Home treatment of prostatitis - basic recipes

Prostatitis is an inflammation of the prostate as a result of bacteria and viruses entering it, as well as blood stasis in the veins of the pelvic organs and scrotum. Depending on the severity of the disease, treatment can be performed both by conservative methods and by prescriptions of traditional medicine.

Causes and symptoms

Prostatitis is a common disease. It affects every third man over the age of 50. At the same time, in recent years the number of men aged 20 to 50 suffering from this disease has increased significantly. This is due to a sedentary lifestyle, stress and unhealthy eating.

healthy prostate and prostatitis

The main causes of prostatitis:

  1. Genitourinary infections. The main reason for the development of the disease. Such infections include herpes, chlamydia, thrush, E. coli, cytomegalovirus;
  2. Stagnant processes of the small pelvis;
  3. Passive lifestyle. Prostatitis is more common in office workers, employees and drivers;
  4. Decreased immunity;
  5. Hypothermia;
  6. Prolonged sexual abstinence;
  7. Physical and psychological stress;
  8. Lack of vitamins and minerals;
  9. Hormonal imbalance.

To get rid of prostatitis, you should immediately consult a doctor. It is necessary to consult a specialist when symptoms characteristic of the disease appear.

The main symptom of the disease is the presence of pain in the perineum, rectum and pelvic organs. Also, pain can occur in the inner thighs, lumbar region, penis, scrotum and testicles.

A characteristic symptom is urinary incontinence. At the same time, urination becomes more frequent, there are pains and cramps, periodic flow of urine and strong desire. In addition, there are disorders in the genital area. In men, libido and erection decrease.

In chronic prostatitis, pain can also occur during ejaculation. In the absence of timely treatment, men develop a decrease in the fertility of the ejaculate, as well as infertility.

Features of the treatment of prostatitis with folk remedies

Acute and severe prostatitis is treated only under medical supervision and preferably in a hospital setting. At home, only the treatment of an uncomplicated or chronic form of the disease is performed.

Traditional medicine can reduce the unpleasant symptoms of the disease, relieve pain and frequent urination, increase immunity and the body's ability to resist urinary tract infections.

Home treatment consists of the following stages:

  • intake of herbal preparations;
  • normalization of nutrition;
  • the use of hot tubs;
  • increased patient activity.

Any home treatment should be agreed with a specialist. This is especially true when the patient is taking prescribed pharmaceutical drugs. In addition, regardless of the method of treatment, a preliminary diagnosis of the disease is required.

How to treat prostatitis at home

In the absence of contraindications and complications, honey, propolis, pumpkin seeds, onions, freshly squeezed juices and other natural products can be used to treat prostatitis.

Pumpkin seeds

This drug has long been used to treat prostatitis. They contain a lot of zinc, which is useful for men of all ages. To treat the disease and prevent the disease, it is enough to eat only 30 seeds a day.

pumpkin seeds for the treatment of prostatitis

However, these seeds must be fresh and not roasted. You can also turn half a kilo of peeled seeds with the same amount of honey. Eat a tablespoon of this mixture every day. In chronic prostatitis, only one monthly course per year is sufficient.


Chronic prostatitis is well treated with propolis. It has a strong anti-inflammatory and spasmodic effect. Propolis should be mixed with alcohol in a ratio of 1: 5. Leave to infuse for a week in a dark place. Strain.

You need a few drops of ready-made propolis extract and half a teaspoon of cocoa butter. Make a candle from the prepared mixture and place it in the rectum. Perform the procedure daily for a month. Then take a break for 6 weeks and repeat the course of treatment.


This drug effectively fights the inflammatory process of the prostate gland. In addition, if you complete the full course of treatment, you can restore sexual function. The treatment consists of daily intake of parsley juice three times a day on a tablespoon. Improvement will occur after 4-6 weeks of regular treatment.


To prepare a healing mixture, you will need 200 g of onion, 100 ml of liquid honey and 400 ml of dry wine. Chop the onion, add the remaining ingredients and leave for weeks. Strain and take 50 ml before meals. This drug effectively fights chronic prostatitis.


With regular intake of pear compote, prostatitis can be completely cured. In this case, the relief comes after 4-5 days of regular use of this drug. Compote can be made from fresh or dried pears.

Natural juices

For the treatment of chronic prostatitis it is effective to drink freshly squeezed juices. The most useful are the juices of birch, cabbage and citrus fruits.

Herbal preparations

Unprocessed herbs such as parsley, spinach and parsnips can be used to treat prostatitis. It is also effective to take natural herbal teas from freshly dried herbs.

Fees to reduce the symptoms of prostatitis

To reduce the frequency of urination, eliminate pain and stop the growth of microorganisms, it is effective to drink tea based on birch buds, blueberries, tansy and horsetail. Take one teaspoon of each herb. Boil in a liter of water and strain after an hour. Drink a glass three times a day.

St. John's wort, chamomile and aspen

The mixture of these herbs helps to improve blood circulation, increase immunity and has a strong anti-inflammatory effect. It is necessary to mix the herbs in equal proportions. For a liter of water you will need two tablespoons of the finished collection.

Drink in small portions throughout the day. To improve the well-being of the treatment, continue for at least 20 days.

Ginseng, valerian, ginger and mint

The mixture of herbs has a tonic, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effect. It is used to treat chronic and prolonged prostatitis. Based on a mixture of herbs, tea should be brewed and drunk in unlimited quantities instead of tea or coffee.

Hop cones, birch buds, celandine and calendula

It will take a tablespoon of herbs. We put the finished collection in a thermos in the amount of two tablespoons of grass per liter of water. We insist all night. The norm of consumption per day is 300 ml. You can drink in small portions.

To relieve inflammation, reduce pain and improve overall well-being, it is recommended to take this collection for two months.

Nutrition and exercise

exercise to treat prostatitis

Moderate physical activity is extremely useful in the treatment and prevention of prostatitis. It helps to eliminate inflammatory processes in the prostate, as well as to increase the overall tone of the nervous system. The set of exercises should be selected in such a way as to exclude the occurrence of exacerbations and deterioration of the general condition.

Morning exercises should be done daily. It should also include exercises for all types of muscles. It is useful to go to the pool, run and walk. In acute prostatitis, excessive physical activity is prohibited.

As for nutrition, it should contain a maximum of useful elements, fiber, vitamins and minerals. The amount of alcohol should be reduced to a minimum, but it is better to give it up at least during treatment. Also, the ban should be fatty foods, smoked meats, baked goods, offal, salted and canned vegetables, carbonated beverages and coffee.

The diet should contain the maximum amount of green vegetables and herbs. It is mandatory to consume daily fresh onions and garlic, which inhibit the growth of microorganisms and increase immunity.

Hot tubs

The treatment can be effectively supplemented with pine baths. They reduce inflammation, relax and increase immunity. For their preparation you can use a ready-made pharmaceutical solution or a natural decoction of needles. The water should not be too hot. The lengthy procedure is up to 20 minutes.

Hot tubs are allowed in the absence of fever, heart disease and high blood pressure.

Medication treatment

In some cases, the use of folk remedies does not give a positive effect. Therefore, the use of pharmaceuticals is recommended. Most often with the prostate are prescribed:

  • antibacterial drugs for infectious prostatitis;
  • alpha blockers;
  • hormonal drugs;
  • painkillers;
  • muscle relaxants;
  • antibiotics;
  • antifungal agents.

Prevention and complications

Inflammation of the prostate, in the absence of timely treatment, spreads to other organs. In addition, chronic prostatitis can lead to serious pathologies of the prostate gland, for example, prostate adenoma. Also, the most common complications include prostate abscess, vesiculitis, stone formation and male infertility.

Therefore, timely treatment and prevention of the disease is needed. The main preventive measures include:

  • regular sex life;
  • lack of casual sex without the use of a condom;
  • normal physical activity;
  • healthy diet;
  • lack of bad habits;
  • avoid hypothermia.

In addition, it is necessary to visit a urologist regularly, even in the absence of symptoms of prostatitis.


Prostatitis is a serious disease that affects every third man. Its treatment will take a lot of time and effort. Therefore, to prevent it, you need to eat right, move more and maintain your male health.