Treatment of prostatitis: causes, symptoms & diagnosis


Representatives of the stronger sex are the most common disease seen in people between the ages of is considered prostatitis over the age of 30. This disease that can cause severe pain in urination and severe forms accompany the man to normal operation violation, Why partner with erectile dysfunction and serious relationship problems.

To avoid such unwanted effects, recommended occurs when the first symptoms start immediately and visit the expert treatment for prostate cancer.

Some of the most effective treatments for the disease between application, antimicrobial, treatment, herbal prostatitis, holding, medical Gymnastics, massage rectal execution, tonirovanie and implementation of appropriate preventive measures.

To get the maximum results this is a new method that allows to treat the effect of shock waves (UVT).

In this article, I will tell you in detail about the existing methods have been proven to fight with, and meeting its forms, causes symptoms to occur. Hopefully the following information will help you in making the right decisions about the prevention and fight this disease.

What are prostatitis?

Visible aging is a disease primarily characterized by inflammation of the representatives of the male, the prostate gland located below the bladder.

The characteristic pain syndrome, which is considered as a disease symptom resulting the perineum, the lower abdomen or back. At the same time deteriorates during the process of visible urine and ejaculation pain.

In addition, the advent that can accompany the disease, vesiculitis, adenoma, prostate or urethra inflammation.

This is a similar pathology are caused by numerous factors: violation of hormonal processes, cooling the body, bacterial infection, cuts, blood, circulatory system, pelvic injury, Dec rows, consisting of a sincere life.

Most often men between the ages of the fall risk group at the age of 50.

Genre and style prostatitis

Inflammation of the prostate

Treatment for prostate cancer , depending on the chosen form of the disease. For example, the bacterial form of the disease, such as chronic and acute wear. For non-bacterial prostatitis as characteristic of a chronic rash. Diseases encountered patients with all the symptoms of such a pathology outside the presence of the bacteria is hidden.

Its form acute infectious prostatitis is a common organism on a background of intoxication observed of the rapid increase of pain. Chronic prostatitis is less than I have symptoms and treatment that carries a very different character than the one in this case.

And if an acute illness, the patient then maybe full recovery of treatment of chronic prostatitis may be recurrent. It should be noted that treatment measures in this regard during the House.

It should be noted that the disease is non-communicable between 35-45 of age is common in men between the ages of character, and manifesting the contact of urine in prostate.

When a male diagnosed as acute prostatitis treatment mandatory adoption of antibacterial drugs. Chronic non-infectious disease the use of antibiotics, may not produce the desired results.

The reasons prostatitis

A list of reasons why prostate inflammation provoke as noted earlier, perhaps the most diverse. However, most representatives of the stronger sex are often diagnosed with prostatitis, lead, and exposed thermal factors chaotic love life. Pathology also may occur on the background of injury of the genital organs, weakening the body's immune defense, circulatory disorders, hormonal changes due to pelvic.

Another important reason, thought-provoking, prostate disease, an infection of the infection during unprotected sexual intercourse. In some cases, malignant tumors in people who have symptoms of the disease or kidney disease.

In 80% of cases the emergence of bacterial form the disease associated with the presence of e. coli and other infections. Additionally, the view of which can be associated with insufficient blood flow to stagnant tissue processes prostate, causes, prevalence, in a certain area in the bloodstream.

Early signs and symptoms of prostatitis in men

The temperature of prostatitis in men

Celebrated ill this early stage prostate inflammation a sharp temperature rise and chills the body to the middle of the lumbar pain syndrome pain, joint and Nov. Also, many men have a prostate in the groin area discomfort and increase in size and appearance. Cloudiness in the urine and frequent urination are also among the disturbing factors.

The intensity of the pain increases slowly, which often manifest during the pressure on the prostate gland. As the disease progresses and lower back pain in the penis listed above is added to a featured in. This may seem discomfort and in some cases other body areas, and a burning sensation during the flow of urine.

Shared the stage of the disease accompany acute intoxication syndrome. Sometimes, the background of local inflammatory processes that can develop septic Pyo is a disease that affects the blood. In this case, a man to the hospital: prostatitis treatment should be done during sepsis, private clinic.

A chronic prostatitis of a bacterial nature often missing the symptoms, and the need to treat the caused by owing only on detection of the infection of the urinary tract, complications of the disease manifested in the floor. This can't be seen during the period of the emergence of ejaculation feeling in your eyes, blood, cum, presence of urethral discharge. Also, as a result, the above symptoms may develop erectile dysfunction in men.

Diagnosis — prostatitis detected?

Prostatitis diagnosis

Comprehensive diagnosis definitive diagnosis of this disease, which is considered as the collateral. This prerequisite exam and performing the story. Holds a doctor in order to determine swelling and pain in the area of the rectum prostate palpation to the walls.

The information obtained on the basis, for those of you that need apply the result of the seed will reveal that it is the exact causes the urine infection. To get the most reliable results are compared with three test sample: urine flow with urine obtained early; it is the middle part; no commentary collected during urination after prostate massage the process is complete. Treatment of prostatitis in men is regarded as required, when detected numerous bacteria.

Purpose studies are necessary to confirm a detection of exception errors with the fact that the patient with this pathology in diseases such as inflammation, appendicitis, cancer, prostate cancer, inflammatory processes in the area of bladder and kidney, hypertrophy of the prostate gland, and bladder, of urinary excretion.

Also that is suggested to the patient a blood test, MRI (or CT), and ultrasound the prostate and the surrounding organs.

Whether it is possible the intimacy of prostatitis?

Give up sex and only if it is recommended for a disease that was called is a sexually transmitted infection, since the possibility of infection from the current partner.

The chronic form of the disease, intimacy and even the month of a useful process, manage the process to minimize stagnant in the pelvic area.

However, chronic prostatitis in men may be required a serious treatment, often accompanied by premature ejaculation and a complete inability to handle sexual intercourse. In this case, against the company and to demonstrate an understanding of a woman's experts necessary to them to treat them the moral support during the transition methods. This is the future of personal relations that will help you to avoid many problems.

Circuit prostatitis treatment: effective methods

In consideration above, the following label to obtain permission for activities such as remedial health effects:

  • The symptoms of the problem through the implementation of special infectious disease antibacterial drugs;
  • Increased lymph flow is obstructed when the local roads. In this way, the current in the field of getting rid of damaged cells the urethra and prostate. In order to remove the "slag" texture creates a favorable ground to recover the functional capabilities of the affected organ;
  • Increased lymph flow in the pelvic area when it is obstructed. In this way, to prevent the emergence stagnant processes in the future;
  • Improvement of vascular Tonus venous blood pelvic abstraction incentive faster.

In the next paragraph, we'll discuss traditional and new treatment methods, surgeryto perform the above principles.

Effective drug for the treatment of prostatitis .. etc .. etc ..

Then we talk about treatment, prostatitis , and consider the most effective drug .. etc. .. etc., and are used for this purpose. These might include:

  • Antibacterial drugs. Often, acceptance begins with these types of drugs "blindly" because for a long time carrying out analysis and decipher – 7 days. It is recommended to get sick in the first period, antibacterial drugs, is a contagious infection that affect most talented common. After receiving the results, the analysis prostatitis and BPH drug for the treatment of .. etc .. etc .. can be taken separately;
  • Drugs, let's stop quickly and your body temperature to reduce pain syndrome. Significantly simplifies, symptoms diseases;
  • Alpha-antagonists adrenoreseptor and tools for a similar action. Let's eliminate Nov to normal Tonus in the area of back pain prostate swelling process;
  • Application of physiological solution, the direction of action of cleaning the body of toxic substances (toxins).

It should be noted that if the used antibiotics prostatitis, and men and selected for special treatment scheme, in this way, the status of a patient to develop quickly. But that happens when lymph flow is blocked a full-fledged treatment of pelvic toxic substances in plant tissues that may cause the form of chronic disease the possibility.

If you have chronic prostatitis, in men, assigned treatment, an application that enables languages to medications:

  • Although it is not the antibacterial action of the drugs the infection also. It is a fact that in some cases the presence of bacteria in this study allows for the identification, therefore, take measures in advance to prevent their emergence and spread;
  • Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. May stop pain syndrome is that they have an ability, resolve inflammatory processes, and lower body temperature. However, their long-term use, serious defects may occur in patients, gastrointestinal tract, and other organs and body systems;
  • Alpha-antagonists adrenoreseptor. Let's see the process of normal urine. When required, manages to get the medical results, such of the drugs for six months.

Prostate massage treatment prostatitis

Prostate massage

Time diagnosed in men treatment for prostate cancer requires not only the intake of pill, but at the same time to perform a special rectal massage. This intervention, using the finger through the rectum. Some practical relatives, sympathizers prostatitis massage treatment at home. I wouldn't recommend it because you will need experts to achieve the desired effect, clearly the order of the stick, and direction of massage movements. Ayşe feasibility exercise similar practices urology says only high class.

In addition, massage treatment prostatitis unwanted application that may cause fast-spreading disease in acute forms of infection that can be caused by different formations in the area of the prostate and the rectum, causing frequent urination and other dangerous why delay development and operations, urogenital system.

Therefore, the treatment of prostate massage is done only during the chronic phase of the disease. When you use the above method fails to significantly improve the situation, the prostate, i.e., a cleansing of stagnant events performed in this area to deal with the "excretory ducts".

An alternative way for those concerns, prostatitis treatment at home, tonirovanie may be, in this context, the effect of sound vibrations to the affected area.

The effects of vibroacoustic among the important advantages are as follows:

  • Need to use the rectal massage, the penetration depth because of the sound vibrations can reach 10 cm;
  • Opportunity in treatment of prostatitis, men in this way at home;
  • Including the possibility of exposure to the entire area of the small pelvis, venous, and lymphatic vessels;
  • Improved suction drugs.

More detail about how to use the device for the treatment of prostatitis we will discuss below.

Usefulness of exercise in the treatment of

Exercises for the treatment of prostatitis

LFC have the need mentioned above if due to disease, first and foremost, desire to enhance movement of venous and lymphatic liquids. This important process, creating Nov tension, i.e., the biological vibrations. What this says, what a comprehensive treatment of prostatitis is impossible without holding the treatment exercise.

Working for the realization of this objective, special gymnastic exercises strengthen the pelvic floor Nov, re-in this area, blood to minimize a stagnant process. Patients also recommended daily hiking, swimming and hiking.

In this case the most effective and simple is considered and the following exercises:

  • Torsion simulation pedal bike. Done, the log is in position "a lie";
  • Mixing and dilution the foot of the scissors similar work;
  • Sequential tension and relaxation of the pelvic muscles (the voltage is able to keep them at least 5 seconds);
  • Elliptical exercise use;
  • Application compound exercises Arnold Kegel, etc.

For best effect, allowing you to alleviate the process of urine to achieve the above exercises should be done in Normal mode. Also,for the purpose of prevention and treatment of prostatitis it is recommended to use special primer-equipment seats. Fixture for men play an indispensable role in antisepticheskoe similar to spend a long time in a sitting position. Managing stress and avoid using them to prevent the appearance of stagnant operations in the pelvis back muscles.

Prostatitis physical therapy

Prostatitis physical therapy sessions

As noted earlier, the basic procedures to the affected area lies tonirovanie the effect of a sound vibration is considered, the same Nov vibration, the process of accompanying a person with a physical thriller.

This is a special case that is used in the treatment of prostatitis apparatus, has a positive effect the following fields:

  • Inguinal lymph nodes. When lymphatic flow is obstructed to contribute to the development. Incorrect and damaged cells by eliminating toxic substances from the tissues, thereby the inflammatory process in this area. It is possible to obtain a similar effect when prostatitis in men and drugs for the treatment;
  • The Department kidney is responsible for electrolyte balance blood. In this case, improve his / her ability manages to save him, Nov to reduce. In addition, this venous excretory ducts of the prostate normalize the subject and the state;
  • The bladder and pubic. It increases blood flow in this area. Also, significant productivity increases in this area VibrAcoustic .. etc. .. etc .. the use of drug treatment;
  • The lumbosacral spine. Allows you to develop nerves.

The important point is that no unwanted effects after the operation, the ability to maintain long-term outcome.

Tonirovanie between the positive effects are as follows:

  • Reduce the intensity of pain or for their complete elimination;
  • Back normal urination;
  • Normalization of erectile function;
  • Increased sex drive;
  • Increase the anticipation of sexual intercourse;
  • Drugs that are used to enhance the effect .. etc .. etc.

UHT prostatitis: prostatitis treatment is the most new method

The above method was initially used for breaking kidney stones. Today using this method is made of treatment prostatitis and other diseases of the male reproductive organs.

Popularity prostatitis treatment due to the positive effects of acoustic waves through:

  • At the local level, the ability to restore metabolism;
  • Problem is congestive quick effects;
  • With an effective fighting inflammatory processes;
  • Opportunity salt grinding stone;
  • Problem during urination pain syndrome.

Additionally, the device action in the field of UHT sent to treat prostate cancer and prostatitis withdrawal edema of the urinary system improvement. As claimed, the exposure time of the living patients of prostatitis the treatment device, then manages to relieve pain, procedures UVT. This is a noticeable improvement strength.

Another important feature, shock wave therapy is an opportunity for you to gain the source of the blood, prostate, erectile function in men what affects in a positive way.

In this case, the penetration depth is important because the health effects that you want to import tissue affected by the acoustic waves manages to 130 mm.

However, there is a place,if prostatitis, as well as the diagnosis, its symptoms , and the patient urgent treatment at home, safe in the UHT process can not be done. Because it is to spend it, in a clinical setting, a procedure at intervals of a week, for 30 days.

Should be taken in account, then you can get 2-3 passes around the first session, UHT already many inflammatory processes. In practice, the improvement of the patient's condition and the disappearance of seals in the region of 3-4 of prostate cancer manipulation. Their outstanding performance of this technique.

The only drawback is a prostatitis treatment uses shock waves to price.

Prevention: how to avoid prostatitis?


To achieve the desired result of rules that you must adhere to preventive measures first sincere patient care. It is also not advisable, of course, long-term excessive. A healthy diet is an important point. This is the recommended of the food you are decrease blood circulation in the pelvic area caused by constipation can be complicated.

Not least, to maintain a regular and thorough process of urination. It is also desirable to have a constant regular partner to prevent sexually transmitted diseases and infection with friendly people stagnant processes. Experts also to the dynamic warm-up and exercise.

Annual visit to the urologist, is an integral part of life in men over the age of 30. Disclaimer prostatitis effective protection measures, including alcoholic beverages and tobacco products.