Self-treatment, prostatitis

Already after the age of 30 you might face problems in the functioning of a man's prostate you need to look at the tools, self-treatment, prostatitis. Experts definitely I don't recommend you make it as a big risk, complications, and exacerbation of the situation. Absence of brings is not only sufficient treatment time, patient discomfort, but can cause more serious violations.


Acute and chronic forms of disease may occur.

  • The patient is uncomfortable symptoms of acute prostatitis, treatment should be immediate and is usually done in a hospital;
  • Chronic prostatitis is more common than adult males (45 years and over). This is characterized by more sluggish as it progresses, the symptoms are not intense, but the disease is ignored and causes prostatic hyperplasia.

Prostatitis treatment you need to start this immediately after the first symptoms diseases.

A kind treatment for prostate cancer

Patient self-treatment preference, risk, to face more serious issues, so much better to overcome your own shame and fear, and consult a physician. And in the absence of medical information of the patient to identify independent factors triggers the development of the disease. Treatment of acute and chronic inflammation, tissue, prostate, different, like, however, and symptoms.

  • Immediate antibiotic prescribing for acute disease anti-inflammatory drugs, immunostimulating drugs, medication, eliminate edema and normal urination;
  • If you need to treat chronic prostatitis leakage in a way, with his help, antibiotic, Ankara, Turkey.

Disease works with your doctor if a surgical procedure. Turkish folk remedies a positive impact on the situation of prostate cancer, physiological procedures, diet and exercise.

Medication treatment etc.

For an effective treatment, without surgery, drugs, etc. Any complications and the disease recurrence in the chronic form, practical to keep the patient in the hospital. The doctor throws the necessary medicines, etc and sends you home treatment. Dr sick at home, you have to make suggestions, acceptance of assigned drugs, exercise, visit the doctor at regular intervals to had a chance to watch it, previously referred to. Expert advises how the treatment of the pathology, depending on the cause of its formation. Bacterial prostatitis most common in males 20-40 years old. Pathogenic microorganisms, which is a provocative factor, the penetration of prostate tissue that promotes the development of an inflammatory process. Bacteria are particularly sensitive patients, immunocompromised, therefore take care of health, not all the time, just the time the disease was already active are in development.


Antibacterial drugs cannot effectively treat prostatitis without, if that drive impact, pathogenic microorganisms. The struggle with drugs to the bacteria, eliminating the cause of the disease. Illness if no antibiotic is prescribed by the stagnant nature. To destroy harmful bacteria that the drugs affect them why the density decreases inflammation, and tissue return to normal status in the ruins, the symptoms of the disease. Doctors often recommend the treatment of inflammation of the prostate using the drug .. etc. Acute prostatitis medicine effective antibiotic groups .. etc. Active ingredients rapidly fall them right to the bed of inflammation, provide a bactericidal effect, resulting in the patient's condition improves symptoms decreases. Flow in the chronic form with prescribed medications a few other features. Etc of the group this drug .. antibiotics-doxycycline.

Hormonal drugs

On the positive side recently, diseases of the prostate can be treated by using hormonal medications themselves. This motion in two directions: symptoms of lower density, uplifting erectile function in men. Can be consumed only by the doctor who treated their appointment. If not to use drugs, according to the purpose, this can cause serious complications for the patient.


Developing a number of other diseases such as prostatitis on a background of low immunity. Have a short time to improve it for normal food, foods, fruit and vegetables. More radical methods are necessary here in a quick and effective way is normalized, the immune system is sick. Without treatment the immune prostatitis is almost impossible, therefore immunostimulating drugs prescribed to the patient.

Rectal candle

Drugs filtered, the liver, and the kidneys appear, therefore, that these organs are suffering the most active components of the drug, etc. To reduce a negative effect on the body except for medicine etc in the purchase, assignment, and also a rectal suppository. Tools of this type a large number of pharmacies. The components of the composition that may contain them, whom action with the fight against pathogenic microorganisms, there is the sensation or inflammation, in an efficient manner behaving extremely natural and basic components, to improve his condition and diseased organs. Prostate medicine .. etc affecting positive status, a reduction in contributions, edema, and the problem is to increase the inflammatory process local immunity and body resistance. As a result of the application of the wick's normal to urinate sensation.

Leech therapy

Have demonstrated the efficacy of this technique. Her essence the slug of fluid that needs to be treated. It's not very pleasant procedure, but it helps to cope in an effective way that the symptoms of the disease and improve the patient's general condition. As a result the evoked blood flow, decreases inflammation of the prostate gland all the harmful substances that appear in the bodies of patients. Put leeches, not once. Of treatment five sessions, a break should be between. at least 4 days. Benefits of leech therapy is as follows:

  • The leech saliva has numerous beneficial article men received the patient organ;
  • Promote blood circulation;
  • Blood volume, wanders the inflamed area A is decreased.

Leech therapy and other diseases may be useful. Treatment of prostatitis that every man is a leech to be solved, however, there is nothing to be feared, even this one won't hurt, just unpleasant.

Turkish folk remedies

Medicine folk medicine also prove your abilities-aid treatment of prostatitis. Experience and time tested methods of Canada Public. Effective enough, they are just an integrated part of therapy, can be applied to the Prevention of the disease. There are some contraindications and folk remedies may be harmful for the patient, so it is important to consult a doctor before you should do anything. So, folk recipes, help men.

  • Pumpkin.

The seeds contain a lot of zinc cultural gorodovoy this. Provokes distress are indicative of his development only, but others are completely male issue. You should eat only for 30 pieces to compensate for the shortage in the body, zinc.

  • Propolis.

Anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic action. Candlelight rectal propolis to Best Buy and bury them at intervals twice a day. Three weeks of treatment.

  • Bee stings.

The use of this technique is highly accurate failure to take such measures, harm, ill. The guy are not able to cope in an area without beekeeping experience, this is a difficult task, because it must bee stung hotspots. Prostatitis – the prostate is a complex inflammatory disease that requires timely, effective treatment. Peer can't be a permissions problem. The first signs of manifestation need to go to the doctor. Acute or chronic employee in a manner they're keeping the patient in the hospital. In other cases, home treatment. It wasn't how effective are folk remedies, you are able to cope with them alone is a problem. Remember, it is dangerous for your own health. Just because you can be an expert, shape and the nature of the disease, then prescribe medications and treatment. One of the important stages maintaining men's health — prostate treatment at home. Home treatment helps to deal with the problem more quickly. However, it's not worth it to neglect this a qualified health benefit. First, consult a doctor for advice and uncover the cause violations, then it will be easier to get rid of prostatitis.

How to understand a man's prostate

Of course, makes a diagnosis, the expert, however, should be alert to the signs man. If they have, then you should pay attention, your health, and best of all, go to the right and the urologist. Prostatitis diagnosis House is in the "eye" is not the first warning signs. Acute prostatitis does not allow this, but more often the chronic form of the disease develop gradually, gradually increasing results.


Prostatitis the first symptoms

  • Groin and discomfort in the genital area,
  • A frequent urge to urinate,and
  • Sexual disorders.

A worse situation feeling strengthened, maybe a lot of the symptoms that accompany more vivid:

  • lower abdominal pain,
  • painful urination,
  • significant deterioration erection,
  • overall,don't feel bad
  • increased body temperature.

After they left, the man it takes to go to the doctor's diagnosis and make an appointment. Fastest in a way that will help you to solve the problem, a medicine, etc in a more efficient way when used for the treatment of a proven home and test methods. An experienced urologist the patient how to treatment of prostatitis always correct in the house to tell what kind of measures should be taken. Diseases contagious in nature and is assigned to a treatment, prostatitis antibiotics, the reason for steel congestion, the main effort is directed ask them.

Home prostatitis treatment

We recommend that you use at home on roads prostatitis treatment, folk recipes, based, herbal medicine, etc., massage, and exercises to cope with the disease and improve men's health. It is important to understand, no complications only in special cases when it is possible treatment at home, prostatitis, complex forms, or frequently a recurrent disease that requires more attention and a more serious action.

Turkish folk recipes help men

In men, prostatitis treatment at home, based on folk recipes, help relieve pain, reduce inflammation, improve processes, and increase overall body tone and stamina at the same time to improve urination any disease. Prostatitis helps to combat Turkish folk medicine!

Treatment of prostatitis pumpkin seed

The treatment of prostatitis used pumpkin seeds for a century already. Their healing effects due to its content of a large number of such an element, zinc. The male body needs when taken daily, zinc in the body, it will allow you to save and maintain its health. Used for treatment, but dry roasted pumpkin seeds. Peel them and food. A course of treatment is usually enough for a half-kernel weight. So, the lesson to drive until it's over "medicine .. etc". If such courses each year, risk-acute, chronic prostatitis is significantly reduced. 30 pumpkin seeds daily food requirement. It before meals, in a hurry, and chew them thoroughly.200 grams of peeled pumpkin seeds, honey, minced meat and clothes them. All are thoroughly mixed and the balls to ride is a gland about the size of a walnut. Treatment of chronic prostatitis and 2 bulb like eat every day. Them, as in the previous case, meals consumed before and chew it.

Pelin recipes

Pelin – plant, which is now great to cope with almost any infection, including. How prostatitis treatment pelin? Best to spend boiling and washing the urethra that contains a comprehensive oral lessons. You will need 100 grams of finely sifted and sieve dried mugwort in the hands of the desired fray as much as possible. Intake fractions can be used for small dry, used to make a great juice douching microclusters allocation and the urethra. As a result, the effects on the body hand cleared the path to be cut of an infection, inflammatory processes. Treatment continues for a week. Regardless of dried tarragon pinch squeezed the juice into Eat. Hoses get irrigation allocation and microclusters in the evening every day, with urine scalding.

For boiling and natural microclimate is like making. With a teaspoon slides, dry grass, mugwort, pour a liter of boiling water. 400C before filter after it cools. The need for each procedure in a 50 ml broth. Produce using injection syringe anus and the urethra. Injection liquid to produce a sharp the urethra as far as possible has progressed. Written by a turkey sandwich to use for each procedure separate. Wormwood – this is a medicinal plant which is broad-spectrum, therefore, you need to consult the doctor before the treatment, and not necessarily all the features some kind of therapy. During the treatment smoking or drinking alcohol. Around me many other chronic diseases and some general health deterioration.