Nutrition in prostatitis and adenoma in men

chicken and vegetables for prostatitis

Prostatitis is an inflammation of the prostate gland caused by dysfunction of the male body. The acute form is expressed in severe pain in the perineum, fever, painful urination, fever.

Chronic prostatitis, unlike acute prostatitis, can only occasionally bother the patient. This form is characterized by intermittent pain in the perineum, frequent urge to urinate, which are scarce.

If you do not seek help from a qualified specialist in time, the consequences can be serious: purulent inflammation of the prostate, impotence, infertility and others.

Causes of inflammation of the prostate and adenoma

  1. bacterial infection.
  2. Viral infection, often caused by colds.
  3. Office work, lack of physical activity.
  4. Violation of sexual activity.
  5. Stress.
  6. Lack of proper rest and sleep.
  7. Unbalanced diet.

Nutrition in prostatitis in men

The dietary nutrition system with prostatitis plays an important role. In order for the treatment to be complex, along with the medications, it is necessary to maintain the body with a balanced diet.

Naturally, for the period of the disease it is necessary to exclude fatty, fried, salty, smoked foods, fast food. You should also wait a while with alcohol, sweets and fresh pastries.

food for prostatitis

Basic foods for prostatitis:

  1. Fresh fruits and vegetables: cauliflower, carrots, potatoes, zucchini, beets, cucumbers, melons, tomatoes, melons, watermelons.
  2. Greens: dill, parsley, lettuce.
  3. Low-fat cooked or roasted meat and fish (beef, chicken, rabbit, turkey, cod, pollock, perch).
  4. Vegetarian soups (beets, cabbage soup without cabbage, milk soup);
  5. Fermented dairy products (kefir, sour cream, sour cream, natural yogurt, cottage cheese).
  6. Garnish and cereals from cereals (barley, oats, buckwheat).
  7. Durum wheat pasta, brown rice.
  8. Whole grain bread.
  9. Pumpkin seeds, walnuts.
  10. Unrefined vegetable oil (sunflower, olive).
  11. The dessert features dried fruit and honey. You can add healthy sweets to the diet in small quantities: marshmallows, marshmallows, marmalade.
  12. Drinks: compotes, kisses, fruit drinks, rosehip broth.

Nutrition in prostatitis. Contraindications

As mentioned above, junk food should be excluded from your diet for a long time. Delays recovery and irritates the prostate.

Foods that should not be added to the diet for prostatitis:

  • Alcohol;
  • spicy and salty foods;
  • Products that raise blood cholesterol levels;
  • Offal (liver, kidney, heart);
  • Fatty meat soups;
  • mushrooms;
  • Flour and sweet foods;
  • smoked dishes;
  • Carbonated drinks, strong tea and coffee:
  • Mayonnaise, fatty sauces, spicy spices;
  • Cabbage, beans, peas (due to increased intestinal fermentation caused by these foods);
  • Artificial food additives (dyes, preservatives, stabilizers, emulsifiers, etc. )

Nutrition in the treatment of prostatitis resembles a standard set of rules for people who adhere to a properly balanced diet. Only healthy foods can guarantee healthy digestion and maximum absorption of important substances. In case of exacerbation of chronic prostatitis it is necessary to pay special attention to nutrition.

vegetable soup for prostatitis and prostate adenoma

The basic principle of nutrition in inflammation of the prostate and adenoma

The basic principle of nutrition in prostatitis:

  1. Eat vitamin complexes and foods rich in all important trace elements.
  2. Achieve optimal absorption of food.
  3. Eliminate constipation as one of the causes of stagnation in the prostate gland. To do this, you need fiber, which is abundant in vegetables and fruits. The use of rye or wheat bran is also recommended. Sufficient water a day (compotes, juices, jellies) will help you avoid constipation and digestive problems.
  4. Get rid of excess weight. Obesity provokes stagnant processes in the prostate gland. But if you follow a diet, eat healthy foods and give up harmful ones, then the weight itself will be imperceptibly reduced.

Diet and norms of nutrition in prostatitis

  • Eat up to four times a day.
  • Eat dinner 3 hours before bedtime. Just before bedtime, with anguished hunger, you can drink fermented milk product.
  • Reduce the amount of fat in the menu. You should not eat fatty meats, sausages, bacon, confectionery.
  • The meat must be lean. This is beef, rabbit, chicken, turkey. They can be baked, boiled, cooked in a double boiler.
  • Meat products should be consumed together with cereals, vegetables, fruits.
  • If you have jam, then sometimes you can afford healthy pastries in small quantities: honey, marshmallows, marshmallows, marmalade, homemade jam.

Final recommendations

All dishes must be prepared properly, without excess fat, salt, sugar and spices. To do this, use "modern kitchen helpers": double boiler, slow cooker, oven.

Make it a rule to constantly eat healthy fruits such as blueberries and cranberries. But it is better to use them fresh rather than cooked. You can make juice, compote, add to a milkshake.

At first you may feel discomfort from unfamiliar food and rejection of harmful foods. The main thing is to properly compose a menu in which the diet will become not only healthy but also delicious.

The habit of eating healthy food will help avoid problems with prostatitis and adenoma, as well as improve digestion and strengthen the immune system.