Drug treatment, prostatitis in men

prostatitis in men

The most common disease of the urologist claiming to them you should treat a prostatitis. Pathogenic microorganisms why just him, but a wrong lifestyle. Prostatitis for the treatment the doctor recommends the appropriate medication for the patient, talented, quick and effective way is to deal is a disease.

How to recognize a disease?

Cheerleaders, a man must urination the pain is visible at a time. They can also be stitching, pressing, pulling or curved. For you will depend on their character and intensity, which was inflammation of the prostate. In some cases, patients complain of pain, lower abdomen, sacrum, or lower back pain. Join this strong felt pain prostatitis and other symptoms:

  • Is getting uncomfortable.
  • Increased body temperature.
  • A fast fatigue.
  • Discomfort urinating.
  • Violation of urination (often with an incorrect impulse).
  • White yarn can be noticed in the urine.
  • Decrease in sexual function (erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation).

All the listed symptoms may not be noticed. However, their eggs are usually men trying to cope with a visit to the doctor, symptoms, diseases, or prostatitis many drugs already familiar with the problem that you experienced in using media advertising. In practice, however, most ultimately the same account time to go to the doctor, prostatitis, wrong treatment becomes chronic.

It is important to remember, drug treatment for prostatitis a thorough questionnaire to each patient after he was appointed doctor must are individual. Just so to achieve a full recovery.

Which drugs available?

Treatment surgery, the patient required a series of events. A suitable place for the use of medications in the treatment of those (full review prostatic hypertrophy drugs). This is a list of all the medicines, each with its own mechanism of action:

  1. Antibacterial drugs.
  2. Nov relaxants.
  3. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs).
  4. A hormonal drug.
  5. Alpha-antagonists adrenoreseptor.
  6. Antiviral agents.
  7. Pain relief medications.

Depending on the cause, prostatitis and individual characteristics to some extent, the body, the doctor for a certain medication prostatitis men. For example, the bacteria that causes the disease, detection tests, treatment is to use antibiotics. The nature of a viral disease, antiviral drugs. The duration of treatment at least 2 weeks.

The problem is always directed drug treatment prostatitis disease, inflammatory the prostate gland and the problem in stagnant operations in the pelvic area, knocking the current symptoms of the disease. Some mistakenly believe that enough to use a drug, but the doctors claim for an effective treatment, you should use a different action some tools. The list may prescribe the necessary medications, a doctor, a detailed research of the patient:

  • NSAIDS. This anti-inflammatory drugs only cropped, but the inflammatory process and relieve pain and swelling in the prostate.
  • Pain relievers. The problem is their use for pain syndrome, resulting in the genital area.
  • Alpha-antagonists adrenoreseptor. Such drugs spasms the prostate gland effective time. Use thanks normal urine flow, more blood to the pelvic organs and enters the low pressure urethra.
  • Antibacterial drugs. The doctor will prescribe them when detected, a bacterial infection of the patient body.
  • Antispazmodik are. The pill has the ability to remove the pain, swelling, inflammation and acute prostatitis are assigned during the term.
  • Nov relaxants. Their action have a similar effect, Alpha-antagonists adrenoreseptor.
  • Is not a drug. Pull bacterial prostatitis when their action is aimed at the inflammatory process. However, numerous side effects and contraindications are rarely appointed them.
  • Peptides as biological regulators. This group of drugs, promoting tissue regeneration, prostate and improves the metabolic processes in this area.
  • Prostatitis herbal-based money. These types of drugs are more popular such as prostatitis patients who, based on herbs.
  • Antiviral agents. Their use is appropriate and when virus was the cause prostatitis. Appointed them to fight not just virus but also to increase the body's defense.

For all things at home, but need any prescription medication, only a physician, an individual basis for each patient.

The use of antibacterial drugs

Symptoms of acute prostatitis are usually treated with antibiotics. A disease of bacterial origin that appeared in the test results when prescribed them. A negative effect on the pathogen pathogens use thanks the body can break. A wide range of actions that are prescription drugs a doctor is usually preferred. Duration of treatment depends on the stage of the disease, but at least 7 days. In most cases, prostatitis is an antibacterial drug such as assignment:

  1. Tetracyclines.
  2. Cephalosporins.
  3. Florokinon are.
  4. Macrolide.
  5. Aminopenicillin.

All this offered different forms of Drug Administration (pill, capsule, injection, injection Nov). The doctor will tell you how to get them and how much. At the same time, using antibacterial drugs, patient admission probiotics, who will take care of the intestinal microflora.

This list is not complete medical treatment the drugs most commonly used to inflammation of the prostate. What good, cheap and fast prostatitis treatment for a specific patient, only a doctor can tell after a comprehensive review and identify the causes of disease.

Use traditional medicine

With medication, your doctor may recommend prostatitis in men folk remedies. Herbal medicines use to treat this disease:

  1. Pumpkin seed.
  2. Freshly squeezed fruit juices, vegetables and fruits.
  3. It's an herb infusions and decoctions prepared with the.
  4. Beekeeping products.

Folk remedies prostatitis therapy should be used as part of an integrated pharmaceutical and prostate massage.

Today prostatitis can be treated successfully, especially if the patient addressed to the doctor, in the first stage of the disease. A large amount is offered to the pharmaceutical market this drug. But the only doctor that may be any one assign.