Device for the treatment of prostatitis at home

treatment of prostatitis in men with special devices

Prostatitis requires great attention to the health of the prostate gland. To maximize the effectiveness of therapy, you can consider which device to choose for the treatment of prostatitis at home.

By itself cannot lead to a full recovery. But as part of a complex therapy can show very good results. In particular, such devices are able to improve blood circulation and lymph flow. And more: eliminate puffiness and reduce the intensity of the inflammatory process, have a bacteriostatic effect.

Hardware treatment features

Physiotherapy can take a long time. Therefore, some men with financial resources prefer to buy a device for the treatment of prostatitis at home, which saves time and does not adjust to the schedule of the clinic.

The devices are distinguished by their orientation:

  • Magnetic (improve local immunity and metabolic processes).
  • Vibroacoustic (relieve swelling of the prostate and start the regenerative functions of cells).
  • Electrical (reduction of muscle tissue and prevention of congestive symptoms).
  • Bioresonance (activate the patient's systems and organs in a healthy mode).
  • Laser (have antibacterial effect and provide tissue repair).
  • Vacuum (improves blood circulation and lymph flow, which leads to normalization of processes in the prostate).

Devices can be used non-invasively or transrectally. In the first case we are talking about superficial exposure through the skin and other tissues of the human body. It is very convenient, does not require any special preparation procedures and provides maximum comfort when used at home.

The transrectal method of exposing the devices involves inserting the massager directly into the prostate gland through the anus. Due to the targeted action, the blood circulation in the pelvic organs improves, the swelling of the prostate decreases and the intensity of the inflammatory process decreases.

Transrectal devices can be an alternative to direct prostate massage if the patient is unable to visit the clinic for any reason. However, the use of such therapy should be discussed with your doctor.

The personal examination will help to identify the indications or, conversely, the contraindications for starting a massage course. Not every type of prostatitis allows transrectal effects on the prostate gland.

Prostatitis treatment device: which one to choose?

the principle of operation of devices for the treatment of prostatitis

First, you need to know your diagnosis exactly. The mere suspicion of prostatitis is not enough to make the right choice among the wide range of modern medical technologies. There are devices with a specific orientation and possibly a complex effect on the male genitourinary tract.

So for the prevention and treatment of stagnant prostatitis it is best to use a device that sends electrical impulses to the organ of the prostate. It promotes intense contraction of muscle tissue, which neutralizes congestive symptoms. However, in calculous prostatitis, the use of such a device is strictly contraindicated.

In order to prevent exacerbation of chronic prostatitis, attention should be paid to the complex effects on the genitourinary system. That is why it is worth choosing a device for the treatment of prostatitis at home, capable of having anti-inflammatory, analgesic effect and, if necessary, to neutralize the swelling of the prostate gland.

Thermal action is indicated for the rapid and effective resolution of acute prostatitis. And unacceptably mechanical. It is best to give preference to physiotherapy devices that warm the prostate area.

Improves blood flow, helps the immune system work hard, relieves inflammation and relieves pain. Some devices are even able to have a sedative effect, which leads to the normalization of the general condition of the patient.

Vacuum and non-invasive devices are becoming leaders in the prevention of prostatitis. They are easy to use and do not involve physical discomfort. Such a device for the treatment of prostatitis at home is very easy to use. And the effect is not inferior to the transrectal and bioresonance effects.

The price range for prostatitis machines varies considerably. The cheapest representatives are in the segment of electrical medical devices. But there are also professional physiotherapy devices, the price of which is quite high.