Prostatitis – is an inflammatory process with a strong representative ground's a male disease of prostate, driven the emergence of a number of unpleasant symptoms. Ayse Demir on your stay in the body, the bladder is under the representatives of the stronger sex. Symptoms of prostatitis pain in the lower abdomen or back, it's like people manifest. When this problem occurs, the violation of urination at the same time as an impulse. Ejaculation a man feels the pain. The male organ erection problems.

the reasons prostatitis

Also often enough the diagnosis of prostatitis patients with urethritis, vesiculitis. If the patient is elderly, if you and him can take place in parallel with adenoma prostate cancer.

The prostate is the sperm that is produced by a liquid foundation. Reasons to him (usually character into a bacterial infection, injuries, severe hypothermia, problem, treatment, blood in the pelvic organs, hormonal disturbances, irregular sexual life in the body. Characteristic of the disease in different age groups for men, however, most often prostatitis is common, people just fifty years back.

Prostatitis is a kind

Treatment for prostatitis varies depending on which form the guy that has the illness. So, bacterial prostatitis , it could be leaking such as acute form, and as such chronic disease. It is also quite often diagnosed as prostatitis, non-bacterial, such as flowing is a chronic disease. This type of prostatitis also called chronic pelvic pain syndrome. All of the characteristic symptoms seen in these patients of prostatitis, but the prostate secret missing bacteria.

Acute bacterial prostatitis is characteristically rapid development. In this case the person suffers from severe pain, existing symptoms of general poisoning. In the chronic form of the disease symptoms manifest less bright. In this case the disease is manifested slowly.

The reasons prostatitis

Suitable for development there are some reasons a number of prostatitis. Very often these men who manifest symptoms of prostatitis, why, irregular sex life, and are often exposed to excessive injury. In addition, prostatitis may develop as a result, reduce immunity, impaired blood flow and lymph circulation in the male the pelvic organs, hormonal failure as a result, provokes a certain level of androgynous failure. And also manifestation factor is regarded as indicative of various infections, sexually transmitted diseases.

In addition, the symptoms of prostatitis the patient's presence on a frequently occurring background when you remove some obstacles, bladder stones, tumors, etc.).

Development of bacterial prostatitis is approximately 80% in the case of provokes , Escherichia coli , and in other cases it becomes pathogenic to other bacteria. An additional factor for the disease, bacteria, the nutrient environment for their development as a fact the use of prostatic juice. Bacteria from entering the prostate through blood, and infected and get them into the urethra for prostate cancer with lymph.

Symptoms of prostatitis

The acute form of prostatitis symptoms for the manifestation of a sharp increasing temperature. Sick, chills, sore waist, is Nov and joint pain. Male perineum that feels a certain discomfort and uncharacteristic heat of emotion. There is swelling that can occur in the prostate increases in size. Frequent urination, the urine, the patient becomes blurry. On tap time, and a stronger pressure on the prostate perineum pain I get. Then, added the general symptoms of acute prostatitis pain in the lower back and genital area. Sometimes the pain can spread to other parts of the body. Patient complaints and increased night-time urination, in this process, the pee stinging her pain.

Nature of chronic bacterial prostatitis, often, usually are asymptomatic, but that might be the reason, apparently the symptoms of a male urinary tract infection the complications that arise as the disease. Also, in this case the languages prostatitis symptoms you may experience: pain during ejaculation, blood in semen the presence ofcontinuous emergence, discharge from the urethra. Pain between anus and scrotum, is perhaps a manifestation. Then men can suffer from sexual dysfunction caused by, resulting in the symptoms described.

Prostatitis diagnosis

prostatitis diagnosis

Correct diagnosis is important approach, diagnostic indicative of extensive. First of all, makes a specialist, and the patient questionnaire was examined. Dr. that produces a digital rectal examination, in which the definitions of some prostatitis symptoms – pain and swelling of prostate cancer.

Earned, collected in the guidance, and decides the seeding appointment cause urine to build up in the patient is infection. Plants performed to achieve accurate results a comparison of three urine samples. For this, a urinalysis, collected at the beginning of urination, the middle portion, both obtained by prostatic massage urine analysis after separation on exposure.

To avoid error during the diagnosis is important to prevent prostatitis, some diseases, some of the symptoms similar to prostatitis symptoms. This appendicitis, cystitis, prostate cancer, urinary incontinence, benign prostatic hyperplasia, pyelonephritis.

The blood test results prostatitis also celebrated in an increasing number of white blood cell growth and sedimentation rate the erythrocyte. Also, if necessary assigned to the patient, and additional research methods: ULTRASOUND of the prostate and nearby organs, computed tomography or magnetic resonance tomography.

Treatment for prostate cancer

Prostatitis treatment course and subsequent maintenance therapy containing the drugs .. etc. Surgery is performed if conservative treatment course, its effect is insufficient.

Systemic antibacterial treatment in acute prostatitis treatment immediately is important that holds. The most common treatment the patient accept the doctor who prescribed trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole, tetracycline, fluoroquinolone. In this case the symptoms of prostatitis treatment includes intake as a result of sexually transmitted diseases ceftriaxone, doxycycline , et al.

Supportive treatment is important in the process, avoidance behaviors, bed rest is recommended. Necessarily need to be there, hydration, containing at least eight glasses of drinking water every day. Patient admission , analgesics, antipyretic effect with tools. Maybe you can make a bath treatment for prostatitis is a periodic application. Acute bacterial prostatitis the patient recovers completely after the treatment is sufficient. Maybe rarely a manifestation complications: sometimes due to the acute form of prostatitis can develop in men who have abscess or fistula , prostate.

If a patient have a place to and chronic prostatitis, prostate massage must pass the course to some extent and facilitates the patient's general condition. A non-bacterial prostatitis that is used for to relieve his symptoms anticholinergic drugs and analgesics. To get rid of the constant chronic pain, prostate treatment , alpha-adrenergic , and Nov relaxants. Analgesics applied to the patient input in order to correct the spasm of the urinary bladder. The aim of physiotherapy methods are also usually assigned the stimulation of nerve endings in the prostate gland and surrounding tissue. Masturbation is known as a method of treatment and periodically be done as a species to favourable conservation look prostate tissue edema.

The doctor's decision about ineffectiveness all the above mentioned treatments required surgery. In this case, the transurethral resection of the prostate in question. Prostatectomy patients assigned holds sometimes during the surgery, the prostate and the surrounding tissue is not deleted completely. Then people can develop in such an operation is impotence and urinary incontinence.

Treatment for prostate cancer medicamentul tools

The acute form of prostatitis treatment that is produced by an antibiotic. To achieve maximum results for treatment of antibiotic therapy should be selected and cut to take them to the correct schema. Again, such a long-term chronic prostatitis medication, etc .. is required: sometimes the treatment lasts three months. In addition, a course of treatment includes the intake of drugs regulatory of the immune system. Carefully follow the prescriptions by all physicians is essential to avoid recurrence of the disease. In this case, and alcoholic beverages, and sudden cooling, and can be caused by other factors and recurrence. Even a stressful situation can have a negative impact on.

This drug is frequently applied during the physiotherapy treatment of prostatitis etc .. methods. In addition, tissue regenerating treatment for prostate cancer in an effective manner with laser, ultrasound, permanent magnetic fields, ozone therapy, etc.

Treatment for prostate cancer at home

treatment for prostate cancer at home

During treatment of the disease prostatitis treatment is allowed for parallel use at home.

Treatment of prostatitis used pumpkin seeds ordinary Turkish folk healers still for the longest time. The thing is, pumpkin seeds, zinc is highly essential for numerous it contains an item that every man the body, regardless of age.

Is there another way with the treatment of prostatitis pumpkin seeds. Mince half a kg core of the Shell and twist them as necessary. That you need to consider such a treatment to be effective, only if used raw pumpkin seeds prostatitis. The resulting mass is added honey – about 200 grams. The solution should be, thoroughly mix, and a fashion tour balls-size of Walnut sugar. Sugar this treatment, you must store it in a cool place. You need balls, before one or two meals every day.

Treatment of prostatitis folk remedies are used in water therapy. Consumption of large amounts of fresh fruit juices stimulates the release of the body, the muscles that allow the absorption of uric acid in the urine often causes the male prostate disease. Suitable for this purpose, fresh carrot juice, about Go Go Juice, asparagus, cucumbers, and beets.

Another useful drinks for men – black elderberry fruit juice. Him to drink one tablespoon in the morning before breakfast. Consumed fruit juice at least ten days. Fruit juices can be patient in the process of treatment temperature. Sees a treatment that is used to indicate that this is a normal process.

Bark, Chestnut and prostatitis to those who can help. You need to get fresh needles and steep it with the shell for it. To cook water chestnuts, crushed shell, pour boiling water and insist. Consumed instead of tea decoction. Also, perhaps this application for water enema.

Chestnut treatment for prostate cancer

Tincture Hemlock plant is suitable for cooking and kirlangicotu for prostatitis treatment. However, you need to consider that, hemlock – this dovit grass. Half a tablespoon of herbs pour 100 grams of alcohol to every two. To prepare the tincture in a dark place for ten days, then drain. In essence you need to consume in the morning 30 minutes before eating. For this you will need to add a small amount of water or milk the first day, a drip infusion. The next day amount of drops if already have two, etc. So, the person is using on the thirtieth day thirty-drip infusion. On the sixtieth day should count backwards and forward in the treatment, the patient back again a single Drip infusion.

The juice of the plant can also be prepared at home, Yarrow, bearberry and birch leaves ordinary. Pour vegetable mixture into boiling water and insist. Filtering then consumed two tablespoons before meals.

Candles prostatitis treatment

Propolis was considered a very good vehicle with inflammatory processes in the fight for long. 40 grams pure alcohol evaporates 200 ml of cooking tools required for the current treatment of propolis. Time is of the essence, propolis will be ready, let us go about 0,1 G 2 GR's stop here with the essence of cocoa butter. This mixture you will need to create shaped candle night-and-paste from the rectum. This treatment continues every day for a month. Over the course of about one and a half months and over again. Propolis also, in unison: for this purpose of 20%-ing the spirit propolis tincture. A tincture 40 drops dissolved in 100 grams of water. Such a treatment prostatitis take forty-five day before meals. Also treatment, Chichewa, pollen, a teaspoon in the morning and in the evening that you want to consumed half an hour before dinner.

Another type take the candle, three tablespoons flour, one teaspoon per outfit which raw eggs and honey. Figure candles which homogenous solution to make a paste component and a diameter of approximately one centimeter. Candles must be put in the freezer. Hang them out the back where you switch to morning and evening. The treatment period was four weeks, then a week later it again if necessary.