25 traditional medicines for prostatitis treatment

Herbs and tinctures for treatment of prostatitis

Turkish folk remedies treatment of prostatitis two cases are given: additional course in Acute Medicine etc .. etc .. its form, chronic inflammation and as maintenance therapy. The performance criteria important Canadian public methods - lecture, application, adaptation, nutrition, and physical activity.

Traditional medicine advantages

Turkish folk recipes treatment of prostatitis, mainly the application of natural bioactive substances containing components. With their help to solve the following tasks:

  • Colorazione, the activation process of change in the prostate (prostatitis can be dangerous when a calculus), diuretic effect, incentive pay, edema and improve urination;
  • Antibacterial effect of the urinary system;
  • The prostate recovery from damaged cells (regenerative effect);
  • Local immune stimulation gland (an increased immune response to fight pathogens);
  • Seminal fluid and improve erection quality.

Turkish folk remedies and dietary supplements safe when used in accordance with the significantly cheaper cost ready.

Beekeeping products

Many of beekeeping products, including medications to treat different forms of prostatitis. Their antiseptic properties and are not considered to be regulatory of the immune system, only the folk medicine of Turkey, at the same time picture. Private beekeepers to purchase honey through their web sites or seasonal fairs. Correct dose and in each case the recommendations could prostatitis doctors-API, therapeutic.


Propolis resin, wood, kidney, glands of bees, a secret enriched. The main feature antimicrobial. Vehicle-based propolis it inhibits the activity of streptococci and staphylococci, bacterial prostatitis often provoke. There is an article that is a pain, metabolic (increases the metabolic rate and anti-inflammatory effect.

Prostatitis propolis applied in the following ways:

  1. The tincture. Rate: 50 ml vodka 5 grams of propolis. Insist two weeks. To get half a teaspoon (diluted in a glass of warm water) in the morning for a month.
  2. Propolis Wick
  3. Rectal candle. GR 7 ice cream freezer the weight of the piece, grind. Melt 100 g of goat fat (may badger, bear) of a mixture of propolis, to create some cool candle. Embed the rectum for the night for two weeks. Chronic prostatitis course again every two months.
  4. Oil. Directions: 200 ml any refined vegetable oil and bring to a boil, almost to Melt 30 g of propolis, and to keep it in a water bath stirring constantly until the solution is homogeneous. The obtained oil between the oil field Night of the testicles and anus, and rectum enter-impregnated gauze tampons. Acute prostatitis – month, seven-day vacation in two weeks.

Propolis can be stored up to 10 years, but use in the treatment of prostatitis fresh.


Perge – pollen, Bee saliva treatment. It takes months, then give it a month and a half Dec. In perg multi-vitamins and trace elements, so the risk of overdose increases. Chronic prostatitis dosage of half a teaspoon twice a day half an hour before meals. The tablet under the tongue. You do not need to wash. Acute prostatitis is to get a teaspoon full twice a day.

Store better in the fridge or mix with ambrosia. Otherwise moldy quickly.


Podmore – dry land, which died a natural death in the spring, beekeepers, one hive to the commission. Contains a large amount of substances geparinoterapii themTincture Bee dead bees the incentive to reduce mass, prostate, normalization of urination and blood pressure.

A very effective medicine prostatitis etc .. etc .. − in the form of tincture Bee podmore. What to eat: dead bees bank half a litre, 1,5 litre of vodka, propolis tincture, 0,4 l, coffee grinder and empty two-liter bank. Recipe:

  1. Podmore grind coffee grinder and pour into an empty jar.
  2. Propolis tincture, add vodka, mix.
  3. To put it in a dark place for three weeks. Shake every other day.

Take tincture, chronic prostatitis, that I can remember. Lesson: two tablespoons in the morning and in the evening, medicine .. etc. .. etc .. as long as it won't end.

Herbal medicine etc .. etc ..

Prostatitis herbal treatment, using medicinal herbs and other raw materials for pharmacies to collect or you can buy it yourself.

The most delicious and is a useful way, Mix honey and pumpkin seeds (ratio 1:1). You need to consume, three times a day before meals. A suitable background as the main treatment for prostate cancer: healing the body vitamins, antiseptic and blood provides effects prostate zinc.


Ginger treatment for prostatitis application due to the following properties:

  • To krivorozhska;
  • Antiseptic;
  • Stimulating digestion;
  • Antispasmodic.

That you need to consider, conflicting with ginger and medications commonly used against diabetes can increase blood pressure.

Prostatitis in the dark recipe: 150 GR grated grated 20 g of Root pour a large vodka, to insist 2 weeks in a dark place. The finished tincture, drainage, drinking 7 drops twice a day half an hour before meals a month.

Help to avoid most of the chronic prostatitis ginger, honey. Directions: 350 grams grate the root, mix 170 GR. honey. There are two teaspoons a day.

Peel onion

Onion husk contains more trace elements, vitamins and rich (antimicrobial substances), the more follicle. The peel of prostatitis to apply the following properties:

  1. Enhance erections, increase libido.
  2. Problem constipation.
  3. Treatment of infections of the urinary tract.
  4. Eliminating toxins.
  5. Stimulation of blood circulation.
  6. Mild diuretic effect.

For used for the treatment of several kinds of prostatitis:

  • Tincture: pour into shell crushed alcohol (ratio 1:5) into force in 10 days, drain. To drink a teaspoon a day;
  • Infusion: pour two tablespoons of the crust two cups boiling water, to insist 15 minutes in hot water bath for 5 hours. To drink a teaspoon, three times a day;
  • Decoction: pour shell, cold water (ratio 1:10), polypeptide is kept for 20 minutes. Drink half a glass twice a day.

Prostatitis two weeks of the course funds for purchase of onion husk.

Poplar bark die happy

This aspen cortex substances, blood thinners, pain and fever relievers, affect, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects on urinary system. The bark of the tree peeled a layer of clothing clothing of up to 5 mm, end of March — at the beginning of April. Prostatitis is used in the form of decoction (effective against aureus and Pseudomonas aeruginosa).

Directions: pour one tablespoon of raw water, polypeptide in three minutes, if you persist hours, then drain. A quarter cup before meals and 20 minutes to get prostatitis.

Boiling parsley


Parsley has anti-inflammatory, diuretic properties, normalizes, thyroid and adrenal increases the tonus of the bladder and bowel. Boiling makes the symptoms of prostatitis and cystitis, relieving edema, normalize blood pressure.

Recipe: 20 gr Yesil pour water, bring to a boil for 15 minutes, cool and drain. Al a quarter cup of a day, three times a month.


Effective relapse prevention for chronic prostatitis a shell, horse chestnut. In this regard a more active component, more fruit. Basic drugs horse chestnut effective liquefied blood, there is swelling that contribute to decay has the effect of a mild painkiller.

Tincture shell: measure, 25 g of Chestnut bark − fill the wine glass to pour it in slowly until her mouth pyatidesyatimetrova put the vodka in a dark place for two weeks. Finally, a drain with a gauze depressing, dilute 150 grams of water. 10 drops twice a day to get a week and a half.

To remove the shell with two fresh water chestnuts, pour water, bring to a boil and insist 15 minutes until it cools. A third for drink and a glass of an empty stomach twice a day. Acute prostatitis – glass.


Garlic is bactericidal and krivorozhskiy features. Congestive form of prostatitis is especially effective. Recipes:

  1. Oil: garlic grate, mix 100 ml of clean vegetable oil in the fridge for two weeks. To drink a teaspoon once a day during a meal.
  2. Infusion: pour 400 ml crushed under see hot (not boiling) and leave until water cools, then stir and leave for another five hours. 100 g twice a day for a month to get.
  3. Honey: blender, grill, or ground beef half a chopped onion, the garlic cloves are external, the whole mixture of 250 ml. honey. To get a tablespoon once a day for two weeks.

Garlic intake uncomfortable gastrointestinal side vehicles stopped.

Red brush

This herb a powerful adaptogen (stimulates the body's defenses) increases blood increases the overall tone, has a bactericidal effect. Prostatitis can be consumed in tea form or as a collection:

  • Valerian root, and Angelica, the red brush;
  • Marigold;
  • Hair, banana, and alfalfa aslanpencesi;
  • Fruits cranberries and cilantro.

All components get an equal amount of mix, two tablespoons pour the mixture 500 ml of water. Collection, to insist for 8 hours. 80 ml of liquor three times a day for 6 weeks.

Red root

Red root

Application root is red (A Bear, gold, or kopeechnik) prostatitis due to the following properties:

  1. Relieves spasm, relaxes vascular smooth muscles.
  2. The production of prostate secretion.
  3. Blood circulation improves.
  4. Hormonal background is stabilized.

The recipe of juicetwo tablespoons roots pour ml boiling water, brew hours. Drink before a meal and one-third cup. To avoid the nausea a recommended beverage for milk. Acceptance of boiling a half-two weeks.


Dill is useful in prostatitis, diuretic, carminative, inflammatory properties. For therapeutic purpose, decoction of seeds used, pour a tablespoon of water, bring to a boil, brew for three hours. Half a glass of Al twice a day for a week.

Withdrawal symptoms acute prostatitis help collection:

  • Harrow and juniper berries (3 tsp.);
  • Melissa, Horsetail, buckthorn bark (1 teaspoon);
  • Fennel seeds (1 teaspoon).

Collection pour 500 ml water and bring to a boil to insist, two hours. Drink 100 ml twice a day.

Boiling burdock root

Burdock root

Prostatitis burdock root used as a diuretic, tonic and accelerated metabolism of drugs. Boiling helps in bowel cleansing quality, concentration, catalysts reduces inflammatory blood.

Recipe: 10 g of Root pour a glass of water, the mixture in a water bath after about 10 minutes, then drain, cool. Stir in the water vaporized. Drink half a glass twice a day before meals for two weeks.


Kirlangicotu toxic water (applied homeopathy). Exhibits a useful action, only a reasonable second-hand in small doses. Eases the symptoms due to prostatitis pain killers, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. Kirlangicotu contains a lot of zinc, calcium, potassium, selenium, vitamin C, β β carotene.

Directions: one teaspoon pour a glass of boiling water a plant in 20 minutes. To get a teaspoon on an empty stomach three times a day. A negative reaction for a week, the body has emerged, then the dose can be increased to extend the lesson spoons 10-14 days.

Black Cumin

Seed oil, Black Cumin refreshes blood structure, inhibit the development of intestinal infections (and chronic prostatitis usually causes), improves immunity, improves erectile function, has.

The use of prostatitis is as follows:

  1. Oil every night and rub the pubic coccyx the rear waist distance in the testicles, the anus.
  2. Drink the mixture every day for two weeks: a teaspoon in a glass of water and dissolve the honey, oil, cumin, dry chamomile flowers, insist on time, drainage.

Black seed oil is especially helpful men have diabetes mellitus.


Aloe vera is a powerful biostimulant, therefore should not be used symptom tissue growth in prostate enlargement (hyperplasia). The juice of the plant, which is bactericidal and regenerating effect.

Directions: mix a tablespoon of honey and one tablespoon of aloe juice. To be consumed, every day, on an empty stomach for a month. Taking antibiotics which can be combined with acute prostatitis.



Turmeric is a popular spice called curcumin which use a bioactive substance because of the presence of prostatitis. This natural antibiotic and a powerful antioxidant, suppressor of inflammation at the molecular level. Turmeric include, analgesic effect.

Prostatitis tea, you can add spices (half a teaspoon in a glass), the tablet under the tongue three times a day, along with 10-day and a third of a teaspoon. The feeling of stinging and even a possible job at the beginning of treatment are located in the prostate.


Include mugwort, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effect, but the meds can't be based on a month long (maybe a violation of the kidney, nervous system disorder).

Acute prostatitis is consumed dry, crushed herb. Need to swallow pinch the onset of symptoms the first three days every three hours (at night), drinking water. 5-6 pinch the next four days alone, at night, the reception is aborted.

Enema with boiling prostatitis that can be cured complementary: two tablespoons pour a glass of water the plant an hour insist. Douching held for a week.

Herbal collection

The network actively sold herbal medicine .. etc. .. etc. - compare to questionable herbal products and characteristic collection. Her composition is really appropriate treatment for prostate cancer rich: air swamp, St. John's wort, Orchid, rose hips, burdock, nettle, peony, Birch, kidney, parsley, fireweed, ginseng.

All the components can be purchased in the pharmacy, and mix equal amounts of brew, such as normal tea (that will be cheaper). You need to drink two glasses a day of prostatitis.


Cranberry accumulate numerous vitamins, minerals, flavonoids, organic acids, antioxidants. Berry strengthens your immune system overall to literally disinfect the reproductive organs, relieves inflammation, relaxes smooth muscles.

Cranberry can be consumed in any format, such as chronic and acute prostatitis. It is best to use fresh fruits, preserved and frozen items but useful.

Resin mountain

Article crevices the rocks of organic origin ("tears of the mountain"). Sold in pharmacies in the form of lumps, cutter or tinctures.

Treatment for prostate cancer the recipe: dissolve 10 g of the substance to consume a liter of water, 50 g twice per day. Mod intake: intake is cut 10 days on, three days off, then again 10 days Accept.

Physiotherapy treatment

Physical therapy is an important component of the treatment of prostatitis. Methods some folk, at home, right, down, efficiency, medical procedures.

Conifer bathroom

Coniferous bath – the official Medicine recognized anti-prostatitis. During operation, thanks occurs thanks to a powerful increased blood flow relaxes the smooth muscles. Eliminated pain, swelling, prostate, his channels are shown, toxic substances.

Procedures most suitable for sewing and sewing needles, pine, juniper, or cedar. Winter is the best time to garner the concentration of nutrients is maximized. Cook first concentrate to a glass of pine needles, pour a liter of boiling water, bring to a boil, to insist 2 hours, pour a hot bath. Lie in a tub need 15 minutes at the most.

Birch tar

Pathology of the urinary system the urinary organs and birch tar behaves in an effective manner. The use of prostatitis is as follows:

  • Warm buddy is normal (it will not) brick red silicate;
  • To put in an empty iron bucket;
  • Drip 2-3 drops onto brick Tar;
  • Tue dry with a soft towel and sit on it to edge Aquarius.

Birch tar and prostate warming will be double-penetrate her fabric. A burning sensation will be too strong for 5-7 minutes, therefore, the procedure ends (avoid dry skin). In the day view should be done 2-3 session each day, a day, for two weeks.

Peat mud, clay

Mud treatment of prostatitis in an effective way. The mud from the bottom water that contain numerous bioactive substances, stimulating blood flow and that do not make weight texture.

The mined peat swamp bottom mud. They are rich in minerals and hydrogen sulfide. Prostatitis or rectal applications that are used in the form of a tampon. In the first case, the region between the scrotum and anus preheated sludge to be disposed of, the cover film, cover with a towel from above. The procedure takes approximately 15 minutes. 20 procedure can be executed only required through the day.

Input rectal motion activated sludge, in fact, soaking the prostate directly. The input capacity of syringe is required for 200 ml. Anus laying next to inject a little warmed mud. Safe it takes an hour, then to wash off the dirt with a syringe.

Prostatitis useful application blue clay, is mud the same in a row. Safe it takes an hour, then the clay is thrown. Chronic prostatitis treatment sessions over 7 -8 to spend the day.


Warming salt – type main physiotherapy. Acute purulent surgery does not apply.

Required for the transaction of the usual Great Salt. You need to cook 10% solution to soak them in a hot towel, squeeze the prostate and applicable field. You can use a towel to sit on 30 to 50 minutes. Repeat the procedure twice a day for a week.


Basic measures to prevent prostatitis:

  1. Prostate ducts cleaning: motor activity, strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, orderly, safe sex.
  2. Maintenance of vessels: balanced nutrition, smoking cessation.
  3. A regular bowel (prevent constipation).
  4. The problem foci inflammation: timely treatment of sexually transmitted diseases, tooth decay, tonsillitis, rhinitis.

Prevent flare-ups to chronic prostatitis you should not give up alcohol (even a glass of beer intensify inflammation), dress warmly and stay dry to avoid excessive long-term prostate sex (the use of various techniques to postpone ejaculation).


"Then it's remained a constantly growing discomfort prostatitis antibiotic treatment. Doctors, gone now, was, save turmeric. A teaspoon of the third and received up to 10 times a day. This is too much, but that helped me a mode".

"A submarine bee propolis tincture prostate the slightest discomfort I'm drinking and chewing (a piece about the size of the nail) everything passes. I drink tincture of a two-week course in the spring and autumn to avoid".


The time to onset depends on the type of the application of the tools of Canada's public methods, scene prostatitis, the presence of comorbid disease. On average, symptoms after two weeks. Public methods of medicine instead of the treatment of Canada .. etc .. etc .. , it is recommended to use ultrasound regularly to check the result.