Folk remedies for the treatment of prostatitis in men

Herbs for the treatment of prostatitis

Prostatitis is a disease of the prostate gland, which disrupts the microcirculation of blood in its area and suppresses the synthesis of sex hormones. Can this be prevented at home? Does traditional medicine give specific and effective advice on how to treat the prostate and how to get rid of this disease?

Will alternative medicine help with prostatitis?

So, folk remedies for prostatitis really help in the treatment. With their help it is possible to normalize the concentration of sex hormones in the blood (especially testosterone), as well as blood circulation in the prostate gland. This is the basis of alternative methods of treating prostatitis. We need only mention immediately that in the infectious form of the disease, we should not delay the consultation with a qualified doctor. In this form of the disease, treatment involves taking antibiotics. And the alternative treatment of prostatitis in this case is an additional method of treatment, but not the main therapy.

How long will it take to restore prostate function? Treatment of prostatitis in men at home takes an average of 1 to 6 months, depending on the form of the disease (acute, chronic, recurrent). It is impossible to say how quickly the desired effect will be achieved, as it largely depends on the individual physiology of the patient, the presence of other chronic diseases of the cardiovascular system and his age. Prostatitis at a young age is eliminated faster, as practice shows, in adults and the elderly it occurs mainly in the chronic form.

Squats restore microcirculation in the prostate

The most effective recipes for alternative medicine

Even many doctors claim that prostatitis can be cured at home with regular squats. This is explained by the fact that in this way the microcirculation of the blood in the organs of the reproductive system, to which the prostate gland belongs, is restored. How often should you squat to treat prostatitis at home? Only 2-3 times a day, 20-30 times (gradually increasing the load). In this regard, it is better to consult a doctor who can calculate the optimal physical activity. In this way you can not only get rid of prostatitis, but also prevent its exacerbation, appearance (as prevention).

Treatment of prostatitis with honey is also quite effective. It contains mineral complexes that are essential for the normal functioning of the cardiovascular system. The easiest option is tea with honey. It is enough to replace sugar and consume 100-200 grams per day (better - honeydew or buckwheat), because after 2-3 weeks you can see the first positive effect of such a "diet".

Prostatitis is treated in a similar way with propolis, which is also a bee product. How is it used in treatment? Grind to a powder and mix with alcohol (or strong alcohol) in a ratio of 1 to 2. You should insist 14 days in a dark place at room temperature, shaking the contents once every 3 days. Take propolis for prostatitis in the form of tincture, 20 drops 3 times a day. The mixture itself does not have a very pleasant taste, so mix it in 100 ml of milk or warm boiled water. Treatment of prostatitis with propolis takes an average of 45 days. The course of treatment is repeated 1 month after the end of the previous one.

Treatment of prostatitis with garlic at home is also effective. This vegetable has excellent antibacterial properties and optimizes the function of the heart muscle. How do I take it? First grind the garlic to a pulp, then add it to the boiling milk (1 tablespoon per cup) and leave for 15 minutes. Take this medicine for 2 tablespoons before meals during the day. The course of treatment is 3 weeks. Garlic in prostatitis is also useful in that it normalizes the endocrine system. This is the best "folk" method for optimizing the level of sex hormones in the blood.

Recipes for quick treatment of prostatitis

Chamomile will help get rid of inflammation the fastest in case of prostatitis. Microclysters are made from its broth. It runs as follows:

Aloe suppositories help with prostatitis
  • for 2 liters of water - 3 tablespoons of dried herb (sold at the pharmacy);
  • boil for 10 minutes, then strain through a small sieve or several layers of gauze;
  • allow the broth to cool to 35-40 degrees;
  • microenemas are performed with a syringe (10 ml) after defecation (at least 2-3 times a day).

Aloe is used in a similar way for prostatitis. From the leaves of this plant are made small candles (by cutting the needles and bark). They should be used 2-3 times a day for a month. By the way, these suppositories help against prostatitis and impotence, and also remove hemorrhoids at an early stage. This is a kind of universal folk recipes for the treatment of all diseases related to the urinary system and rectum.

But if stones are found in the prostate, then onions will help! Contains phytoncides that are able to break down stones at the molecular level. Treatment with onion peels for prostatitis will be the best option. To prepare the solution, you will need 50 grams of dry base and 1 liter of water. All this is boiled for 10-15 minutes, allowed to cool, filtered through cheesecloth and drink 30 milliliters 3 times a day. This decoction for prostatitis in men also helps to strengthen the immune system, which will help in the treatment of bacterial inflammation. And onion peels can also be used for stones in the urethra (which also provokes prostate dysfunction).

And not to mention the use of mummy in prostatitis. This substance is one of the richest rare minerals in nature, which overall improves the activity of the reproductive system. You can buy the drug in any pharmacy. Take orally 1-2 times a day, 0, 5 grams of the contents dissolved in water or milk. The course of treatment is 20 days. It is advisable for the treating physician to know that the patient is using a mummy, as this allows him to cancel the intake of vitamin complexes.

Proven traditional therapies

Chestnut tincture - a folk remedy for prostatitis

What other popular methods are used to treat prostatitis at home? You can find dozens of them in thematic resources, but not all of them are effective. The most effective, according to those who have already faced this male problem, is the treatment of prostatitis with chestnut, parsley and dill seeds. Many people still use aspen bark, but it mainly stimulates normal urination (the process is disrupted by inflammation of the prostate gland).

So how does horse chestnut treatment work? Its prickly bark will be required. 100 grams of this freshly poured into 500 ml of strong alcohol or alcohol and insist in a dark, warm place (shaking every other day). Take 15 drops 3 times a day for a month.

Parsley seeds are used in a similar way. 2 grams of them are flooded with 100 milliliters of alcohol and insist 5 days (the solution acquires a yellow-green hue). Drink 1 teaspoon before meals. Take this medicine for prostatitis with caution as it can cause allergies! That is, the first step is the traditional test for an allergic reaction (a few drops of the drug are rubbed into the wrist and the reaction is monitored for 15-20 minutes).

And parsley seeds in prostatitis can not only eliminate the disease, but also restore erectile function if there are problems with it during treatment. They are prepared as tea or added to tea leaves (on the tip of a knife for 200 ml of boiling water). Drink it 2 times a day for 2 weeks, then - 1 week rest.

Soda in combination with iodine solution is widely used to treat prostatitis in men with folk remedies. It is especially effective when signs of inflammation of the gland only appear. And healers claim that this recipe will help crush the stone in the prostate by heating. So, soda is used as follows:

  • 1 tablespoon baking soda and 1 teaspoon of iodine solution are added to a liter of boiled water;
  • the resulting mixture (3-4 liters will be needed) is heated in a water bath to 40-50 degrees and poured into a bowl;
  • One should sit in a basin so that the crotch and thighs are in the water (the higher the better). The procedure takes 15-20 minutes.

Such folk remedies for the treatment of acute prostatitis in men (with heating) are most effective. They are even better than traditional immunotherapy, but heating is forbidden in bacterial inflammation. So, it is imperative to consult a doctor in advance. To the soda solution can be added onion peel (1 teaspoon), turmeric (on the tip of a knife), citrus-based essential oils, blackcurrant leaves.

Ginger tea has antibacterial action

Aspen bark is also used for prostatitis. It is recommended to grind to a powder, boil in boiling water and take as a tea (0, 5 teaspoons per cup of water). And also make enemas from it (with an ordinary pear). Helps well when inflammation is caused by a cold in the cold.

Ginger also helps with prostatitis. In addition, it is enough to include it in the diet (fresh and canned). Only 30-40 grams a day will be more than enough. And tea is made from dried root. But it is worth noting that ginger is contraindicated for oral administration in case of gastrointestinal ulcers. However, it has better antibacterial effects than garlic or onions.

Treatment Recommendations

Do not expect a quick result when prostatitis is treated with folk remedies. At best, it will be noticeable in a few weeks. In addition, treatment of prostatitis at home may not be the main therapy. Consultation with a doctor is mandatory! And while these are not all tips for treating prostatitis at home, most of them will help all men, no matter what the stage of the disease. And we must not forget that the prevention of prostatitis in men is the best option to prevent erectile dysfunction.