How traitor better treatment prostatitis in men

prostatitis in men

Prostatitis – the enemy, men's health, deprive itself of skilled main power, Man Power. Many men fear to hear a doctor's diagnosis, therefore, prefer to endure the fatigue the first symptom I feel. This is a mistake. Goods its effects, men's health, skills, children and a normal sex life partner. Early treatment begins, the better the dark nights to get rid of this disease, without a trace, and the bad consequences can be very serious. Such effects – prostate cancer. In addition, late treatment, it's not so bad.

Urologist usually men have annual medical neglect and controls. According to the data, numerous statistical research, systematic a full examination, the doctor men and it helps to prevent prostatitis complications arise in the case of a treatable disease as well as in a fast way.

At what age do you start periodic examinations, doctor? Prostatitis (including chronic), today is a frequently occurring disease. The disease and the patient is young. The alarming figures of children, the phenomenon varies among men between 30 and 60 years. A great man becomes, the higher the risk. Stress, irregular sexual life, often my exchange partner, bad habits, wrong lifestyle and unhealthy diet, infections, – prostatitis cause you to look a lot.


prostatitis diagnosis

Treatment of prostatitis in men, without causing complications? The first sign of the disease is necessary to go to the doctor without delay. I feel male, increased body temperature, lower abdominal pain, problems with urination. In the hospital for examination, in a form that will help to identify a disease, then appropriate treatment choice for patients with the doctor to take care of. Simple to complex procedures a health care provider diagnoses prostatitis, which quickly and accurately identify and treatment options.

Sick fear medical diagnostic methods. They are very rare and even for that matter, statistics. It's not any mistake or error, statistical error, and what value to consider. The wrong diagnosis and the appropriate treatment doctors appointment.

During diagnosis, the patient may experience some discomfort that it is impossible to avoid. These diagnostic methods, which, however, is able to help accurately and quickly to install can be taken for proper diagnosis and treatment.

Stages prostatitis diagnosis

General examination of the patient the first stage is the collection and analysis. Then, necessarily, rectal examination, prostate by using a digital method. Then the basic analysis is done, the urologist takes study, liquid glands, the prostate. If the patient's severe illness, the outbreak of the fence is a very painful process. Enters the secret laboratory where you are held for the necessary tests, giving the night is dark, adjust the form of the disease (can be shape, bacterial, or infectious). Duty doctor – to determine its resistance the detection of infectious agents or drugs. A separate survey degree of sensitivity of the biological material exposed to various treatment methods, which is determined by the influence of drugs. Such an approach provides not only an effective treatment, but also less long.

prostatitis examination

If needed, this examination, the finger is inserted with an ultrasound method. Ultrasonography is done in two ways: the lower part, stomach, or rectum. The first method is called trans abdominal. From the abdominal wall with ultrasound is painless for the patient. Successful visually inspect to keep your prostate a diagnostic scan. The second method is called a – trans rectal.

It is more effective to a doctor, ultrasound of the prostate through the abdomen and this much more information. For patients of medicine ULTRASOUND 2 methods because each has its own characteristics. A trans-rectal in the study, physicians an opportunity to more closely and in detail to investigate, prostate and the slightest change took place, her tissues. Thanks to new technologies that can offer medicine to the patient a painless ultrasound. This method may scare many men, but fear not. During the procedure, the doctor applies various substances, reduce the sensitive tissue of the rectum. After the operation, the patient I'm feeling a little discomfort in the anus, more than one time a day. Diseases of the form such an examination is essential for chronic prostatitis.

Prostate-Specific Antigen

PSA – this liquid, free prostate. If the level rises significantly of his body, a doctor, is there a reason you suspect in a patient surgery, or another disease, reproductive system, sexual organs. This allows to make the analysis of blood prostatitis treatment is more effective. Normal PSA levels – 4 x 1 ml. Doctors test a simple analysis of the ages of men 50 years and over. Scan diagnosis the doctor determines the effectiveness of treatment using this method or another method.

Treatment methods

Prostatitis treatment

Cure the disease, no matter what the form, similar schemes. Chronic prostatitis acute phase of treatment, with almost the same methods during the development phase of infection.

Correctly chosen treatment the treatment of the disease condition of the patient the physician's prescription (cancel, heavy physical activity, diet, no gaps, while a drug, etc.). Passes chronic prostatitis remission, one is, of course, the necessary conditions long enough.

Antibacterial treatment

The correct medicine to treat the disease only a doctor .. etc. Is done without comment, according to the results obtained from analysis. It becomes an infection that is properly selected medicines, medicine, etc. Passes acute prostatitis chronic. Definitely fits your doctor about which drugs you took, the sick, the course before the start of antibacterial treatment. Accordingly, the yield medication .. etc., follow the duration of remission.

The duration of treatment may exceed 3 weeks. We never stop to change the first antibiotics alleviate symptoms and dose regimens. Doctor prescribe mandatory compliance – guarantee successful recovery. The treatment can be done and is in the hospital. Usually, this is the time sick, guilty, in an acute form. Done detoxification, doctor-prescribed pain medication.

Other drugs for prostatitis treatment

prostatitis drug treatment

Early treatment begins, the more long-term the cumulative effect of the drug in the body tissues as well as its effect, it's a disease. Herbal remedies available that is different from a combined effect of a range of positive features. Among these drugs, vitamins, hoods and extracts of medicinal plants, minerals, and carotenoids.

Components, pharmaceuticals, etc., was neutralized with the emergence of new lesions and prevent the inflammation of existing areas of inflammatory, inhibit the growth of prostate cells. In addition, a protective feature gives you an opportunity to strengthen the body to prepare for data retrieval to increase the resistance of pathogenic microbes.

During the drug .. etc., improved quality and increase volume of seminal fluid. The sperm cells become active. Be patient, various pain, Live, urine or have sexual intercourse. Particularly effective treatment was to start something before you need.

Local action therapy

Physiotherapy treatment help tissues to recover more quickly prostate cancer, recovery will accelerate. Applied the following methods of physical therapy: photodynamic therapy, laser, ultrasound, phonophoresis.

Rectal candle

Them because of the wick yield a quick action. Inflammation of the bed directly income the item immediately, bypassing a long way to go, digestive system, blood vessels. The greatest concentration of them allows to quickly remove pain, cramping, inflammation, infection to remove. To prevent the wick with your doctor frequently, chronic prostatitis, and the Prevention of this disease generally also have to spend.

Prostate massage

Prostate massage

The positive effects of this method, the prostate gland. Prostate stimulation therapy to the tissue without surgery is very difficult. Massage with your finger to get rid of the recession's tissues, secretory fluids. Squeeze liquid provides Ankara prostate cancer, then get through the path remove the flow channels. Ankara is also assigned to increase the effectiveness of treatment to the doctor.

Some forms of prostatitis, both comorbidities, massage is contraindicated. The pressure opens the gland, secretion, fluid, can cause the spread of infection in the body most that ever happened to me. The acute form of prostatitis are treated. Ankara also in patients with pain due to the fact it can be, however, effective for men effects on the body to allow this procedure.

Immunity improvement

Many diseases that cause low immunity. Chronic prostatitis – is no exception. Inflammatory diseases of patients, surely you have to pass the procedure, corrective immune. Necessary to strengthen the body resistance to infectious diseases. Very simple methods for this team: healthy eating, bad habits, leave the correct mode, a normal sex life, tempering, and sports. Taking a multivitamin necessary and immunomodulators of natural origin.

Immunity improvement

In rare cases the effect of treatment for prostate cancer with surgery is the place to be. Usually, the process urine output and contraction abscess the doctor prescribed channel.

Treatment of prostatitis in men? The treatment of the right drug etc – a successful treatment, however, men of great importance and lifestyle. Contributing factors have been proven to occur, too. These are: dress warmly and to stay dry, excessive alcohol use, sedentary lifestyle. Men, Active Living, need to understand the importance of safe sex your sexual life. Infection, sexually transmitted infections – inflammatory processes that occur in the go to the main source, and acute or chronic prostatitis.

Choice of Doctor. To whom?

With treatment, this disease is the scope of Doctor-urologist. In addition, active infection that cannot be ignored a doctor's help in case of emergency. Prostatitis treatment faster, organized, comprehensive effects, in which the patient receives counseling therapist and immunologist.