Intimate life with prostatitis: when sex is contraindicated

Many members of the stronger sex would like to know if it is possible to have sex with prostatitis. Restrictions in intimate life can adversely affect both the physical and psychological state of the man. But there are situations when an inflamed prostate and sex become mutually exclusive.

It should be noted that the disease can lead to a decrease in potency, infertility. Therefore, the treatment of the disease must be timely.

Sex without the prostate is also possible. With the use of modern (nerve-saving) methods of radical prostatectomy, the quality of intimate life as a whole remains at the same level.

Causes and symptoms of the disease

Before you find out if it is possible to have sex with inflammation of the prostate, you need to name the main types of disease:

  • infectious;
  • non-infectious (stagnant).

The stagnant type of the disease can occur with a deterioration of the body's defenses, maintaining an inactive lifestyle and prolonged sexual abstinence. Contribute to their mites and bad habits, injuries to the gland.

Infectious causes infections that are transmitted through intimacy, certain diseases of the kidneys or respiratory tract (of an infectious nature).

Important! In some situations, the onset of the disease is due to a violation of the hormonal background, frequent constipation and poor blood circulation. The inflammatory process in the area of the gland can be caused by cystitis or urethritis.

Congestive prostatitis causes the following symptoms:

  • the appearance of discomfort in the anus;
  • increase in body temperature;
  • the appearance of pain in the perineum, testicles;
  • problems urinating;
  • deterioration of sperm quality;
  • depressive symptoms.

If the patient has an acute bacterial type of the disease, urination is impaired, excessive sweating is observed and pain in the perineal area occurs. Body temperature can rise to 38 degrees. One of the symptoms is a decrease in sexual desire. In some cases, there is pain during ejaculation. Men who have been diagnosed with this condition also complain of malaise.

Infectious prostatitis is characterized by the following symptoms:

  • acute pain in the lower abdomen;
  • discomfort when urinating;
  • pain in the perineal area;
  • excretion of a small volume of urine during urination;
  • worsening of sleep;
  • reduced erection.

In chronic glandular disease, worsening of urination is observed. There are often cramps in the lower abdomen. In chronic disease, there may be a spontaneous erection in the morning. A man's life is overshadowed by the pain of a pulling nature that occurs during ejaculation. In addition, the duration of sexual intercourse decreases. The stream of urine during urination often becomes intermittent.

When is sex contraindicated in prostatitis?

Sex with acute prostatitis of an infectious nature is contraindicated. In this case, severe pain in the area of smooth muscles may be observed. Sexual intercourse can provoke deterioration of the patient's condition and lead to swelling in the tissues of the gland.

In the chronic course of the disease, the use of a condom during intimacy is recommended. This will help prevent your partner from becoming infected. It is advisable to abstain from sexual intercourse during exacerbations.

Sex with acute prostatitis

A man's well-being can often be described as difficult. In this form of the disease may appear sharp pain in the lower abdomen, sacrum, perineum. It is not difficult to guess how prostatitis affects sex in such a situation. Sexual desire in acute inflammation of the prostate gland is often absent.

In the acute form of the disease, attending physiotherapy sessions is also contraindicated. The man should stop drinking alcohol. Smoking is also contraindicated. Provokes deterioration of venous circulation.

You should also refrain from visiting saunas and baths during treatment. Biologically active supplements and drugs should be used only after consultation with your doctor.

Prohibited products for acute prostatitis include:

  • smoked meats;
  • energy drinks;
  • fatty meats and fish.

Whether it is possible to have sex with acute prostatitis depends on the type of disease. In the parenchymal form of pathology, the inflammatory process has a purulent, diffuse nature. With this type of disease, severe pain in the reproductive organs can occur. The patient may feel unwell, complain of loss of appetite. The pain is often constant. They often worsen when urinating or defecating. Acute urinary retention may occur. Sex in acute prostatitis, accompanied by diffuse changes, is almost impossible. The prostate gland often enlarges significantly, becoming tense, which can negatively affect sexual desire.

Is it possible to have sex with chronic prostatitis

It is worth explaining whether it is possible to engage in intimate life with chronic prostatitis. Sexual intercourse is not contraindicated if the man has no sharp pain.

Sex with chronic prostatitis includes certain restrictions. In order not to worsen the patient's condition, you must follow the following recommendations:

  • you need to have sex with a regular partner;
  • intimate relationships should not be too frequent. This can provoke an exacerbation of chronic prostatitis.

Important! Many men are also interested in such a nuance: is it possible to have sex after a prostate massage. If the patient is in a satisfactory condition, intimate relations are possible a few minutes after the procedure.

Sex with exacerbation of prostatitis

Sex with exacerbation of prostatitis is contraindicated. During this period, the man's condition is already quite serious. When the health of the stronger sex improves, it is recommended to resume sexual activity. Intimate relationships should be regular, but not too intense.

Treatment of prostatitis

The question of the treatment of the disease is no less important than whether it is possible to have sex with chronic prostatitis or an acute form of the disease. The following drugs can be used as part of the complex therapy of the disease:

  • tablets for oral administration;
  • solution for injection;
  • prostatitis suppositories;
  • mounting tools.

Candles endowed with analgesic and antibacterial effects are used in the treatment of the inflammatory process in the area of the gland.

In a separate group should be distinguished antibiotics used in the treatment of prostatitis. Antibiotics help neutralize the activity of the pathogen. Before using them, it is necessary to determine which infection has entered the man's body.

Medications that belong to the number of muscle relaxants also improve a man's well-being. Hormonal agents are used to increase the concentration of testosterone in the body. In this case, there is growth of glandular tissue. Vitamins are prescribed to increase immunity weakened by the disease.

One of the methods of treating the disease is mud therapy. The procedure is contraindicated in the presence of chronic inflammatory processes in the body, atherosclerosis, tuberculosis, high blood pressure, severe pathologies of the hematopoietic system, systemic kidney disease.

Glandular massage improves blood circulation in the pelvic area, prevents stagnation of prostate secretions. During the procedure, harmful substances are removed from the body.

At home you can use special massagers. The use of such devices improves the nutrition of the cells of the inflamed gland. The massager activates the regenerative processes. Using different massagers eliminates congestion in the pelvic area. The device helps to increase the tone of the muscles of the perineum. The device helps with urinary disorders, deterioration of erectile function. The device is recommended to be used in combination with drugs used in the treatment of the disease.

intimate relationship with prostatitis

Sex as a treatment for prostatitis

Prostate adenoma and sex are compatible. But the frequency of sexual intercourse should not exceed once a day. Violent sex with prostatitis can be detrimental to overall health. If the man does not have a permanent partner, it is recommended to masturbate about three times a week.

Many men do not know if sex is good for prostatitis. With regular intimate life, stagnation of lymph and blood is eliminated. Sex during the treatment of prostatitis helps to improve the blood supply to the prostate gland. Intimate relationships have a beneficial effect on the patient's mood. Sex from prostatitis helps to strengthen the local immunity.

Important! When considering whether sex helps with prostatitis, it should be noted that intimate relationships saturate prostate cells with oxygen and nutrients. As a result, the intensity of the inflammatory process decreases significantly. Sex during prostatitis helps to remove secretions from the prostate and vas deferens. As a result, stagnation is eliminated.

Frequent friction has approximately the same effect on the body as prostate massage. There is a type of treatment for prostatitis with sex.

Is prostatitis contagious?

If the results of the study show that the cause of the disease is an infection, reliable methods of contraception should be used. There is a risk of infecting the partner during intimacy.

Oral and anal sex with prostatitis

Oral sex with infectious prostatitis is highly undesirable. Pathogenic microorganisms can enter a woman's oral cavity. Blowing with prostatitis can provoke various diseases.

Important! Anal sex with a disease can cause the development of proctitis. In intimacy, damage to the lining of the rectum, cracks in the sphincter may occur. As a result, the infection can enter a woman's body.

Disease prevention

In order not to think whether it is possible to have sex during the treatment of prostatitis, you should pay close attention to preventive measures:

  • the man should avoid hypothermia;
  • the patient is shown regular preventive examinations;
  • men are encouraged to spend more time outdoors;
  • the stronger sex should avoid constipation.
a man with prostatitis and having sex

Reviews of men for intimacy with prostatitis

First examination, male, 35 years old

Before that, I doubted if it was possible to have sex with a prostate adenoma. But about six months ago, I was diagnosed with the disease myself. After completing the full course of treatment, I was able to return to normal life. Intimate relationships have become more frequent.

Second examination, male, 30 years old

Until recently, I was wondering if it was possible to have sex while treating the prostate. Fortunately, the rectal suppositories prescribed by my doctor helped me feel better again. Thanks to this medicine I was able to get rid of the pain. Now, during prostatitis, I don't care if it's possible to have sex or not.