Chronic prostatitis treatment, symptoms, types.

Diagnosis was "chronic prostatitis" (BLEED) if there is stagnant tissue inflammation of the prostate within a time period of 3 months and longer. Periodic exacerbations transforms into remission under the influence of precipitating factors. Owing to illness, which occurs every five men. 30% of patients with the diagnosis of the data − between the ages of 20 and 50 years. Treatment of chronic prostatitis completely is almost impossible, in most cases, however, to obtain stable remission of course, doctor's orders (which prostatitis treatment doctor's care).


Type chronic prostatitis

Universally accepted classification of chronic prostatitis which is allocated according to various types:

  1. Acute bacterial (when).
  2. Chronic bacterial.
  3. Aseptic chronic (bacterial) prostatitis is divided into 2 sub-type chronic pelvic pain syndrome, inflammatory or non-inflammatory character (prostatodynia).
  4. Flowing asymptomatic (latent) chronic prostatitis.

Chronic prostatitis in men, these symptoms are not always visible, simple and good. The degree of their severity depends on the characteristics of the organism.

Chronic bacterial prostatitis

Bacteria prostatitis the cause of 6-10% of the case. Chronic bacterial prostatitis nonspecific infections usually form that was triggered (Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, hemolytic Streptococcus) into the prostate and other organs or external environment. This type for inflammation caused by the bacteria, with symptoms develops slowly obliterated, therefore, construction is often chronic infectious prostatitis is rising, already, to be running. Sometimes the inflammation itself is weak, itching, burning, pain and even disorder in the urethra, urination. To testify about the development of an active infection lower abdominal pain and fever. What started this was the first defeat symptoms other pelvic organs. Maybe abscess formation.


Nonspecific infection usually penetrates the prostate if it is damaged, mucous membranes, genital organs due to inflammation, damage, foreign objects, instrumental urological manipulation. A spoon on the surface of the skin a constant amount of intestinal bacteria, therefore, important hygiene before sexual intercourse. The area, anus, groin, scrotum and urinary pathogens excessive current begins camouflage hydration thickness, epidermis. Nonspecific chronic prostatitis gland in the throat fall because oral agents frequently detected sexual contact with fabric and renal streptococci, some gram-negative bacteria. Often the infection himself through man's hands. Most men, chronic bacterial prostatitis belongs to the 20 to 40 year age group during this period for peak sexual activity. Barrier contraception, frequent infections, inflammation of prostate specific pathogens why ignore the tools. Some of the most dangerous are:

  • Mycoplasma;
  • Levofloxacin;
  • Trichomonas;
  • Chlamydia.

Chronic bacterial prostatitis on a background of sexual erectile dysfunction usually adjustable neurosis as a result of being male, irritable, aggressive.


Recommend taking antibiotics for bacterial prostatitis modern treatment methods against an active detection, identification warning. Help antispazmodik as prescribed the NSAID class painkillers, diuretics. First, there are a number of antibacterial drugs: a second series of antibiotics – macrolide. The schema may contain sulfonamides. Fast treatment, it's impossible for chronic prostatitis. Depending on the nature of inflammation and the treatment lasts for 2 to 12 weeks. If a positive trend for 2 weeks, or, etc .. medicine is changing. Antibiotic therapy for chronic prostatitis because of a satisfactory outcome for the following reasons:

  • A short course;
  • Active ingredient in low concentration;
  • Training gaps, channels, angles to the prostate (prostate glandular, forming botryoidal fabric pouches) of resistant bacteria colonies.

Entered antibiotic is only taken orally, intraprostatically and bacteria but at the same time (by jabs imposed or lymph glands).

Fungal prostatitis

Fungal (MikroTik) prostatitis, a separate sub-type, in the form of a chronic illness. Unprotected sexual contact and penetrate pathogens linfatica as other organs. Symptoms, lesions, tissue, prostate, lubricated frequently, therefore, the inflammation becomes chronic. Safer not to breed a colony of the fungus is a normal immune norm. Candida prostatitis elevated risk for diabetic, male, positive HIV status, and systemic diseases in persons.

Urethra bacterial infection or

Chronic pelvic pain, dependency the sacrum, the pubic area, a sign or urethra bacterial infection (the prevalence is 80-90%, including prostatodynia 20-30%). No other symptoms may not be present. The pathogenic microorganism cannot be detected in the diagnosis, nor water, prostate, cum in urine how what. Pelvic pain inflammatory character mentioned above in biological fluids rises, white blood cell count. This pain, chronic bacterial infection or the symptoms observed periodically urethra, blood, ejaculate, ejaculation, and defecation discomfort, difficulty in urination. For some men in a way that is reduced libido, impaired erectile function occurs with weakness and aches Nov.

Causes and treatment

Possible causes of chronic non-bacterial prostatitis:

  1. Systemic diseases.
  2. Pathology blood vessels, blood circulation.
  3. Autoimmune disorders.
  4. Sluggish process.

Why development of chronic non-communicable (nonspecific) occur prostatitis is not always possible and, therefore, pharmaceuticals, etc treatment often fails. To remove the purulent discharge is there. organized prostate bladder catheterization. Ineffectiveness, medicine, etc as transurethral needle ablation of the prostate or laser surgical treatment (minimally invasive demolition methods grown fabric).

Chronic calculus prostatitis

Chronic bacterial prostatitis also form calculus. Stones (practicality) of the prostate gland caused due to stagnation of the secret. Thanks occurs inflammatory reactions in these products, salt, necrotic masses. Usually on a background of thriving stagnant pathology (congestive), chronic prostatitis, kidney disorders (kidney and bladder stone migration may be), disordered metabolism, adenoma.

Symptoms of chronic prostatitis with calcification:

  1. Violation of urination.
  2. Groin pain, tailbone.
  3. Blood, semen.
  4. Deterioration of erection.

Inject drugs for dissolution and rectal prostate-specific produce stone massage. Should conservative methods fail, then surgery is the remedy. Chronic prostatitis may cause atrophy of gland or organ abscess I have a form that works.

Asymptomatic prostatitis

Latent chronic prostatitis don't have any symptoms. The only thing is, detection, identification, and potential hidden Ayse prostate PSA level of leucocytosis. Accidentally detected asymptomatic prostatitis: this routine examination, or when referencing on another occasion.

Conclusions chronic prostatitis

Itself chronic prostatitis of life, for men it's not dangerous. It may have life-threatening effects get emergency medical help if help. The most common complications in young patients. Protective chronic prostatitis gland function is disrupted, a reduced amount of zinc, lysozyme, normal operation for her. As a result, the organ becomes the source of persistent infection. Migration usually pathogens, scrotum, rectum, epididymitis why, paraproctitis. While moving the path of Ascension you may develop infection, pyelonephritis, renal failure. In the formation of the active because prostate cum, him constantly infection can cause infertility. Most women can't be pregnant, the defective and low quality of sperm and seminal fluid for a reason partner. In the experiment, fail pregnant naturally for a long time (more about the impact of prostatitis conceiving a baby). The bladder wall severe complication score, the price, the prostate, the urethra. Long-term inflammatory warp fabric, the muscles they become non-functional. At the same time the possibility of a major development adenoma, enlarged prostate (BPH), a service, a catalyst for cancer of the process.

Chronic prostatitis diagnosis

Detailed figures for the doctor consulting a patient's medical history, it is especially important to describe any irregularities and sincere life. Chronic prostatitis can be extremely advanced that many complaints in men: sexual dysfunction neurosis before. None of the patients ¼ All of the symptoms of any Pathology found the notes by accident. The important story. Different types of chronic prostatitis characteristic of its predecessors: for bacterial urethritis or gonorrhea infectious and non infectious Ayse − hemorrhoids, varicocele, varicose veins, veins, defeat, leg. Gland palpation in the diagnosis of chronic prostatitis have everything, analysis, his secret (hidden information about prostate seeding). During acute prostate size increases a bit, and is returning to normal in the recovery period, but just a little bump. Massage secret mined by rectal cancer. Focal the inflammatory process organ wears air unbalanced consistency: alternative land to the West, VitaScene, razmiagchenie. In such cases, each share separately whether prostatic juice. Indicators of chronic prostatitis the glandular changes:

  • Aside from alkalinization shifts acid;
  • Increased lysozyme activity;
  • Decrease in acid phosphatase.

High Information different fluorescent-testing psychological study of prostate juice and its crystallization. Science is crystallized in The Shape of the leaf juice in healthy men. The image shows an androgen deficiency that can be caused by endocrine pathologies geometry violation. In some cases, the diagnosis of infectious, chronic prostatitis is used in the digestive provocation – the patient intentionally uses alcohol or spicy food, as a result of active infectious gonorrhea, and Trichomonas. Be brought to severe inflammatory processes occur pirogenal, or prednisone. Laboratory studies the most informative breakdown between transtecno called Acceptance Testing. The patient a glass of urine first, then second, then prostate massage. The remaining third cup that is going to urinary bladder. That cum with exposure to bacteriological research. As such, the presence of sexually transmitted diseases of the urethra smear is taken from the mandatory Analyses. Not all conditional pathogens, grown-up, cultures, chronic prostatitis are caused by pathogens that are automatically accepted. Aicha Aicha microbiocenosis their presence was another option. Important for the growth of vibration (concentration). If the number is large, 10 to 4 degrees, accept that as a meaningful diagnostic. Otherwise, the dynamic observation shown to the patient, not the treatment. Transabdominal ultrasound or TRUS is a diagnostic technique that informative study. Featured and sonographic specify the duration and severity of inflammation. Basic experience chronic prostatitis:

  • Cancer increases the volume of 20 cm3 and more;
  • Fabrics ossified and fibrotic transformation;
  • Stone;
  • The swelling.

Flow rate, and the presence of obstructive ureteral urine allows us to monitor changes in your next choice. Differentiation for chronic prostatitis, cancer, hyperplasia, and, if necessary, a biopsy is performed gland. PSA levels in chronic prostatitis recovery period normal or slightly elevated. An inflammatory process may be active in the background of 8-10 ng/mL. Diagnosis of non-bacterial chronic prostatitis is a little more difficult. You have to spend a series of tests of the form of exceptions to bacterial inflammation, pathology and other pelvic organs. Leukocyte microscopy shows excessive urine and ejaculate, but ULTRASOUND, cystoscopy, CT concomitant illnesses occur.

General methods of treatment of chronic prostatitis

A variety of specific treatments aside, there are chronic prostatitis, inflammations of all kinds in common use. Effectively the healing effects of prostate massage. That has a direct impact on, fabric, cloth, blood circulation and lymph flow displays products of inflammatory reactions. Acute prostate massage can be done.