Pumpkin seeds for prostatitis: recipes for use

Many people know that pumpkin seeds for prostatitis should be consumed as often as possible. However, not everyone understands the mechanism of action of this product on the prostate gland. There are several recipes for home remedies for the treatment of inflammation of the prostate. It is worth taking them into operation and then the prostatitis, if not completely withdrawn, will become much less disturbing.

What are the benefits of pumpkin seeds?

Pumpkin seeds are a natural protector of the prostate. They contain many useful substances, including:

  • zinc, which increases potency and reduces inflammation;
  • selenium, which normalizes metabolic processes in prostate tissue;
  • vitamin E - a natural antioxidant that protects against free radicals;
  • magnesium, which strengthens blood vessels and normalizes blood circulation.

Pumpkin seeds with prostatitis contribute to the normalization of prostate function. Pumpkin is especially useful in prostatitis of non-infectious nature, which develops against the background of a violation of the trophism of the pelvic organs, the so-called congestion.

The protective effect of this plant determines the effectiveness of pumpkin in the treatment of adenoma. It has an antiandrogenic effect, preventing the synthesis of dihydrotestosterone. It is this substance that leads to an increase in the size of the prostate gland and impaired reproductive function in men over 50 years of age.

Pumpkin seeds contain a unique biologically active substance that acts directly on the prostate gland. Relieves inflammation and protects the body from negative influences. In addition, due to the large amount of vitamins in the composition, pumpkin improves immunity, thus reducing the risk of exacerbation of the disease.

Pumpkin seeds, freshly squeezed juice from the pulp or seed oil are used for treatment. There are many recipes, among which everyone can find the best for themselves.

pumpkin puree and seeds for prostatitis

Action in prostatitis

Pumpkin seeds from prostatitis, along with juice and oil, have a complex effect on the inflamed organ. The use of pumpkin seeds in prostatitis contributes to:

  • reduction of the inflammatory process;
  • reduction of prostate swelling;
  • improving urodynamics;
  • normalization of prostate juice leakage;
  • stimulating immunity to combat pathogenic microorganisms.

Treatment of prostatitis with pumpkin seeds helps to get rid of the symptoms - pain when urinating, cramps in the perineum, erectile dysfunction. Pumpkin in any form acts as a means of treating prostatitis and an effective method of preventing this disease.

To prevent the development of inflammation of the prostate gland and make the body less vulnerable to pathogens, it is recommended to introduce pumpkin in the diet of every man over 35 years. Any disease is easier to prevent than to cure, so you should start eating pumpkin as early as possible.

Delicious medicine: recipes for treatment with pumpkin

There are many methods of using pumpkin in the treatment of prostate diseases.

The easiest way is pumpkin juice for prostatitis. To prepare it, put a few slices in a juicer and squeeze the juice. Only raw pumpkin is used for cooking. The juice is recommended to drink half a glass a day.

Pumpkin oil with prostatitis is recommended for salad dressing, but you can not fry on it. When heated, pumpkin seed oil from prostatitis loses its useful properties and releases harmful substances. It is important to remember that cholesterol in the prostate is a serious danger. Excess this substance is deposited on the walls of blood vessels, preventing normal blood circulation, which leads to worsening of congestion in the pelvic organs.

It is recommended to mix pumpkin oil with prostatitis with lemon juice - so you get a tasty and healthy dressing for all kinds of vegetable salads.

If you plan to use pumpkin seeds for prostatitis, a simple recipe is to consume 30 g of raw seeds per day.

pumpkin seeds for prostatitis

You can use recipes for folk remedies or just eat 30 g of seeds a day.

Seeds with honey

Pumpkin seeds with honey from prostatitis can be prepared according to various recipes. The simplest of them is to mix 50 g of peeled seeds with 100 g of honey, cover with a lid and leave in the refrigerator for a week. Then the drug is taken daily 3 tablespoons. Pumpkin seeds with honey for prostatitis can be added to cottage cheese or oatmeal for breakfast. This medicine is not only useful but also very tasty. Pumpkin seeds with prostatitis honey can be mixed in a blender to obtain a homogeneous consistency.

A recipe for traditional medicine will help you prepare a medicine based on pumpkin seeds with honey for prostatitis. To do this, grind 100 g of seeds in a blender or coffee grinder to obtain a dry powder. Then the powder should be diluted with liquid honey in a ratio of 1: 3. The resulting mixture is rolled into balls the size of a walnut. Each ball should be wrapped in cling film and stored in the refrigerator. One such ball should be eaten every day.

Treating prostatitis with pumpkin seeds with honey allows you to quickly stop the inflammation and improve well-being. Such a folk remedy should be used within two months. Then you need a break for 3-4 months and the treatment can be repeated.

An emulsion can be used for treatment. Preparation is very simple: grind half a cup of unpeeled seeds in a mortar, adding a little clean water. Then half a cup of liquid honey is dissolved in the resulting mixture. The drug should be taken daily on an empty stomach on a large spoon. The therapeutic course lasts 30 days.

honey and pumpkin seeds for prostatitis

seed powder

Another effective recipe with pumpkin seeds is the powder seeds in a blender. It should be taken one tablespoon on an empty stomach immediately after sleep. Wash the powder with plain water with a few drops of lemon juice. This drug helps to quickly get rid of the symptoms, but increases the load on the stomach, so it can be taken no more than a month. Then you need a six-month break. At this time, the use of fresh pumpkin for prostatitis is allowed or rectal suppositories for prostatitis with propolis and pumpkin oil are prescribed.

Oil application

Pumpkin oil for prostatitis can be used in three ways:

  • in its purest form;
  • with salads;
  • rectally.

It is recommended to take pumpkin seed oil for prostatitis on an empty stomach, one teaspoon. The duration of the course is 15 days.

Healthy salad recipe for men: mix cucumbers, Chinese cabbage, walnuts with pumpkin seeds in a salad bowl. As a dressing, use pumpkin seed oil and a teaspoon of lemon juice. You can use this salad several times a week.

The healing properties of the oil are well manifested by rectal administration. This method is used in the treatment of adenoma. To do this, moisten a cotton swab in oil and place it overnight in the rectal opening. The drug is used for two weeks, the tampon is placed at bedtime and removed in the morning.

pumpkin seed oil for the treatment of prostatitis

Pumpkin seed oil can be taken internally or used rectally.

Pumpkin recipes

Many people are interested in how to take pumpkin porridge, what are the benefits and harms for men and how to enhance the therapeutic effect. Patient reviews suggest several ways to eat pumpkin.

  1. Pumpkin porridge. For cooking, grate the pulp, mix with the rice and cook in the milk until soft. Before use, it is recommended to fill the porridge with medicine from pumpkin seeds and honey.
  2. Prepare oatmeal, add a few slices of roasted or boiled pumpkin. You can also mix porridge with a handful of pumpkin seeds.
  3. Make pumpkin and honey pie, use pumpkin seeds for decoration.
  4. Make pumpkin juice, add honey to taste. It is recommended to drink half a glass a day before breakfast.

Pumpkin has a beneficial effect on the prostate gland, but among patients it is common to expect an immediate effect. It is important to remember that all natural remedies have a slow action, so you should expect an improvement in well-being in a few weeks after starting treatment.

When using a pumpkin, regularity is important. Recipes can be alternated or supplemented, but it is important that pumpkin is always present in the diet.

Characteristics of the therapy

After discovering the healing properties of pumpkin seeds, many make a serious mistake - they start using them in large quantities. Quite often, between eating seeds, men eat pumpkin, drink juice and use oil. As a result, nausea, stomach pain and diarrhea appear after a few days. The fact is that the pumpkin is a heavy food. In moderation, it normalizes digestion, improves intestinal motility and has a choleretic effect.

When pumpkin is abused, its positive properties turn against the patient. Due to the increased load on the stomach, pain and indigestion occur, and nausea is due to the intensive production of bile. To avoid this, it is necessary to choose a home treatment by prescription and apply it for 2-8 weeks. The second course takes place in a few months.

The effect of pumpkin on the prostate is maximized when using suppositories or tablets with pulp extract. It is advisable to consult your doctor about the possibility of using such drugs. Pumpkin preparations are widely available in pharmacies, it will not be difficult to choose the optimal one, but such drugs should be used with caution.


You should not use a pumpkin with individual intolerance. An allergic reaction to the product can manifest itself with skin rashes, swelling of the mucous membranes and symptoms of SARS. If an allergy occurs, you should stop eating pumpkin and take an antihistamine.

Limit the use of seeds and oils should be all patients with pathologies of the gastrointestinal tract and gallbladder.

When choosing recipes with honey for treatment, you need to make sure that there is no allergic reaction to bee products.

Patient feedback

Before starting treatment with pumpkin, it is recommended to read the examinations of patients and consult a urologist. It is important to remember that pumpkin seeds cannot replace traditional medical treatment.