Diet for prostatitis: what you can and what you can not eat, an overview of the basic principles of nutrition

Diet in prostatitis is one of the important stages in the treatment of the disease. By following the principles of dietary nutrition, the patient can significantly reduce the intensity of painful symptoms. To do this, he will have to give up many products that fall into the category of prohibited foods. Nutrition in prostatitis should be balanced. Preference is given to those products that are rich in vitamins, plant proteins and fiber.

Basic principles of nutrition in prostatitis

tomatoes with greens for prostatitis

Prostatitis is characterized by inflammation of the prostate gland. This disease brings patients pain in the groin, which significantly reduces the quality of life.

You cannot cure prostatitis on your own. To fight the disease effectively, you need to contact a urologist, who will compile a list of necessary drugs based on a thorough diagnosis.

In the absence of timely treatment, the disease becomes chronic and then it will be much more difficult to get rid of it.

However, standard therapy for prostatitis is not based on medication alone. Part of the treatment in this case is a healthy diet, which includes excluding the use of harmful foods for prostatitis. It should be understood that some foods can worsen the symptoms and are therefore considered forbidden for people suffering from prostatitis.

Menus are created on a case-by-case basis. However, there are general principles of diet and lifestyle in prostatitis, which must be followed regardless of the manifestations of prostatitis. Let's look at them in more detail:

  • complete cessation of smoking and drinking alcohol;
  • the diet should be supplemented with walking and exercise;
  • the daily diet should exclude the use of semi-finished products, preservatives and spices;
  • you should also refuse pepper, salted, smoked and fried foods;
  • priority is given to dishes prepared by stewing, cooking, baking;
  • you need to develop a diet for prostatitis by eating at the same time;
  • the diet should include vegetables, vegetable salads;
  • complete rejection of fatty foods is required;
  • vegetables and fruits must be subjected to minimal heat treatment before consumption;
  • sweets should be limited;
  • the menu is compiled taking into account the phase of exacerbation of prostatitis;
  • it is advisable to eat green and vegetable salads.

Experts have proven the detrimental effect on the pelvic organs of preservatives, hot spices and semi-finished products. Irregular eating with prostatitis can contribute to circulatory disorders in the body. Frequent use of alcohol can provoke edema and intensify the inflammatory process.

Products prohibited for consumption

cake for prostatitis

What can not be eaten with prostatitis in men? When the disease worsens, it is very important to eat regularly, choosing only the most nutritious and healthy foods. Those dishes that can cause recurrence of the disease and worsen its course should be excluded from the diet. In addition, the rejection of semi-finished products, snacks and pickles will take more than a month.

Consider which foods for prostatitis are prohibited, regardless of the specific diet:

  • pork and mutton fat;
  • spicy spices and condiments;
  • fatty and fried, as well as salted dishes;
  • jams, cakes and pastries;
  • legumes, as they contain fiber (beans, peas, beans, lentils);
  • rich broths and fatty meat soups;
  • quarantines;
  • sausages, smoked meats and pickles;
  • carbonated drinks and all kinds of mineral water;
  • mushrooms in any form and dishes based on them;
  • fish, game, fatty meat;
  • dill, radish, spinach and sorrel.

Canned foods, fatty and spicy foods can provoke the development of a strong inflammatory process in the prostate gland. For the same reason, fatty soups and pastries should be excluded from the diet. Such food is not used for prostatitis.

Smoked and fried foods should be replaced with steamed and stewed whenever possible. Vegetables that cause flatulence will also need to be excluded from your daily diet. In the presence of severe flatulence, blood stasis in the pelvic organs may occur, which will adversely affect the course of the disease.

What drinks should be avoided

drinking alcohol with prostatitis

In addition to forbidden foods, there are drinks that should be avoided by men suffering from prostatitis. Otherwise, a significant worsening of this disease is possible.

So doctors recommend that their patients give up the following drinks:

  • beer, wine and other beverages containing alcohol (it is recommended not to reduce consumption, but to give it up completely);
  • strong tea and coffee (preferably replaced with fruit drinks and compotes, as well as decoctions of rose hips);
  • all kinds of carbonated drinks;
  • store-bought juices and juice drinks (due to the content of preservatives);
  • all kinds of mineral water are also prohibited.

After examining the patient's health, the specialist may allow him to use some of the above drinks. However, you should not violate medical advice yourself. This can lead to extremely adverse consequences.

To effectively treat prostatitis, a man must first stop drinking alcohol, as these drinks have a negative effect on the whole body. As for the prostate gland, in this case alcohol has the following negative effects:

  • reduces the protective functions of the body;
  • promotes the formation of stagnant processes in the prostate;
  • causes sexual dysfunction;
  • due to alcohol abuse, a violation of the secretion of the prostate gland is possible;
  • the amount of secreted hormones decreases.

It should be understood that in addition to the negative effects on the prostate, alcoholic beverages can block the action of antibiotics. For this reason, the treatment will not have the desired effect.

The second most harmful are such drinks as strong coffee and tea. The fact is that they contribute to circulatory disorders, resulting in failure of the prostate. The negative impact on the prostate gland in this case is expressed in the following aspects:

  • difficulties in eliminating the inflammatory process;
  • irritating effect on the urinary tract;
  • increased inflammation.

Approved products

vegetables for prostatitis

Since malnutrition can cause a new recurrence of the disease, it is very important to choose the right diet, which should contain only healthy foods. Many people worry that following a diet will make them give up their favorite foods. In a sense, this will be the case, but the diet for chronic prostatitis is not too strict and therefore everyone can find a dish to their liking.

The daily diet should for the most part consist of cereals, sour milk drinks and vegetables. Consider the list of useful products for prostatitis:

  • light chicken broths and vegetable soups;
  • boiled chicken or low-fat fish;
  • cereals cooked in milk or water;
  • vegetable oils (sunflower and olive);
  • milk and milk-based products;
  • berries and dried fruits;
  • vegetables (tomatoes, beets, cabbage, carrots, pumpkins, etc. );
  • wholemeal bread, bran;
  • horseradish, mustard;
  • fruits;
  • onions and garlic;
  • nuts and seeds;
  • lean meat (beef, rabbit);
  • Seafood;
  • horseradish and mustard.

A large number of vitamins and minerals necessary for the body are found in berries and fruits. Especially many of them are found in citrus fruits. Dairy products are rich in protein, which is especially useful in prostatitis. Cereals contain fiber, and meat is a valuable source of natural fats. Seafood is rich in zinc and selenium, and thanks to the frequent use of vegetables, you can compensate for the lack of carbohydrates and vitamins in the body. But what is useful in prostatitis and what should be discarded, the doctor decides.

You need to remember the basic rule of eating for prostatitis, which is a complete ban on smoking and frying. Food with prostatitis is stewed, steamed and boiled.

It is not recommended to fry vegetables in deep fat or dough. It is better to give preference to steamed cutlets, stews and salads. The dishes prepared in the oven will be tasty and healthy. You can add a small amount of vegetable oil to meat and vegetables.

Characteristics of nutrition in acute and chronic prostatitis

nutrition work with prostatitis

There are usually two types of diet for each patient:

  1. The first is intended for eating in case of exacerbations. This is a stricter diet for prostatitis in men, which completely excludes the use of those foods and dishes that can provoke the development of complications.
  2. The second variant of the diet for prostatitis in men is valid during a recurrence of the disease. In this case, it all depends on the patient's condition. In case of prolonged and stable remission, the specialist may allow the patient to periodically include certain foods from the forbidden list in the daily diet. However, this must be done in accordance with a specific scheme.

If the patient's condition worsens during the prostatitis diet according to the second option, he should contact a specialist as soon as possible. Most likely, he will have to adjust his daily diet, returning to a stricter diet for chronic prostatitis in men.

Regardless of the severity of the disease, experts advise patients to adhere to the following recommendations:

  1. Eat small meals 5-6 times a day.
  2. Develop a diet by eating at the same time.
  3. Exclude "snacks" and "dry food".

Prostatitis is a serious and dangerous disease that can significantly impair a patient's quality of life. Therefore, medical recommendations regarding nutrition in prostatitis in men should not be ignored. A balanced diet is at the heart of effective disease control.