Prostatitis symptoms in men

And statistics, 80% male and mean age of 40 years faced with this disease, such as prostatitis. This phenomenon is typical of and can be treated. Important attention because not leave on a background of prostatitis are usually identified without any disease and other diseases. In this article, we talk about what the symptoms which is a disease to prostatitis, inflammation of prostate, there are ways to treat and what kind. Besides, you will find photo prostatitis (inflamed prostate gland in men it seems like).

what is prostatitis

Prostatitis in men

Many interests: "what is prostatitis?" This prostatitis in men. Structure of male reproductive system the prostate gland the urethra, which means that with cheats, so stay around prints on your urine tube prostate. Therefore, what occurs with time, prostate enlargement, urinary issues like reproductive and urinary iron then compresses the channel. Therefore, the more an enlarged prostate men urine, just her and starts to loosen up a Zastava in the body. And that is not the only problem that may occur on a background of an enlarged prostate.


The disease that may occur necessarily every man age 40 years old. Prior to the development of prostatitis is due to a number there.

They include:

  • The most important and common cause is a proven process for the development of disorders of blood circulation. The reasons for the order, disorders, blood circulation stops, sedentary lifestyle, and excess weight for them to emerge.
  • An inflammatory process in the prostate may occur due to infection in the body. Diseases that are then passed it can get it: gonorrhea, sore throat, tuberculosis or influenza. Also, prostate cancer and hemorrhoids often go "hand in hand".
  • Trauma leads to a deterioration of the pelvic blood circulation. Usually, minor injuries visible and similar drivers. Continuous vibration with their jobs, and loads Rollings spoon.
  • This prostatitis-prone ones, not regular sexual life failed, a hormonal background, and also chronic diseases of urinary system.
  • A view that prostatitis also may have an effect on the immune system. May appear in inflammatory processes of the prostate, constant stress, harmful habits, improper diet. This causes the immune system and the organism becomes weak, not fight infections can enter the body with full force. The emergence of all these components in a manner that is inflammation of prostate.
  • Don't rule out, and why as prostatitis, constipation. Especially the disease becomes chronic, it may appear for a short while, and problems with urination prostatitis fully.
it's kind of a disease

There are a few basic types of prostatitis.

Depending on what kind of treatment the patient completely disease diagnosis:

This name speaks for itself, and its meaning, the body attacks an infection that emerged thanks to the process of harmful bacteria. A serious medical condition that leads to rapid growth in this form the patient is prone to fever and general malaise. Additionally, the patient is living is the potential for a serious problem. Chronic prostatitis form. This form of the disease very dangerous, because for men, the disease develops slowly and is confidential. That might be a disease that is called the different reasons, including the bacteria that causes the disease, prostate cancer and and penetration. Acute prostatitis may develop may usually heal completely and chronic. If you talk about symptoms and they are as follows: difficulty in urinating, an unpleasant feeling as little pain to the groin, apathy, irritability and fatigue, all over body, reduced urge to an extent.


Someone that is prostatitis the first symptoms frequent urination. If the acute form of disease, prostatitis rises, and body temperature. Also to observe the patient prostatitis without comment, for example, when you're sick yourself purulent prostatitis, during urination and defecation and then going out and cute. Disease prostatitis and testicular pain different man drowned groin, waist, and back. In addition, this disease affects the emotional state of men. He's a shitty place to be present constantly in a mood, irritable, lack of sex drive difference. This lack of power and issues that are associated with a man they perceive as non-aggressive. This type of prostatitis signs and symptoms manifesting it's not even, clearly, a male should be considered into the hands of Health. It's not like the disease will pass spontaneously and occur in the worst case, causes, and other ailments.

diagnosis and treatment


What is prostatitis? First thing you need to do the diagnosis of prostatitis. To determine whether such a malady, like Nigeria, the various studies by experts that can be assigned to collect general information. Also, what time has come, the exact prostate is characterized by complaints of a patient, the physician is always the patient's rectal. In addition, the patient with the necessary to get the smear urethra. This smear that is used for a disposable that fits in a penis. The result of the smear is completely question-and-answer if you have a hypochondriac. In addition, pass a urine test, to send experts to research and sperm. This utility to determine exactly which sexual function prostatitis diagnose patient status. They prostatitis with an army? To answer this question, it is strictly forbidden. It all depends, disease and treatment method.


Disease prostatitis — inflammation of the prostate known drug .. etc. But it is very difficult to treat. If a quick way to fix the acute form, a chronic form of prostatitis may never succumb to adjustments. In addition, many scientists in this field have their own perspective ways of treatment of prostatitis.

But a definite score is in no doubt why it's not:

  1. How effective treatment will be depends entirely on how quickly treatment begins after diagnosis.
  2. Into consideration all the features of the flow should be treated only comprehensive and indicative.
  3. A single drug there is no cure .. etc. If you help a patient that is not a fact, another will help as well.

The diagnosis of prostatitis, then the treatment of this disease a common tactic is as follows:

  1. Comply with bed rest to the patient.
  2. Antibacterial drugs intake.
  3. Medicine, etc capable of improve blood circulation.
  4. Painkillers, at the same time strong and inflammation to resolve.

In this case, impossible or abscess observed yourself emptying the bladder, prostate required surgery. Necessarily also in the treatment intake of antibiotics. In the acute form of the disease, and what are the symptoms, poisoning, energy pills are worth immediately, as procrastination can be dangerous.

Preventive action

When it comes to prevention of prostatitis, then experts in the first place, teaching himself in his spare time lying on the couch, and move on. Shopping or just a walk is sufficient for me. Also, give value to men, bad habits, especially smoking, such as smoking and anoxia prostate at all during a live and it takes the necessary blood supply rate. Necessary to minimize the number of stress-free. It's important to teach your head to cleanse itself and take pleasure in all the negative thoughts, for example, the time with family or friends. It is not necessary to run, it's not my job to think about your health. You can even dress warmly and to stay dry it can cause the Cold Start light and continuous development mechanism, inflammation, prostate. The car is equipped with heated seats, necessary, obligatory, it contains.

Structure and function of the prostate

There is a small amount of normal male organ the prostate is a gland of the gypsy moth. Indicator prostate photo is its location: right in the middle of the anastomosis in the pelvis channels the discharge channels, and the urethra. Looks like reverse Chestnut. Clearly the structure of the anatomy pictures:

  • top and base;
  • front, rear and nizhnego surface;
  • the left and right lobe, Isthmus, cut a groove, the two halves a piece of cloth.

Only 25%, accounting for Nov elastic fibers, fabric, and all glandular above the rest. Conditional that specific areas that were shared:

measurement of prostate
  • medium – 25%;
  • peripheral – 70%;
  • transit or temporary – 5%.

Depending on the age of a person may vary from the dimensions of the prostate. So, like a newborn baby pea is too big, male, middle, age – 2x3x4 CM and weight of about 20 observed in the elderly in the age of puberty – the size of the organ is reduced. Despite its compact dimensions, and an ordinary view, the prostate gland (image shown) important functions in the body, which makes it still read to the end.

  1. Thins semen and prostatic fluid that contains the sperm provides the flexibility produces a secret.
  2. Prostaglandin production involved a complex mechanism that stimulates testosterone and erection Labour.
  3. Contribute to the formation, and drain fast orgasm sperm to the urethra.
  4. On the reflex level to enter at prevents urine, sperm, or him involuntarily out of the urethra.

Why flow lowers complexity and physiological and emotional status of many operations is a glandular organ lesion men.

Common male disease such as prostatitis

In the category of prostatitis and urogenital pathologies. So far, that one which is considered the most common and largely "rejuvenated" men over the age of 25 and 55 found pique at risk because of sexual activity. To distinguish experts from various categories of disease. The air of the wound depends on the patient sexual lesions:

  • In men leading an active sex life, – shaped, acute inflammation.
  • Adulthood and old age in people with chronic prostatitis, adenoma (hyperplasia) or carcinoma (malignant tumor, cancer).
  • People spent radiation (or otherwise) castration – complete organ atrophy.



Clinical medicine, there is a clear definition of the pathology. A disease of the prostate an inflammatory character, causes, and infectious lesions which may or fungus, recession, the aging process, and the same violation regarding the depletion of the male body. Affected the prostate gland swells and grows, squeezing, urinary canal, the urethra. The main symptom of a disease occurs thanks – urinary difficulty. Photo shows occurring prostatitis in men good diaper change.


According to statistics, the prevalence by disease category the following image:

  • sharp – 5%;
  • chronic bacterial – 10%;
  • chronic bacterial – 80%;
  • asymptomatic chronic (pelvic pain syndrome) – 5%.

Inflammation of the prostate symptoms

Total symptoms, clarify what is photo, prostatitis in men. The form is significantly different from acute and chronic clinical findings. However, in either case, any treatment which makes the problem complicated, the development and the different complications. To uncover the most important symptoms of the disease learn more the trail and meet them.

The first signs of the disease

Though pluralism the symptoms of prostatitis in men is characterized by symptoms, should be alert to the presence of the specified photo.

acute and chronic form
  1. Urethra feelings: itching, irritability and pain.
  2. Increased body temperature.
  3. Pain in the lower abdomen.
  4. Slimming power.
  5. Rate increases urge to urinate.

The findings in acute and chronic form

General symptoms were under development imply that a reaction that points to inflammation in the body. The properties that arise first of experts the following symptoms during the active phase of the pathological process run its course.

  1. Hyperthermia and enable an increase in temperature is directly connected with a degree of inflammation. Bacterial and viral acute prostatitis as a symptom of this characteristic.
  2. Headache and general weakness.
  3. Tremors. The overheated condition is to disclose a contagious form.
  4. Nov joint pain and aches.
  5. Nausea, ending in vomiting in special cases.
  6. Severe pain, groin area, groin, increased urinary.
  7. Breathing difficult and painful urination, accompanied by at ease and brings a a sense of incomplete evacuation.

Delayed treatment or lack of that leads to an infectious process. At this stage, symptoms or fat is expressed as:

  • voiding disorders;
  • that arise periodically pain;
  • lack of lack of sexual drive;
  • the depressed state long-term depression;
  • increased fatigue, weakness, headache, loss of appetite.

Though erased symptoms, chronic prostatitis treatment, if you require the photo to see the stage of prostate disease seems while running. The time path of irreversible consequences of a pathological process, more damage gland tissue and fracture properties.


Now that we know everything, about this disease in men prostatitis. A great deal of attention because of everyone for your own health doctor recommended prostatitis is a common disease and should be treated with men. In this case, a form the employee can lead to serious consequences.