Instructions for use Men's Defence

Men's Defence instruction

instructions for use of the men's Defence

Drug use should be according to the instructions, but in this case the manufacturer's warranty, fast and professional treatment of prostatitis. The guidelines as detailed below was planned, how the drug is used Men's Defencein case of loss leadership in the box that shipped with the cost.

Medications take 1 capsule before meals, with abundant fresh water. Course selection period is 30 days, especially in difficult situations it may take longer for complete healing and restore prostate.

Indications usage

Capsule use Men's Defence have been proven to prevent or treat, observe yourself if the following symptoms:

  • Toilet campaigns and burning pain, often encouraged.
  • Groin pain, testicle, lower back.
  • His lack of erection or weak.
  • Inability to achieve sexual.

Contraindications use

Capsule no side effects and the contraindications of the medicines that may be prostatitis any man to use the treatment in Romania.