Drugs for prostatitis: effective treatment

Prostatitis is a fairly common disease that affects men over the age of twenty-five. Prostatitis is an acute or chronic inflammatory process that occurs in the prostate gland. One of the most common causes of this insidious disease is urethral infection as a result of urethritis or gonorrhea.

To prevent complications from prostatitis, it is important to recognize in time the first symptoms of the disease: frequent urination, pain in the lower abdomen, fever. After confirming the diagnosis of "prostatitis", the urologist will prescribe drugs for prostatitis, the choice of which will depend on the clinical picture of the disease.

drugs for prostatitis

Effective antibiotics for the treatment of prostatitis in men

As medical practice shows, antibiotics are one of the main drugs used to treat prostatitis in men. Such drugs are prescribed during the exacerbation of the disease, as well as with an increase in the clinical manifestations of the disease.

Antibacterial treatment is prescribed after identifying the flora involved in the occurrence of prostatitis and determining the degree of its sensitivity to selected drugs. The most effective antibiotics to eliminate inflammation of the prostate are drugs from the group of fluoroquinolones.

However, before using them, it is necessary to rule out the tuberculous etiology of the inflammatory process.

These drugs are used in various diseases of the genitourinary system. The use is effective in all types of inflammation in the prostate gland.

Fluoroquinolones have worked well in the following diseases:

  • prostatitis of any etiology;
  • inflammatory diseases of the urinary tract;
  • renal pathology.

The following conditions are absolute contraindications for the appointment:

  • intolerance to drug components;
  • epileptic seizures;
  • allergic reactions to drugs from the fluoroquinolone group;
  • age up to eighteen years.

The following pathologies are relative contraindications for use:

  • heart and kidney failure;
  • transferred myocardial infarction;
  • tendency to seizures.

Before use it is necessary to perform a test for sensitivity to drug components.

Drugs that improve blood circulation in the prostate

One of the causes of prostatitis is poor circulation in the pelvic organs.

To normalize blood microcirculation in the prostate, doctors prescribe special drugs.

They are ancillary drugs in the treatment of the prostate. The main active ingredient improves blood circulation in the prostate, thus reducing the inflammatory process. As clinical studies show, the drugs not only alleviate the acute manifestations of prostatitis, but also act on the cause of the disease.

Alpha-blockers - effective treatment of prostatitis in men

Alpha-blockers act on the nerve endings of the prostate and urinary tract, relieving smooth muscle spasms.

Medications are prescribed to relieve tension in the smooth muscles of the prostate. Contraindications for use are hypersensitivity and childhood.

It is impossible to choose the best medicine for prostate inflammation on your own, as drug treatment directly depends on the cause of the disease and the type of pathogen. Most often, drugs for pathology are prescribed in combination with each other, which provides effective treatment.