Folk remedies for prostatitis and impotence

Absolutely any sexual problem can cause severe stress in men and cause prolonged depression. One begins to look for ways to get rid of the disease of the genitourinary system. In addition, both drug therapy and alternative therapies are used. Folk remedies for prostatitis and impotence are presented in great variety.

honey and nuts for prostatitis

Causes and symptoms of the disease

In fact, various factors can cause the development of an inflammatory process in the prostate gland. Inflammation is most often caused by hypothermia, prolonged stress, weak immunity and irregular sex. Many men face this problem due to the presence of an infection in the body.

It is much more difficult to identify chronic prostate adenoma on your own. Such a disease can pass without severe symptoms, which often leads to impotence. Erectile dysfunction can be reduced for other reasons, namely:

  • the presence of diabetes;
  • diseases of the nervous system;
  • impaired blood circulation;
  • hormonal disorders;
  • depression, especially prolonged.

You can identify the disease by the characteristic symptoms, which manifest themselves in the form of frequent urge to urinate. In addition, in the process a person may feel burning, pain. These feelings may not go away for a long time. Pain syndrome often occurs during intercourse, and rapid ejaculation may occur.

There are other signs of the disease, the presence of which should cause concern:

  • lack of sexual desire;
  • during intercourse or arousal the penis remains weak and relaxed;
  • rapid ejaculation;
  • no erection in the morning.

If there is at least one symptom or combination of symptoms lasting more than two months, then this should be the reason to contact a specialist. The doctor should be visited, even if the patient does not feel any discomfort and does not worry about pain. Very often the man diagnoses himself with impotence and is anxious to seek qualified help. In fact, most of the pathologies identified in time can be cured.

In the early stages, the herbs are used to treat prostatitis and impotence, and in the later stages, complex therapy is used. But in any case, a diagnosis of the disease is needed and only a doctor can do it.

Useful properties of herbal medicine

Herbal treatment is very effective in the early stages of prostate inflammation. With their help you can eliminate the unpleasant symptoms that appear during exacerbations and prevent a man from leading a normal life. But it is worth understanding that it is necessary to take such drugs with special care, as they can cause some side effects.

In addition, when treating with folk remedies, the following prescriptions must be observed:

prostatitis and its treatment with folk remedies
  • with allergic predisposition, all drugs are selected taking into account this factor, so as not to cause complications and not to worsen the clinical picture:
  • in chronic diseases it is necessary to take the funds in doses and after consultation with the attending physician;
  • herbal components can also cause intoxication, so it would be better if a specialist prescribes the course and dose, and the patient strictly follows these rules.

It is also worth understanding that it will not be possible to recover from such a serious illness in a week. On average, the course of herbal treatment lasts one month and after a short period of time the course is repeated again. You should not stop treatment as soon as the first signs of improvement appear, as this disease is insidious and will soon return, but in a chronic form that will be much more difficult to treat.

List of medicinal herbs

There are a large number of herbs and fees that have a therapeutic effect in diseases such as prostatitis. In addition, tinctures and decoctions have a positive effect on male potency, normalize blood circulation and urination. It is worth noting that a full course of traditional medicine completely restores the prostate gland, improves the reproductive system.

According to experts, the treatment of prostatitis with herbs is the most effective, but it is advisable to combine herbal medicine in combination with the official method.

The list of medicinal herbs aimed at combating male pathology is as follows:

folk remedies for the treatment of prostatitis
  1. Ginseng helps relieve swelling, which often occurs with prostatitis. In addition, it has tonic, stimulating properties, restores potency. The herb contains substances that provide men with the necessary energy and strength. In addition, this plant is an aphrodisiac that improves erection and prevents the occurrence of inflammatory processes.
  2. Ginger has long been known for its healing properties. The composition contains components that will restore potency in a short time. The treatment of inflammatory processes in the prostate gland is carried out thanks to the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that the plant has. In addition, the use of decoctions based on ginger increases the body's defenses, weakened due to the disease.
  3. Dubrovnik. This medicinal herb is part of many drugs aimed at treating prostatitis and a number of other male pathological conditions. Decoctions based on Dubrovnik have a negative effect on pathogenic microorganisms that cause this disease. This plant perfectly helps even in chronic forms, in exacerbations.
  4. St. John's Wort. This plant contains a very useful substance for the male body - flavonoid. In addition, the use of tinctures made on its basis, dilates blood vessels, eliminates inflammation, relieves swelling and destroys pathogenic bacteria. St. John's wort is recommended not only for prostate adenoma, but also for impotence.
  5. Medicinal aloe. The pure juice of this plant has a strong anti-inflammatory effect, helps to eliminate inflammation that causes impotence in men. In addition, the flower has a positive effect on other organs of the genitourinary system, which can cause the development of prostatitis.

The effectiveness of treatment with herbal preparations is due to the fact that they contain substances that help to quickly eliminate the cause of the development of male disease. As soon as the inflammation disappears, the potency will be completely restored.

Recipes for making infusions and decoctions

Phytotherapy in the treatment of male pathologies has been used for a long time and quite effectively. Many herbal remedies are part of popular medicines. In addition, such drugs have virtually no side effects, so they can be used without fear of harm to the body.

The most effective folk remedies that help treat prostatitis and impotence can be prepared according to the following recipes:

  1. Hemp seed. To make the product, you must carefully grind the raw material in an amount of 200 g, add to it a liter of boiling water, mix everything well until smooth. Take the therapeutic mixture three times a day in 100 ml.
  2. Ginseng. To prepare this tincture, you need 2 tbsp. spoons of crushed root and high-quality vodka (300 ml) or medical alcohol (150 ml). Both ingredients are mixed in a glass container closed with an airtight lid. The solution should then be removed for three days in a dark place where it will be infused. For the treatment of male impotence it is recommended to take 10 drops in the morning, afternoon and at bedtime.
  3. Candles. Candles can be made at home, which quickly relieve inflammation and also eliminate unpleasant symptoms in the form of itching, pain and swelling. First you need to mix Vaseline, wax and lanolin. All components are taken in equal amounts - 100 g. To the total mass is added 150 g of propolis. Then you need to form candles from this mixture, place them on clean paper and place them in the refrigerator to harden. A homemade candle is used daily before bedtime, but a cleansing enema is needed before use.
  4. Ointment. For the production of an external agent you need to prepare 3 tbsp. tablespoons chopped flaxseed, 1 tbsp spoon each Vaseline (you can replace it with greasy cream), 3 tbsp spoons of badger fat. You will also need 0, 5 liters of medical alcohol. All components are mixed and stewed. For the treatment of prostatitis it is necessary to treat the skin in the perineal area, leave the therapeutic composition for an hour and then remove with a damp cloth.
folk remedies for the treatment of prostatitis

Also, ordinary parsley, onion and pumpkin seeds have an excellent therapeutic effect in prostate adenoma. It is enough to add these foods to the daily diet to significantly improve the general condition of the male body. These vegetables are also used for preventive purposes.

But in any case you need to be more careful about your health, to undergo regular check-ups. The fact is that such male pathology is easier to prevent than to treat. Yes, and timely diagnosis reduces the risk of more serious diseases in the form of impotence and prostate cancer.