Drugs of treatment for prostatitis and adenoma

Different tools that are used for treatment diseases male. In many cases, drugs are quite effective in men prostatic hypertrophy and surgical intervention to prevent or delay him. Certainly the side effects that may occur rarely medical treatment that need to be considered when choosing medications.

When indicated, medication therapy

When indicated, medication treatment, etc.

Accordingly assigned to a male disease drug treatment for primary or secondary treatment. Necessarily take into account characteristics, disease status, medication and contraindications the patient's body, etc.

Assigned as primary or secondary treatment medicine, etc ..

Indications for medical treatment

  • Deficiency, kidney complications,
  • Inability to perform the operation,
  • Re-development of the adenoma after surgical treatment.

Medicine treatment etc .. assigned to the pathology of abnormalities in the early stages of the development of less time, and no other complications are reflected in the work of kidney disease. Contraindications to treatment include the wedding of RAM — advanced age, the patient's condition, cardiovascular system.


  • Severe voiding disorders.
  • Volume, residual urine, 100 ml.
  • Delay in acute urination.
  • Hematuria.
  • Bladder stones.

More recently, the main treatment method for a disease male had surgery. This progress is a method of medical treatment, the men only 20% of surgery with this diagnosis, an effective drug to get the others, etc to be treated.

Drugs for treatment adenoma

This group of drugs treatment for existing disease:

  • Alpha-antagonists adrenoreseptor;
  • antibacterial drugs;
  • inhibitors of 5-alpha-reductase;
  • hormonal drugs;
  • herbal medicines.

Antibiotics when it is necessary

Enrique to participate in situations antibiotic therapy bacterial infection. In this case, used Gentamicin, levori, the drugs, the cephalosporin group. Inflammation with antibiotics and poster manages to pay develop. When choosing, medicine possible contraindications should be taken into account etc .. is taken.

Alpha-antagonists adrenoreseptor

Alpha-antagonists adrenoreseptor

Fibers the prostate this group of drugs relaxing effect on Nov. The process of normalizing Nov cut spasms and urination. Facilitate adrenoblokatori quickly using Alpha is obtained. Why are many drugs in this group a significant reduction of blood pressure, this reason is contraindicated for men with low AD. Devoid of such an effect-based tools for tamsulosin. These drugs are more careful movement and assignable elderly patients with prostatic hypertrophy, as well as such as the ones accompanying problems, diabetes, bronchial asthma, they have fewer side effects.

The pathology group the most commonly used tools for the treatment alpha-blockers – Omnic. A prescription medicine .. etc to resolve functional disorders of urinary organs. Already 2 weeks after the treatment shows the effect of intake. Patients with disease in the early stages of development that comes after the action in the first intake. Medicine .. etc applies highly selective is selective, IE, so these organs is used for the treatment, therefore, is that the side effects are sparse. Omnic blood pressure is not affected.

Omnic capsule produced. One capsule once a day after meals acceptable morning. The components are shipped with this drug in pregnancy and hypersensitivity severe liver failure .. etc.

Inhibitors of 5-alpha-reductase

This group of drugs, such as the development of the disease allow you to get rid of the symptoms, to prevent progression of the disease pathology results in a reduction of sizes of development. This reduction is achieved, the hormone dihydrotestosterone, provokes prostatic hyperplasia. After treatment with inhibitors of 5-alpha-reductase, more than half the patient does not need surgery. It should be noted that it takes time to achieve the effect of treatment these drugs in. Can come to the relief of symptoms for 3-6 months after treatment. An important advantage is that these tools, their effectiveness adenomas in males in larger sizes.

Possible side effects of persecution linked to gender characteristics a slimming visible erection, decreased stereophobia. After you receive the negative effects of the drugs disappear, and male sexual function is completely restored.

Digestive disorders

Hormones, adenomas of the prostate gland in the treatment of

Application of growth regulating hormones in the treatment of these hormonal drugs the prostate gland adenoma, glandular tissue, organ. In some cases, you want to block synthesis of testosterone to limit the androgenic effect in the prostate. Other required to increase the amount of male sex hormones. All patients assigned to these types of drugs a list of side effects that are important to them.

Herbal remedies

The pathology of drugs of vegetal origin for treatment as effective but has fewer side effects. They establish a process in order to strengthen urination flow rate of urine to eliminate infection. Some medications effectively resolves the edema, improvement, urinary function, without affecting the sexual urge.

Herbal remedies to promote the action

  • Suppression of growth factors of the cells in the prostate.
  • Lock androgen receptors.
  • Suppression actions are situated, enzymes, hormones share.
  • The effect of tissue growth factors.

Kathleen quite often in convenient forms released today assigned an independent agent and if necessary, a soft coup, as part of a comprehensive treatment.

Adenoma, prostate plays in the success of treatment taken at the time. The disadvantage of the first symptoms you need to go to the doctor. Men often appoint themselves after reading articles today about the treatment, medicine etc .. products, testimonials about the application. Forums and websites dedicated to a man of adenoma treatment tips that can be found quite a few problems. However, self-treatment do not, this can only make the situation worse. The most effective, comprehensive treatment for various drugs. Picking the right one can be an expert in them just won and then the analysis obtained during diagnostic studies.

Herbal remedies to promote the action

Inflammation of the prostate gland in men with the disease one often. To date drugs for treatment BPH and prostatitis can be found in completely at any pharmacy, but to buy them yourself (any doctor recommendations) have. The different effects of drugs for prostatitis and adenoma is used a rooted schema. This article you will learn about which drugs usually prescribed by doctors and how they work.

The main group of drugs and mechanism of action

The first about what value means, adenoma, prostate – how does it cannot run. If the pain I felt during urination, and do research for Department of urology and any other infections because it is a disease that may be the cause, the formation of kidney stones. In advanced cases, a cancerous tumor that grows in the prostate, and this is not a simple medication. No, visit a doctor to adjourn.

As far as I know, drugs, etc, then they all are divided into the main groups:

  1. This active ingredient that it contains androgens Ile detrusor Tonus and incentive prostatitis many drugs .. etc Nov, to a large extent, increases urination.
  2. This progesterone – Ayse prostate cancer doctors call them. This application helps reduce the adenoma group drugs, numb sick. Recommended to combine with its own special treatments: prostate massage, electrophoresis, phonophoresis.
  3. Anti-inflammatory drugs for prostatitis herbal based. How much they accepted the most effective, however, action that has a strong antiseptic effect. Particularly noteworthy is that occur between herbs sage, mother-and-stepmother, chamomile, dill, parsley, stinging nettle.

List best drug prostatitis and benign prostatic hyperplasia .. etc

More affordable options will be able to get the drugs from, but then, how treatment of adenoma prostate gland the doctor who treated just tells you in a fast and efficient manner without surgery. It is important to remember, as it should consist of medicine treatment and other processes suitable for the patient for a speedy recovery .. etc. For a striking example, massage, physical therapy.


Rectal candle

The most effective treatment for prostatitis and BPH candles that can be called. A physical action as they have at home and I have the most positive impact on the affected area. Incoming pharmacy, it's easy to get lost, after all, rectal suppositories etc .. it will be hard to choose such a big variety of medication. However, what helped the doctors singled out among the more effective drugs, often can be assigned:

  • Ichthyol candles prostatitis. They increase circulation with antiseptic, anesthetic action. Them frequently up to date tablet with the prescription, or physical therapy. The fragrance is very nice with candles, but this has no effect on your skin from the effects. No there are no contraindications to this drug .. etc.
  • Candle propolis. Pain during urination, anti-inflammatory action. A big plus is the price is like a candle – they Budget. Also, any medication does not cause side effects, so to implement it as a preventive measure.
  • "Prostatilen". These candles contribute with pull indomethacin swelling, in an instant, normal prostate function. It's a scene that works for you proper treatment.
  • Popular treatment of prostatitis candles. They Treatment difficult cases of prostatitis, with an effective anti-inflammatory action. However, some of this medicine for each patient does not contraindications .. etc.


How the candles and the tablet groups are divided according to their action. Urologist prescribed medicine .. etc may be used to treat only after a poll will allow you to how to determine whether the treatment of prostatic hypertrophy. Buying drugs without a prescription as soon as many positive affect heal. More often prostatitis doctors who prescribe drugs which:

  • Anti-inflammatory – assigned in its acute form, adenoma, pain when urinating when.
  • This group antispazmodik, tablet relieves spasms and relaxes the muscles, greatly improves blood circulation.
  • Rectal candle
  • Antibiotic – prostate adenoma is caused by a contagious bacteria that are found if the factor of cloth and defeat the disease of pill assigned to this group. Prostatitis which antibiotic if the doctor's examination able to perform just appropriate for you. Along with the course of antibiotics drink rectal medications.

All these effective drugs boosting and regenerative processes. As shown, conservative treatment or injection prevention, protection, prostate virus. Dose may be prescribed, just like a doctor, there are side effects.

Phytotherapeutic effective tools

Integrated is used in the treatment of prostatitis herbal. Promote inflammation reduce the symptoms of prostate selective of their components accumulate in the tissues, strengthen, protection functions, control the excessive growth of prostate tissues and protect cells from free radicals defeat the process. An integrated and balanced composition's problem because of the difficulty of urination associated with the weakening of the pain syndrome. The major symptoms that affect the components effectively on a complex background the standard treatment of chronic prostatitis contribute to the improvement of urination: the frequency of urination decrease in urine, and Jet upgrade, develop, and patients with chronic prostatitis have a restorative effect on health and effect.

Prostatitis drugs

During the search, the force for drugs in the treatment of BPH and prostatitis if you fall once, ad phytotherapeutic Canadian public, the media, the so-called talented get rid of this disease. It should be noted, Badami) .. etc they Drug, not as a preventative measure that should be taken. As a part plant extracts that have positive state and business that affect the prostate, however, is not a tool in the acute period of the disease can be treated phytotherapeutic.

Often you will face, you a vehicle that is capable of preventing prostate adenoma able to assign a doctor to reduce the risk of a new infection. Itself already many men test their effect, only when they are positive comments. You handle them with permission and blocking inflammatory processes of the prostate gland medicine etc .. the function is as it should be.

Learn about other methods and how treatment of adenoma of prostate in men.

Prostatitis and BPH the employment of drugs as part of a comprehensive treatment to reduce symptoms and effects of the basic factors provoking violation. Worth remembering about the dangers of self medication patients with medication selection and proper trust of a Specialist Urologist .. etc .. etc. During the target into account age, co-morbidities, properties, the body is sick.