man who can exercise mild

Physical activity has a positive effect on any organ however, some prostate exercises.

Sample exercises for the prostate:

  1. While working the muscles of the perineum into the rectum to strain himself. Repeat this exercise at least five times in a row. "Stuck" in the position to remain in for approximately three seconds.
  2. Strain the muscles of the perineum, urination and the like is interrupted while running. To do this exercise , at least four times throughout the day approaches 200.
  3. Jam Nov for group to relax and the genital region, alternately decelerating and an accelerating tempo.
  4. Do relaxation exercises — compression anus.
  5. A shelf to get up in the morning "attention", Strain, Nov, all, groups, rest later.
  6. Put feet shoulder width. Slowly shallow squats, knee this kind of on the one hand. Again at least ten times.
  7. Step whenever, extremely by upgrading this series.
  8. May he rest. Exercise "bicycle" ever invisible, hip or calf, feeling a pleasant tiredness.
  9. To begin with, normal 5-10 a day doing sit ups, squats to increase the number gradually.
  10. "Hike the hip". Sit on the floor and try to "like" hip. Exercise for 5 minutes a day.

Prevention of his grandmother's recipes


Proven traditional recipes from generation to generation, transmitting them to a use in the treatment or prevention.

Turkish folk remedies for many years, applied for the Prevention of disease:

  1. Ivan-tea pour two tablespoons of boiling water and insist half a litre of the number of people receiving after five minutes and drain. Drinking on an empty stomach in the morning and in the evening (always in the evening about 30 minutes ago, answer).
  2. Pour two tablespoons of oats in the amount of 700 ml hot water, a small fire to boil for soft-grain steel. Drain and add fresh squeezed juice of parsley 50 ml. Drink 100 ml.
  3. Kg seed and walnut kernels mince the same amount. A meal in the morning every day, crushed and mix one tablespoon of grated onion, sunflower seeds and nuts.
  4. Yesil and Chestnut bark decoction in the form of a drink, and insist, in the morning on an empty stomach. Peel and chop half a litre of boiling water over it to get Mix two full tablespoons. Close, and let it sit until morning. Take 1 teaspoon in the morning. Healthy essay, store it in a cool place. You will end up drinking the water.
  5. 25 pumpkin seeds food raw every day, half an hour before meals.
  6. Honey and propolis – some of the best folk remedies for the Prevention of pathology.

Health warning hormone. Enough giving, while preventing the development of pathology and forget about him. Independent massage will bring relief. The body massage therapy allow, and on, and during normal operation:

  1. Improved blood flow; numerous useful article, fall gland, increases.
  2. The level of testosterone, responsible, normal erection increases.
  3. Spoon Nov Tonus increases, ductless normal operation.

Prevention of Pharmacy

  • Medicines eliminating inflammation is an organ. Tablet prescription and prostatitis in acute and chronic stages. Drugs metabolic organ, peeled swelling of tissues. Pain relief – analgesic, has a strong film and lower abdomen, scrotal pain.
  • Pills to avoid breeding bacteria and germs antimicrobial. Treatment of bacterial prostatitis. Advanced protection .. etc medicine to stimulate the functions of the body. Typically, these tools are animal or vegetable origin.

Recommended use in the treatment of prostate enlargement, dietary supplements they have at least one contraindication. These drugs work uplifting, genitourinary system, easier urination, stimulate blood flow in the prostate gland.

Prostatitis prevention – collateral, men's health, for many years, but this self-confidence, a good mood, full of an emotion value. This will guarantee a long and happy life. Only your health into the hands of cancer!