Treatment of chronic prostatitis in men at home

A man is worried about chronic prostatitis

Walls are treated at home - it's hard not to agree with this idea.

Whatever advancedhospital, most people still need strong arguments to prefer it to home walls.

In this article we will talk about how to treatchronic prostatitisin men at home.

Can it be cured at home?

In most cases, prostatitis can be cured at home. There are a number of exceptions that make home treatmentdangerous. We will talk about them later. In any case, to be sure, it is better to consult a doctor.

If the treatment of prostatitis consists of the use of drugs and therapeutic exercises, you definitely do not need to be in the hospital for this. It is not difficult to sign up for physiotherapy courses at the district clinicoutpatient clinic.

Prostatitis treatment usually takesfrom one monthtothree. At home, this is a normal period, a hospital for such a period without an urgent need is clearly annoying.

In order not to causeexacerbation of prostatitisin home treatment, you should:

  1. Eat right, diet.
  2. Forget about alcohol, smoking, gambling and other stress-related activities during prostatitis treatment.
  3. Have regular sex with one partner.
  4. Do not put your prostate at risk of injury.
  5. Don't catch a cold.
  6. Move as much as possible.

When is it necessary to visit a doctor?

Mandatoryhospitalizationof patients with prostatitis is performed in order to:

  • course of intravenous antibiotics;
  • surgery (for example with an abscess).

The need for such treatments arises in case of exacerbation or extreme neglect of the disease, the risk of gettingcomplications.

Chronic prostatitis: home treatment


They are held in order to:

  • elimination of congestion in the prostate, better contraction of the muscles in the pelvic area;
  • improve blood flow to the prostate;
  • pain relief;
  • relieve inflammation and swelling of the prostate;
  • restore the natural function of the gland.

These results are achieved by using hardware procedures through the skin or mucous membranes of a patient with prostatitis.

They are usuallyoutpatient.


Appliancecan also be purchased for individual retail use.

Electrophoresis. The device uses the property of direct current to increase the speed and depth of penetration of drugs into the tissues of the body of a patient with prostatitis.

Ultrasonic emitter. High-frequency sounds improve metabolic processes, sexual desire, relieve inflammation of the prostate, dissolve scars, help repair damaged tissues and treat rectal injuries.

Magnetic therapy devices act on the body of a patient with prostatitis withmagnetic field. Relieve inflammation, improve blood circulation, promote tissue regeneration without side effects.

Medical lasersincrease body endurance, prostate activity and improve general condition. The therapy is performed in the morning, the course is 15 times.

Electrostimulatorswith current vibrations remove the stagnation of the gland, resume the outflow of its secretion.

Microclysters are used to inject prostatitis medicines into the rectum according to their intended use.

Healing,mud bathstreat prostatitis by warming problem areas, the action of beneficial substances contained in the liquid.

Physiotherapy is not used when:

  • exacerbation of the disease;
  • presence of neoplasms;
  • decompensated diabetes mellitus;
  • active tuberculosis.


Prostate massageis ​​a very effective part of the complex therapy of prostatitis. Although you can't call it nice.

By direct action with a gloved finger, the doctor removes the tension in the muscles of the gland, gradually relieving the swelling.

As a result, the patient's pain disappears, the lobes of the organ acquire the same size and its functions are restored.

There is leakage of secretions and stagnant sperm with harmful microflora.

Competent prostate massage will be performed only byspecialistwearing special gloves that need to be called home for this.

The body is veryfragile, if you try to perform the same actions alone (self-massage) or with the help of an incompetent person, it can be seriously injured with the risk of blood poisoning.

To follow all the rules ofsterilitymanual massage is best done on an outpatient or hospital basis.

In this caseIMPORTANTdoes not apply:

  • expired lubricant;
  • non-sterile gloves.

Massage contraindications:

  • stage of exacerbation;
  • Calculous prostatitis (prostate stones).

If it is impossible to attend outpatient, inpatient massage procedures, the following should be considered: an alternative (albeit lower) is one of the above physiotherapy procedures that can be taken safely at home.Self-massage for prostatitis is unacceptable!

exercise therapy

Each exercise is useful for the prevention of prostatitis, starting with the usual morning exercises. But special exercises have been developed specifically against prostatitis.

Kegel Exercise Set

Purposesto strengthen the muscles of the perineum. Identifying them is simple: a man holds back the flow of urine as he writes. Those muscles (prostate muscles) that will work in this case and need to be trained.

1 st.Stretch and relax the prostate muscles one by one. The faster the better.

2th StreetTighten the muscles, keep them tense for 4 seconds, gently relax.

3th StreetTighten the muscles smoothly, as in bowel movements. Relax.

In the first lesson, repeat each of the exercises eight times. We repeat this cycle five times a day.

Increase the number of repetitions of each exercise in the cycle by four per week until you reach45 repetitions. We do such exercises every day, while the problem with prostatitis is relevant.

Drug therapy


Whether it is possible to undergo a course of antibiotics to treat chronic prostatitis at home depends on the specific case.

The individual features of the structure of the prostate, the presence / absence of allergies in the patient, the causes of the disease, the degree of its severity play a role. The decision in this case is made by aurologist.

Antibacterial drugs

Antibioticsare the main means of killing bacteria. For the treatment of chronic prostatitis in men at home, the urologist must prescribe medication, he must make sure that he is dealing with thebacterial form of prostatitis. Otherwise, taking antibiotics will only hurt.

  1. The doctor usually prescribesfluoroquinolonesto treat bacterial prostatitis. They are distinguished by their activity, permeability, action against many types of bacteria; when administered orally, they accumulate in the gland.
  2. Chronic prostatitisis ​​well treated with antibiotics from the tetracycline and macrolide groups.


Replenishingrectal suppositoriesduring the treatment of prostatitis makes antibiotics, propolis, antispasmodics, components of the bovine glands and other components.

The use ofsuppositorieswith prostatitis eliminates swelling, pain, inflammation. With their help, sexual and urinary functions are restored, the development of vascular thrombosis is suppressed and blood circulation is improved.


Chinese plasters act on the focus of prostate inflammation by penetrating microparticles of the drug through the skin.

This was achieved throughnanotechnology. Using them is simple: you need to wash the area around the navel well with soap, shave the hair there, remove the sticker and stick the plaster.

After three days, remove and wash the adhesive again. After one day, glue another plaster. The course of treatment for prostatitis is six patches,24 days. In parallel, you can take antibiotics to enhance the effect.

Traditional methods

Tested folk remedies for prostatitis include:

  • pumpkin seeds;
  • hazelnut;
  • aspen;
  • chestnuts;
  • propolis;
  • parsley.

Bath, sauna

The sauna has a relaxing effect on the smooth muscles of the prostate gland

Burning with chronic prostatitis should becarefully. Overheating will lead to swelling of the prostate gland. The time spent in the steam room, heating, must be strictly regulated.

You should also be careful about cooling after a steam bath.

Finnish scientists have proven that the sauna increaseslibido, ie sexual desire.

It differs from the conventional bath with a temperature of 37 degrees, which, on the contrary, reduces the motility and number of sperm.

Sauna has a relaxing effect on the smooth muscles of the prostate gland, increases blood flow to the lower abdomen, improves immunity. The condition of a patient with prostatitis improves if a sauna or bath is combined withdiaphoretic teaorapple cider vinegaris ​​used.


Vegetables and fruits make up the majority of a prostatitis patient's diet.

  1. Spices- parsley, mustard, horseradish - reduce inflammation, speed recovery.
  2. Onions, garlic kills disease-causing bacteria; improve blood circulation, potency.
  3. Zinc, needed for prostate function, is found in seafood: shrimp, seaweed, crabs, fish, mussels.

A patient with prostatitis shouldavoidthe following foods:

  1. Alcohol, coffee, carbonated drinks, tea.
  2. Fatty, smoked, fried foods.
  3. Convenient food, fast food, bakery products.
  4. Legumes.
  5. Canned food.

Onedietis ​​not enough to recover from prostatitis. But violating it will cancel other treatment costs, will neutralize its effect.

If the disease persists

Ifchronic prostatitisdoes not go away after home treatment, you may not be disciplined enough to follow your doctor's recommendations unattended.

We will have to go for the restrictions of freedom that need to be hospitalized. But if you violate the regime here too, expect complications that will definitely lead to long-term hospitalization, probably with surgery.

Among them:

  • vesiculitis;
  • gland abscess;
  • sclerosis of the prostate;
  • cysts, their consequence are prostate stones;
  • infertility.

Now you know how to treatchronic prostatitisat home. The main thing that is required of the patient is discipline and compliance with ALL recommendations. It is important to follow the treatment regimen, diet and not to miss procedures

Remember that the popularfolk remediesare only an adjunct to the methods of official medicine, their use should also be agreed with a therapist.