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I know that many representatives are what prostatitis is a male. The disease itself often strokes urination, pain, erectile dysfunction and Other Pathology of the urogenital system showing symptoms. Consulting urologist needed for further diagnosis, the cause of a disease and the disease can be treated and learn what he can tell, what is his name, symptoms, and treatment.


Prostate functions

Prostate gland — glandular organ gypsy moth Fiorino tissue and the skeletal film, a pre-pelvic region. The upper part of the bladder in contact with the rear — with the front and the rectum and the pubic bone.

The main purpose of the prostate a special secretion that allows for the selection sperms vitality and mobility.

This article was produced in acinus – surrounded by small slices, covered with Nov.

Other features of PsA include:

  • protection of involuntary urination;
  • ejaculate dump Prevention the bladder;
  • prevention of infection of the upper structure of the urinary tract (kidney, ureter).

Business your prostate checked androgens, estrogens, steroids, and secretes hormones.

Disease description

Men with prostatitis (prostate – wrong spelling) – this is a common pathology along with inflammation of the prostate, disorder, urination and sexual disorders. Inflatable path, channel narrowing, prostate, obstacles, normal output, prostate juice and provokes congestion.

Diagnosis most often the disease in men with prostate age 25 – 50 years. Pathology sometimes become evident before or later.


Develops prostatitis in men for the following reasons:

    The reasons prostatitis
  1. Non-communicable. The most common corruption: a study in the prostate, which causes the flow of blood flow and lymph violation of the prostate, as well as congestion associated with the common complaint is rare. Pathology sometimes develops a tremor or regular sexual intercourse very often (e.g., motorcyclists).
  2. An infectious. Penetrate on the background of developing an infection in the prostate infection. This may be bacteria, virus, or fungus has infected the urethra or prostate blood or lymph to remote sources fall (throat, teeth, sinus, upper).

Contemporary prostatitis in men these factors are:

  • dress warmly and stay dry;
  • injury;
  • genetic predisposition;
  • quiet lifestyle and regular physical fatigue;
  • normal stresses;
  • harmful habits;
  • poor nutrition;
  • insomnia, prolonged sleep deprivation;
  • a weak immune;
  • the process of chronic infection;
  • tooth decay.

The main reason that causes the disease is considered violation output capillary blood stagnation, decline, reproductive immune and local bacterial flora.

The compound effect of negative factors inflammation of the prostate, long-term treatment and contribute to the development of complications.

Types and symptoms

An inflammatory process in prostate cancer is emerging:

  • pain in the pelvic area (urine output, discharge, bowel movements);
  • a quick urge to urinate;
  • emitting, blood, mucus, pus, urine;
  • turbid urine;
  • reduction in libido and other problems.

Causes and clinical symptoms depends on disease severity.


Symptoms of prostatitis

Acute inflammation of prostate, usually accompanying high body temperature (axillary, rectal) and the symptoms of poisoning (headache and joint pain, chills, nausea).

The patient by tightening the gland the surrounding tissue, nerve and provokes:

  • constipation;
  • the violation of urination fully end until urine output;
  • the pain in the lumbar region, scrotum, groin.

Acute prostatitis, infections on the background is visible more common in men, prostate, disease-causing organisms.

Important! Sometimes visible on a background of preceding acute inflammation of the prostate gland the biopsy.


Prostatitis frequently detected by chance during a routine examination or inspection of other diseases.

Morphology and pathology of leads to a breakdown in the functioning progression of prostate shows:

  • the sensation of pain;
  • urine;
  • sexual disorders.


This is a stone that is characterized by the formation of acinus chronic diseases, the most common complications.

Which shows itself as the diseased prostate, in men one, more precisely depends on the severity of inflammation and calculus. Aching pain groin area stupid basic features, such as clinical symptoms, groin, and scrotum.

Long-term inflammation with the development of the apse sclerosis deficiency treatment prostate cancer seed bubble abounds.


What disease, prostatitis, and why, I know all the male members.

Persons exposed to this species:

  • is moving less;
  • bad habits;
  • a large portion of the memorable day you spend sitting;
  • way a regular sex life;
  • interrupted sexual acts practical.

Symptoms inflammation, chronic prostate disease and calculus forms on the ground the recession the same results, therefore, further diagnostic laboratory and instrumental diagnostic. The first sign of deterioration when a stagnant prostatitis in men the erection.


The cause of the disease can be understood title. Strike the prostate is the most common bacteria, rarely, viral and fungal. Most of the time other forms of infectious inflammatory process of prostate complication.

The lowering of the road for him, on the background of immune global or local:

    Prostatitis diagnosis
  • dress warmly and stay dry;
  • other acute or chronic infections;
  • cancer tumors;
  • autoimmune diseases;
  • work interruption the neighboring organs;
  • the wrong lifestyle.

Which shows itself as the prostate, in men one, more accurately, a prolonged period of time type depends on the course of the disease. Prostatitis acute or chronic complaints generally similar findings.


In advanced cases, pathological process of all organs including.

Early (infected) figure with vaguely similar symptoms symptoms purulent inflammation obliterated flows from the bladder – cystitis. As it progresses, the pain increases and that are visible, and the symptoms of poisoning.

Abscesses form of disease is the most severe and often leads to peritonitis, sepsis and fatal.


See primary circulation when the gland with anal hole. During palpation the doctor determine the size, structure and the contours of the body.

At this stage, the preliminary diagnosis is put, which contains to confirm that you want to survey using the following laboratory methods:

  • extended and biochemical blood analysis;
  • definition of PSA (prostate-specific antigen level);
  • clinical and bacteriological study of urine, prostatic secretions, urethral smear;
  • antibiotic susceptibility;
  • spermogrammu back;
  • determination of C-reactive protein;
  • puncture, endoscopy and histology content.

Someone get the instrumental used:

  • rectal ultrasonography;
  • Glands and other organs in the pelvis CT or MRI;
  • doing a biopsy.

Diagnose illness spending, public or private laboratories.

Principles of treatment


Where and how the treatment of inflammation of the prostate, the doctor decides, and test results. If the patient's condition is satisfactory, then you can the main clinic and home-based medicine, etc. Otherwise, the doctor explains to the man at the hospital and insist on the risks that are associated with disease treatment. In severe cases, inpatient extra.


Conservative treatment-containing drugs, the cause of the damage the disease the prostate gland and the inflammation blockage.

This list includes:

  • antibiotics (depending on the results, this lasts for a long time);and
  • anti-inflammatory drugs, steroids, not corticosteroids or origin;
  • immunomodulators;
  • vitamins and minerals;
  • vasodilating drugs (if there are any contraindications).

For severe pain, prescription pain relievers or if you are antispazmodik.

Physiotherapy methods applied in the acute phase after the fix:

  • prostate massage;
  • Electrophoresis;
  • microwave treatment;
  • ultrasound.

In severe cases, full or partial, to spend prostate removal (prostate). Prostatitis is treated with stones, and in the same schema, but Ankara is also androgen-dependent organ, is absolutely contraindicated.


What are the prostate and many men who want to know how to treat it. Over outpatient treatment for emergency inpatients to the hospital, you need to fulfill all the suggestions dr: avoid drinking prescription pills, trigger factors, and self medication, etc. In addition, the scheme useful herbs primary treatment doctor.

Resolve disease is useful for:

  • chamomile;
  • peony;
  • seeds and banana leaves;
  • stinging nettle;
  • burdock root;
  • pumpkin seed.


The best prevention of prostatitis, men should include an adjustment for lifestyle and therapy a physician regularly:

  • daily physical activity;
  • regular sex;
  • proper nutrition;
  • restful sleep.

Stress, bad habits and other in the face of precipitating factors, should be deleted. Men with prostatitis are often erectile dysfunction.

To resolve, illness, prescribed drugs are a group of PDE-5 inhibitors. If this does not work, then the necessary counseling psychologist.