Prostatitis the first symptoms. Prostatitis treatment of folk remedies

Walk like a man doctors. Why - who knows! Not too busy, line up to sit before medical supervision services, or they're just afraid that people in a white coat. Regardless, even this serious disease, such as prostatitis, because it is a strong ground to be treated regardless of preference. Zamorajivania primarily discussed in this article for the fans to go home and talk to him on such a subject, how treatment of prostatitis folk remedies.

Symptoms of prostatitis

What are prostatitis?

This body of men is called the prostate gland the second heart in small size lonna seams and rectum. Prostate inflammation and prostatitis disease is called. Unfortunately, and it's not a rare disease.

Various medical sources, the number of men in Russia, allegedly, the patient prostatitis, about 35 to 70 % of the population. Regions, various statistics. Someone this misery approximately one-third of doctors are also turning to the other, apparently, we're trying to, as much as possible their illness and treatment are trying to cope with learning what is Turkish folk remedies prostatitis.

The first signs

As is well known, the best treatment for any disease begins, without waiting for the beginning, until he passes the chronic form. Episodic head discomfort in the groin area male penis and testicles if uncomfortable, perhaps, the first symptoms of this prostatitis. Awake strong sex and also the so-called "syndrome of the last drops". This is involuntary, uncontrolled urge to urinate urine droplets selection then he had already, during the sitting.

Sometimes immediately manifests itself in the acute form of prostatitis, and here it is not possible for him not to notice his tracks. Patient experiences:

  • spicy, sharp pain in the groin, groin, pubis and testicles, on;
  • often extremely painful and difficult urination;
  • the sensation of pain, during defecation;
  • increased body temperature 38-39 °C;
  • slimming erection;
  • weakness, sweating, general ill feeling.

Consult a doctor if then to keep a possible diagnosis of prostatitis. Symptoms, treatment and preventive measures for the disease never came back for follow again - this has a close relationship with each other.

Very similar symptoms in the form of a chronic illness, acute, but may be more of a bargain is that I added weight loss and degradation, the emergence of the sexual sensations and discharge of urine, during bowel movements. Treatment, chronic prostatitis, acute, most trusted doctor-the urologist or andrologist.

Possible causes: a disease

Prostate inflammation can occur for a variety of reasons. First, the pathology that can cause viruses, bacteria or fungi; second, the cause of the disease is usually stagnant secretions, prostate, and blood vessels of this small organ, the well can contribute to irregular sexual life.

In addition, congestion can be immobile or provoking a sedentary lifestyle, wearing too tight of underwear and alcoholic beverages abuse. Additionally, hormonal disorders, crashes, the immune system, the presence of foci of infection, where germs penetrate the prostate gland in the body, - all this is possible cause prostatitis. Symptoms (for treatment folk remedies can provide some relief, but will eliminate the problem) unpleasant, but a timely appeal expert help increases the chance of recovery. Zamorajivania often ineffective why? The thing is, no tests, and the real reason to install a professional diagnosis difficult disease. What this means to successfully can return even after treatment. Due to certain circumstances, doctors are reluctant to apply for ones below recipes, traditional medicine, proven to give the best results.

Treatment with propolis candle

Treatment with propolis candle

As is well known, very strong, with propolis inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. So, with the success of the tool that uses traditional medicine for inflammation of the prostate. Treatment of prostatitis in men, use to represent using propolis, tinctures, ointments and candles is based on prepared with.

Wick (appropriate skill) can easily be manufactured at home. To do this, buy pure extract, the amount of propolis 0.1 g, and 2 g fat, cocoa mix, and also to manually create each item and a small candle. However, this is just a recipe.

Here is another tip, Wick and independent production: melt 200 grams any oil fundamentals, there a good to add 40-60 G crushed propolis, mix thoroughly. The time the mixture will be homogeneous, add the wax, stir the mixture to give the soak, then drain the liquid, established, top, cool, slice and 5 g a lot of parts create for them a candle.

Suppository must be inserted in the anus every night before going to bed. The duration of treatment is one month. To take a break and then should be repeated after 4-6 weeks-month treatment. You will need to do just 3 courses. Advice to combine such a treatment of the mixture of 10 g of propolis and medicinal from the purchase of 90 gr. honey. Admission essay you need is a drizzle of tea (three times a day) for a month.

Propolis ointments and tinctures based

Not bad, he established himself propolis tincture and ointment treatment for prostate cancer Canadian public. Propolis 30 GR olive oil or sunflower oil for cooking mix well Latest. The best way to do this in a water bath. The obtained compound must lubricate the perineum region with 14 days.

The tincture is very easy to prepare: %96 soluble in alcohol propolis 1:2 ratio for 2 weeks and put to a cool, dark place. You must shake the tincture from time to time. At the end of the specified time, you need to filter the infusion. Now it can be done, a course of treatment. 30-40 drops of tincture can be soluble in water or milk, and cook for half an hour. All course are given month. After filtering the cake, you don't will need to throw - a wick that is convenient for you.

Tinctures, ointments and candles propolis based, relieve pain, reduce sizes, inflamed prostate function and normal urine output and improve the general welfare of its operation, is a patient man.

Treatment for prostate cancer herbs and plants

Applied in Turkish folk medicine, the healing power of herbs in the treatment of many diseases, prostatitis and a variety of here is no exception. Decoctions and infusions which make a lot of plants, a good helper, if you have this pathology. Here's a list of them:

  • parsley;
  • Chestnut;
  • ela;
  • Wintergreen and Wintergreen;
  • calendula;
  • stinging nettle;
  • fennel;
  • Yarrow;
  • rest-harrow area;
  • bearberry;
  • stem of polemonium;
  • adonis;
  • pumpkin.

You want to prepare parsley juice half an hour to get a tablespoon before meals 3 times a day. A decoction of seeds these plants are also good. Parsley reduces inflammation and rapidly improves sexual function.

Chestnut used in the treatment themselves, and not with core and shell particles, needles. Instead of drinking brew and just tea. This beverage is very useful in the prostate gland.

It is very effective in the treatment of prostatitis can make homemade pumpkin seeds! This is because all of the pleasure that used to be one of the most effective means of smoking and quack healers. Pumpkin seeds contain a lot of zinc, the substance needed every man. All of them, go on about or before meals in the form of dust, don't stop here, honey.

In use, meat juices, leaf and Shell clothing layer of prostatitis treatment is a very good option! These ingredients, good brew and drink a quarter cup 3-4 times a day to an alternative. After only a few weeks of relief should be born.

Juice, elderberry, parsley juice, Chestnut bark, bear's grape juice, and a primrose root, burdock infusion can be prepared a healthy unforgettable. Buy drug etc .. you need for the next two-three weeks after this period of symptoms of a disease begins retreat. Cyanosis decoction to Drink Brew and, her, as well as chronic and acute prostatitis, and here, for example, adonis is shown only in chronic infection disease. Both plants and fresh for the best brew, so flatbed.



Treatment of prostatitis folk remedies, hydrotherapy would be the best additional. This hot (43 degrees C higher) Yarrow sitz baths or warm-up allot of microclusters (38 degrees). Blend and add water of milk fat and a range of herbal teas, chamomile and clary sage. Important: the acute phase of the disease can be harmful to a hot bath, do them first, you ought to consult a doctor.

Soothing and relaxing produce a good effect, shared bathroom, temperature that does not exceed body temperature (36 degrees). You need to get them 10 to 20 minutes at the most. The moon and hot (41-43 degrees) bath - they fire, pain reduction and motion Nov a relaxing overexcitation. This space is covered with water wasn't necessarily for you to follow! After the procedure, take a cold shower to a comfortable temperature.

Water treatment

Juice therapy prostatitis treatment can be given. Comments about this method to talk about very effective, but some side effects. The thing is, the recipe mixture of water, Stone and sand are given below which dissolution actively contribute to kidney and gall bladder, and the pain of powerful attacks that can accompany them and this is the next leap forward.

Now directly in the recipe: mix should prepare, beetroot, cucumber and carrot juices fresh and half a cup 3-4 times a day multivitamin and drinking this. Course - a few weeks. Very important: you can't drink freshly squeezed beet juice and let it sit for a few hours, you will need to give.


Treatment of prostatitis men to help you out chemotherapy. Most importantly, a procedure to find a suitable place for a raw material. There are stone quarries in search of clay, biological activity because they leave a product more than deep, more superficial. Necessary tools, to the pharmacy can be taken. For your pleasure best depth blue clay. Juice or infusion of medicinal herbs and soak in cream for her to suck a very thick consistency, then to create an observation area and a thickness of 2-3 cm and put it on the prostate gland, the bandage is secure. Encourage woolen fabric to put on top, wrap myself in a warm blanket and lie up to 2 hours.

Such a procedure may be uncomfortable during the patient got strong enough that, should endure. Existence, the meaning of pain, clay works, and with all speed cleaning. Then able to get a waffle like this for two hours, with a bad smell, was able to attract far too many toxins from the body about what it says. You should throw away the clay that is used, the best is to bury it in the ground. Note: after the procedure, we can't go it alone for a while best to stay warm.

Food prostatitis?

Is there a special diet in the treatment of prostatitis? Symptoms for the disease can not be treated-speed) can greatly alleviate, if you eat properly and diet a number of harmful products outside. Inflammation, prostate should not forgo the smoked food is so delicious and spicy, what they are! Various pickles, canned, including homemade log just, gotta strike it from the menu. Moreover, the ban spreads, alcohol, radish, radish, pungent spices, baked goods, desserts, strong coffee, and tea. When it comes to garlic and onions, I have them, but only in small quantities.

The patient prostatitis shown containing a nutrient-rich milk products, cheese, nuts, seeds (especially pumpkin), lean meats and fish, cereals, vegetables, fruits. Especially important to eat containing zinc: beans, chicken, liver, fish, sea, seafood, several, grapefruit, apples, berries (raspberries, blackberries), honey, celery, beets, tomatoes, potatoes, etc. as you can see, the food very varied and tasty.

Helpful tips

There are various treatment methods, prostatitis. Some I was told about this article. In addition to this I would like to give another series of useful tips for inflammation, prostate.

  • Necessary to prevent dress warmly and to stay dry, and just in the streets but also for children.
  • We need a chair just sitting compress a hip. If you have such a possibility, it's not better, sit and stand.
  • Beneficial for prostate massage because of the are fed with enough blood. 1 times a week or more often to do no harm. For this finger the anus is entered. It easier to do just that, squatting.
  • After using the toilet, the rectum chamomile infusion, a small needle - that's a very good reduces inflammation.

Chronic prostatitis can flow wavy, specific improvements, and this sometimes takes about a year. It took a full treatment during the healing period may be wrong like a man, unbeknownst to anyone this inflammatory process spread further and the urinary system. As you know, nothing good can cause this. So when I first suspected prostate inflammation as soon as possible. Similar words is not trying to intimidate, and help the healing you desire such a tough disease, such as prostatitis. You must be healthy.