The first symptoms of prostatitis in men and treatment methods

Prostatitis an inflammation itself is the same, the prostate (prostate). Under the Iron bladder, urethra Optiv. And the slightest inflammation, the prostate begins to grow in the urine so that pereodevalka. With the issues that arise as a result of this severe pain to the toilet before you leave. Prostatitis very often self-30-35 years for men. Approximately 80% of older men is affected by the extent of disease. In the same way, now with 30% young man 20 to 30 are susceptible to this infection. In this article, I'll tell you in detail: how to accurately determine the most important symptoms, prostatitis is diagnosed fully and what you have to do that in the first place, then confirm a diagnosis.

prostatitis temperature

Development of prostatitis symptoms

How to manifest prostatitis? Usually the symptoms indicative of such features as a precursor to 6 doctors. If the feature list at least 2 male there is no difference, then definitely consult a doctor:

  • Floating down a small number of inside pee;
  • Moments clogged urine;
  • The events there during urination;
  • Day urination, urine spraying with a jet of absence;
  • Partial bladder emptying;
  • Frequent urination, especially at night.

The doctor, prostatitis in men the first symptoms you will always be able to determine after diagnosis and treatment to be carried out on time, with a positive outcome.

The pathology reasons

The languages of education experts, the reasons for diseases:

  • Weakened immune decreases, situation protective barriers preventing many viral infections;
  • Processes infectious – viral elements, germs, bacteria through the bloodstream or lymphatic way to fall prostate. This phenomenon of symptom – air rises prostatitis;
  • Crashes to lead a sedentary lifestyle, poor circulation and anoxia;
  • Moments crashes due to stagnant blood circulation in the genital area because it is the result of irregular sexual life, sexual intercourse long abstinence, irregular sexual relations.

Inflammatory events in the prostate microbes, because penetration can begin, but the needs for development of infection because pathogenic microflora in the presence of the following factors can be created, harmful, addictive, constipation, hormonal lockups, trauma, hypothermia, and td.

The same main reasons, prostatitis in men can be invoked:

  1. Hormonal disorders — version I have implemented what empowered production.
  2. In a negative way affects the thyroid gland, prostate, why are his growth and inflammation. Less dangerous and hormonal failure, a weak urine feature.
  3. Disorders, immune status — when the body works as a "limit" Protection present value functions. That's not possible against bacteria and viruses to penetrate him from the outside or inadequate chronic recurrent processes.
  4. Passive male sex have an intimate relationship with a life stagnant inflammation which is the cause of irregular events.
  5. Sexual contact with an incorrectly chosen tactic — it's not a secret that many couples as a contraceptive method is applied to the recall. They, thus, one obstacle to a full sperm output. Also, as a result, output and PAB mechanism is broken blood, pelvic organs surging and encouraged to keep active a satisfactory erection.
  6. Sedentary men — why stagnant events.
  7. Urethral reflux — background bacterial occurs due to lesions to the urethra. A breach mechanism of reverse urine output, and the seed takes a portion of the road caused by a bacterial infection of the prostate.
  8. Violation mode eating — unhealthy food your current diet, weight, animal fat and protein and fiber disadvantage, these effects of hormonal background and full-fledged business with a bowel.
  9. The excessive fascination with exercise, especially with the application of steroid drugs.
  10. Dress warmly and stay dry — why decreased immunity and development of pathogenic flora.
  11. Increase the risk of irregular sexual life, sexually transmitted diseases. Sexually transmitted infections occur in men, often hidden, this stunning gland, prostate. According to a survey, in 78% of cases the cause of the inflammation, has, directly or indirectly, Trichomonas, chlamydia, giardinelli, gonokok are.
the problem

Prostate self-defense mechanism: an antibacterial produced by the hidden property. But if you put aggressive pathogenic load factor and becomes inflamed. Male active reproductive age (18-50 years) acute prostatitis is most common. In the Middle Ages being the major cause prostatitis a sedentary lifestyle, dry and irregular sexual life. During this period, the symptoms of an acute process are not pointed out, started it, and have a chance to go not timely treatment to chronic. For male population, over the age of 50 three of a pathological process characteristic of the prostate:chronic prostatitis, adenoma and adenocarcinoma. In this case, illustrated in the complex surgical treatment with hormone therapy, and other methods.

Pathology symptoms

How to manifest prostatitis? A view that shows important signs prostatitis – difficult urination, it's a painful feeling right now. Development smaller portions the pathology of the urinary bladder to be emptied indicator. Pathology may be asymptomatic at the initial stage. Always easier to identify a form of pathology, a manifestation of acute illness is sudden, sharp. Account should be taken in — leakage due to disease of the body of the individual features of every person.

Inflammation of the prostate symptoms the following properties:

  • Pain in the perineum;
  • The process of defecation accompanied by bouts of painful;
  • Violation of power;
  • Frequent urination;
  • General malaise;
  • Sensation, excessive urinary bladder;
  • The phenomenon of secretion urethra during bowel movement.

The bouts of pain with the development of pathology

Prostatitis is characterized by pain in men is not correct localization. Painful bouts in the absence of the treatment process increases, spreads on other types of sexual organs. An employee at this early stage of development of the state's disease, adenoma. Bother cause seizures Male Enhancement lifestyle regular painful neurosis, lowers the quality of life.

Often I have a feeling if you are experiencing the following points:

  • During urination;
  • During erection;
  • Sexual contact;
  • When completed, a sexual relationship;
  • During defecation;
  • A long abstinence, or, on the contrary, indiscriminate sexual relations;
  • Then, dress warmly and stay dry;

Pathology develops when the lower back area started to hurt already out prostate cancer. Or blunt or sharp bouts of pain. Pathology will continue to have the feeling of a long time neglected due able. Also in the field of pathology is characterized by blunt or sharp painful attacks in the groin area, the prostate, rarely the leg.

The problem can be pain using most of the following:

  • Prostate massage;
  • Phytotherapeutic treatment;
  • Hormonal methods of treatment of pathology;
  • A special normalization for the human diet;
  • Solutions antibacterial harmful elements;
  • The use of-blockers for oblegchennoe effect while urinating.

Acute prostatitis symptoms

  • High temperature;
  • Severe pain in the perineum, groin, with the pubis;on
  • Pain during urination;
  • Poor overall health;
  • Power et al.

Often the clinical picture of chronic prostatitis is deleted. No may not have symptoms. Therefore, in this case a decisive role belong to preventive controls, with the goal of — this inflammation of the prostate starting.

Symptoms of chronic prostatitis

  • A last and quite fast emerging groin pain in the groin area, on the pubis;
  • Decreased sexual desire (libido);
  • Changing the duration of sexual intercourse (in some cases, rapid ejaculation, sexual intercourse other an important elongation);
  • The changing nature of sexual sensations (orgasm low brightness);
  • View discharge from the urethra, especially in the morning (prostatorrhea).

Diagnostic measures

Prostatitis symptoms the doctor may reveal men and at the time of treatment is assigned. You need to consult urology prostatitis to determine an important exam and other diagnostic procedures prescription:

  • The preparation for the clinical General of the medical examination tables;
  • Take urine analysis;
  • The sample for the detection of sexually transmitted diseases;
  • Definition, the presence or absence of infections, urethral smear received;
  • Analysis of the ejaculate;
  • Genital organs with ultrasonography;
  • Urography;
  • Biopsy – suspicious cancerous phenomenon.

Roads prostatitis treatment

Treatment of this pathology? Subsequent diagnosis of the pathology of the disease determines the treatment the doctor's scheme, the widely used comprehensive approach to understand the language of:

  • Antibacterial treatment methods – expert assigns hours of drugs, namely antibiotics prostatitis harmful foods to eliminate the outgoing. They also lower temperature;
  • Physiological effects, for example through laser, ultrasonic waves, electromagnetic oscillations.
  • Used folk methods of treatment – hot bath with natural herbs with the procedure;
  • Produced in the field of prostate massage – releases the effects in congestive channels increases blood flow to the sexual organs;
  • Phytotherapy – drinking, meat juices beneficial natural herbs, dietary supplements help strengthen the immune system, fights infection;
  • Psychotherapy methods – negative prostatitis in men developing psychological issues due to, trust is lost, the visible fears during sexual acts;
  • Pathology and surgical treatment methods are applied in the development stages, running heavy, for example, prostatic abscess;
  • Proofread your immune system – it can be doctor prescribed, intake of certain vitamins, minerals, minerals to strengthen the immune system of the patient;
  • A balanced, proper nutrition, prostatitis, denial, alcoholic drinks, cigarettes, fatty foods, limiting the use of salt as well as drink more normal water at least 2 liters a day.


The treatment that may appear complications of prostatitis is characterized by a series of untimely time:

  • the acute obstruction of the bladder to delay urination, that require the use of a method of surgical treatment;
  • during the acute stage of chronic prostatitis in the transition;
  • Development any form of male infertility;
  • recurrent cystitis;
  • contraction of the wound in the urethra;
  • pyelonephritis, and other renal pathologies;
  • APSE prostate requiring surgical intervention;
  • life-threatening sepsis patient (the most sensitive in this regard sick, weak immunity, diabetes, renal failure).

It is important that you know! Prostate cancer may cause pathology (Notes 7, men at the age of 50), serious abuse of men about life and death.

What may be appear because disease

There are several types of prostatitis, the specific reasons for the occurrence of the disease.

The main factors provoking a prostatitis view, the following:

  1. Infection. Bacteria of the prostate gland various forms and ways. A young male without intercourse contraceptives (condoms), the higher the risk of disease due to the penetration of pathogenic microorganisms (chlamydia, Mycoplasma, etc.). Additionally, the view as a result that's indicative of any internal chronic diseases. Harmful bacteria reach the prostate, with lymph or blood flow. Pathological microorganisms can also be "down the urethra and prostate. Then the disease that was triggered ailments, the urinary system (urethritis, pyelonephritis, it's during a weakened immune.
  2. Sluggish process. They manifest obesity, sedentary lifestyle, such as micro blood the pelvic organs is disrupted. As a result prostate, are involved when the required amount of oxygen and nutrients.
  3. Injury. Pelvic mechanical tissue damage and the reason (OMT) provoking a recession may occur inflammatory process. Trucker is common in such cases related to their professional activities, comes into force for long-term continuous trauma and sedentary OMT regulation and gushing up to the seat.

Opinions and doctors. Not sure the urologist prostatitis, the diagnosis of a lifetime. Treatment if gave fast results, that is definitely not the man to give up all the recipes made more and think about it. Only joint action and effort of the doctor and the patient, confident, successful, treatment, help, to feel healthy for a male, that is, a full-fledged.